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Barrow has Blood on his hands – Government executes Arthur Young!

Thursday, April 26, 2012, 16:36
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Belize City, April 24, 2012 A blood covered roadside, strange sequence of events, weak and inadequate explanations from the Police Commissioner and Minister of National Security and witness accounts revealing that excessive force was used by security authorities are all stirring up major controversy and suspicion over the killing of known Taylor’s Alley gang leader/CYDP employee, Arthur Young. The controversy is over the suspicion that Police officials may have carried out a Government-sanctioned killing, to quell the gang rivalry in Belize City which had peaked to a deadly climax over the weekend, claiming four lives in 2 days, including that of rival gang leader Shelton “Pinky” Tillett August. “Pinky” was shot dead on Friday night just outside of a gas station, and somehow, the Police confirmed Arthur Young as the shooter. Reports that the gas stations’ video surveillance captured the incident have not been verified, even though it could be utilised by the Police to validate their claim and allay concerns. Up to today, Young’s alleged dead body, which lies under heavy security at the Belize City morgue, has not been released or revealed to his family or loved ones. Are the Police and Government covering up something? What is also not clear is what exactly occurred on Sunday night, when the Police say they carried out an operation to detain Young who they learned was “hiding” in a house in Vista Del Mar, Ladyville. The detention turned into an execution, as Young was shot dead. The Police’s version is that while transporting Young on the back of a Police pickup truck, he attempted to take away a Police Officer’s weapon. He supposedly did this while he was handcuffed and even though he was guarded by multiple armed officers. Police say that during the struggle, the gun went off and Young was shot fatally. This kind of story released by the Police has been heard of many times before. Witness accounts of the Police’s raid at the Vista Del Mar house Young was in tell a more brutal version. They say the Police swarmed the building. Moments later they saw Young being dragged out and beaten up as he was placed inside the back of a pickup truck. The Police caravan then disappeared and shortly after, word went out that Young was dead. Driving out of Vista Del Mar, the BELIZE TIMES stumbled on a large area of dried blood covering the road. If Young was shot in the back of a pickup truck, why is there such a large splash of blood on the road side? And why is the splash so large, as if Young was shot while placed on the road, from close range and in an area of his body, likely on the head, which would have caused the blood to splash? [caption id="attachment_12863" align="alignleft" width="250" caption="Blood stain on road side, upon exiting Vista del Mar"][/caption] There are clearly more questions than answers in this case and the Police are tight-lipped, only saying that an investigation is on-going. While that investigation continues, suspicion grows and the streets in the old capital remain as tense as ever. But would the Police have any reason to carry out such an extra-judicial execution? Young, who was already notorious and in the Police’s bad books, had made himself even less liked when he gave news interviews a month ago lashing out at the Police’s Gang Suppression Unit for allegedly brutalising his fellow Taylor’s Alley friends. Young even made threats at the Police claiming, “….they are trying to turn us into monsters, [so] they have to watch out, because if we turn into monsters, then there would be a lot of bloodshed, and we don’t want to do that”. Young was at the time an employee of the Government’s Conscious Youth Development Programme, and his responsibility was to keep his affiliates in Taylor’s Alley in line. Young was also well liked by senior officials in the ruling party. He was, for some time, the former UDP Prime Minister Manuel Esquivel’s son in law, and that relationship with the ex PM’s daughter gave birth to grandchildren. [caption id="attachment_12864" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Vista del Mar house where Young was found"][/caption] Young also had a cordial relationship with the current Minister of Gangs Mark King, and he boasted of “visits” by Minister King to Taylor’s Alley. That level of closeness to senior officials didn’t matter following Friday night’s shooting of Pinky Tillett. If Young was a friend of the UDP, Pinky was family. George Street spans through two UDP strong-hold political constituencies, Mesopotamia and Queen Square. The latter is held by Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Over the years, “Pinky” developed close ties with area representative Barrow. Prior to the March 7th 2012 elections, “Pinky” was seen driving around “Sista B”, PM Barrow’s sister and closest political confidante. “Pinky” was also in charge or oversaw the pantry programme in Queen Square for PM Barrow. Every week he would collect a large quantity of food pantry and distribute them to specific families, as part of the Government’s programme. He was also instrumental in the Government’s “gang truce”, which saw the George Street group playing a dominant role in the agreement that gang members would be hired and paid and in return, the streets would see peace. “Pinky’s” murder on Friday night brought that already fragile gang truce to an immediate collapse, and the Government and Police had to act fast. Whether targeting Young was justified or a kind of appeasement to calm the rising fury and fire in the old capital will be known in time.
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18 Responses to “Barrow has Blood on his hands – Government executes Arthur Young!”

  1. REAL REV said on Thursday, April 26, 2012, 17:26

    THey had planned this along time….both were going to be killed. And both got killed by the government. I had an interview with Taylor’s Alley member and he told me that those so powerful ones had warned them if they did bad negotiations (Drug Kartel Negotiations) They would pay the price. They also claim that Dean Barrow pays them to distribute Coke, Crack, and Canabis.

  2. execution said on Thursday, April 26, 2012, 21:55


  3. truth said on Thursday, April 26, 2012, 22:02

    what the f**k this is scary!! our government should the one protecting us. why is dean barrow making deals with these kind of people. doesn’t Belize pay him enough. that’s why he is holding his head during the press conference. he is now scared of the monster he has created. watch your back dean barrow, no money can mend all this. how can you leave the country in such a state, you are freaking scared that’s what. release arthur young to his family or you will only make it worst. what has been done has been done its not time to cover up anything.

  4. Ricky Malthus said on Friday, April 27, 2012, 2:16

    Barrow is de facto leader of these gangs. He is copying the the “rude boys” model used by politicians in Jamaica. It will be shown that this is true. Call a news conference with the gang leaders and see who turns up. Everone and everything play into Barrow’s schemes even the USA with its funding of evesdropping of Belizeans’ telephone calls and other communications devices. The employees of BTL are receiving extensive FBI training on telephone tapping and other invasive techniques. May the Good LORD help and save Belize from destruction.

  5. BELIZEAN said on Friday, April 27, 2012, 12:16

    WOW, only the corrupted cops of belize and god knows what happen that night Arthur was killed. And i hate to say it, but Arthur was killed maliciously then the person or persons that did it thats your life you are playing with also. What goes around comes around. Bottom line. Time will tell. Belize Fake Cops watch your back and heads. remember that.

  6. Mark Hall said on Friday, April 27, 2012, 16:28

    This borders on libel and defamation of character. You cannot use the newsprint medium to slander the opposition just because it’s convenient to do so. Is’nt time for us to put aside our immature and puerile ways . If you have proof, that is another matter; but conjecture is frothy journalism.

  7. Marcus said on Saturday, April 28, 2012, 2:11

    The comments above make no sense to me! When these gangsters where out killing from left to right, everyone were asking for the gov’t to do something, now that they’re doing something, u guys are passing bad judgements/comments, why? Reading many newspaper in Bz, for many yrs, I’ve read whereby both Mr. Tillet & Young are accused of killing this one & that one, so why are u guys protecting Mr. Tillet & Mr. Young ( who’re now both deseased) from their bad deeds? I strongly believed that the streets of Bz will be a lil’ more safer now since those (2) Devils are gone !!! …. just like the U.S. Gov’t did to Bin Laden – it’s either peace or be killed in this society.

  8. justice86 said on Saturday, April 28, 2012, 8:44

    honestly speaking well done officers. People who think are above the law as such clown who are no longer with us well deserved!! wish every man who think is above the law or is untouchable gets the same!! :)

  9. Belizean said on Saturday, April 28, 2012, 11:26

    @mark hall. Every1 is entitle to there opinion. Don’t pretend as if u don’t know the GOB isn’t corrupt.

  10. luis said on Saturday, April 28, 2012, 21:11

    This guy and his thugs had it coming as well as many others……………theses guys think they are better than everyone, thugs, criminals get rid of them….all…… dogs for a better Belize…zero tolerance no gang truce but “Gand Extermination…..” like rats……..

  11. Pretty gyal said on Sunday, April 29, 2012, 6:45

    De PUP administration is de biggest crook…dats hv  been in power.. There craziness started from the late nineties….who was in power ? PU UDP administration was always a one Term Government…dis is the first two term…..give dem a chance…..ppl shouldn’t even be voting by party..anymore we should vote for the person we think fit to be or area representative….think abt dat….

  12. said on Wednesday, May 2, 2012, 23:12

    Instead of congratulating the government for a job well done you go and criticize.    When PUP were in power they did not have the balls to do the same to curb violence.  Instead they kept busy stealing every patrimony of our beloved jewel.  The best thing to do now is shut your mouths, cause no one has mercy nor regards  for the opposition. 

  13. free Belize said on Thursday, May 3, 2012, 12:35

    Author Young killed quite a few people and Tillet, the same. No way should a civilized society standby and have these gangsters rule our country. I applaud the efforts of the Police Force and I hope this sends a strong message to all who intend to take that route of murder, witness intimidation and downright lawlessness that it will NOT be tolerated. These lawless men are bent on preying on the weak and eventually isolating our country from the rest of the world by chasing off investors and well intentioned social developers. The people of Belize MUST see these gangsters for who they are unless they change their ways and show a sustained effort to contribute positively to our country. Move ahead my fellow Belizeans, a wonderful future awaits. posted by

  14. The World said on Tuesday, May 22, 2012, 10:24

    Belize is doomed. Anytime the people of a country forget to watch its elected officials and hold them accountable for there actions on “Your” behalf, the end results are always the same. Murder, riots, and chaos across the board. The population that allows there children to be murdered in its largest city on a daily basis deserves exactly what it gets. ANY country that allows its leaders to do what has been going on in Belize has no right to complain about anyone else. You like change, Well hows that worked out for you in the past, UDP, PUP just the same low-life criminals with different acronyms… So who’s to blame? Answer “YOU ARE” the people of Belize.. So stop your damn whining and do something about it, or shut the hell up..

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  16. Former Belizean said on Tuesday, November 13, 2012, 15:56

    Just take a quick peek over da border and see what be happening in Mexico and Guatemala and you don’t think it happens here. We was all happy when we got our independence and now look at what we got. Sometimes I wish we were still British Honduras at least their still be law and order..! Where’s Mr. Price now
    when we really need him??

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    [...] de George Street, comandada por Pinky Tillett, colocou um alvo nela porque Arthur supostamente havia matado Pinky uma semana antes. [Link estava no texto [...]

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