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BDF leads Caribbean Motors Cup football semifinals – 1-0 vs FC Belize

Friday, May 14, 2010, 3:30
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BDF 1The Belize Defense Force leads the Caribbean Motors Cup football semifinals, by a 1-0 win over FC Belize at the FIFA Goal Project in Belmopan on Sunday. Lisbey Castillo and Orlando “Lichy” Jimenez” led the attack with the help of Ervin “Bird” Flores and Paul Nunez on the wings and Kareem Haylock, Khalil Velasquez and Gilbert Swazo at midfield. We were 15 minutes into the ball game when Lisbey Castillo connected with a header to send the ball into the net, finishing a pass to center from Orlando Jimenez, much to the embarrassment of FC’s goalie Elroy Rowley who was caught flat-footed with no time to react. Delroy “Thinman” Andrews and Delwin Jones led the FC Belize counterattack, supported by Shawn Gill and Brian Martinez on the wings, and Jerome “Jaro” James and Roberto Bernardez at midfield, but they came up empty on every try. Even when the BDF’s lead defender Jerome Serano had to retire from the field with a bad knee and Victor Nunez took over his slot, FC Belize could not impress the BDF defense nor the scoreboard and the BDF held on to the 1-0 lead up to the half time break. Andrews got an open look at goal in the 2nd half, but even with goalie Woodrow West down on the ground after deflecting a shot from Jerome James Andrews could not get the ball between the sticks. FC Belize’s fire plug striker Jerome Archer entered the ball game for Shawn Gill and Delwin Jones created another break to score, but West intervened to frustrated Andrews again. As F.C. Belize’s frustration grew, they became unsporting and the central referee ejected Brian Martinez and Delroy Andrews from the ball game leaving the city boys with only 9 men. F.C. Belize coach Anthony “Willie Beau” Bernard introduced Chris Gilharry and Byron Usher into the ball game to relieve Orlan Lyons and Delwin Jones, but they still could not tie the ball game as the BDF also reinforced their defensive line with Michael Martinez and Moses Pop, relieving Erwin Flores and Paul Nunez. Usher and Gilharry both got off shots at goal, but West was there to chill things down, coolly collecting the ball and throwing it out to his midfielder to renew their attack. The FC Belize defense of Albert Thurton and Ian Gaynair stopped the BDF from getting a 2nd goal, but a barrage of shots by Jerome James, Chris Gilharry, Byron Usher and Jerome Archer failed to impress Woodrow West or the scoreboard. F.C. Belize had qualified as the No.3 seed to the semifinals by a 4-3 win over the San Pedro Sea Dogs in a penalty at the MCC Grounds last Wednesday night. The game went into overtime when the first 90-minutes were a nil-zip draw, and an auto-goal by San Pedro gave F.C. Belize a 1-0 lead in the 110th minute, but San Pedro kept their hopes alive when Cleon Henry equalized in the 112th minute, and the 2nd overtime period ended in a 1-1 draw. FC Belize won the shootout 4-3 when Harrison Tasher, Delroy “Thinman” Andrews and Christopher Gilharry converted while only Francisco Norales, Gabriel Hicks and Jairo Sandoval converted for the Sea Dogs. Leon Cadle scored the winning penalty in sudden death.
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