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McAfee calls Barrow a Liar – US millionaire says Barrow is covering up GSU’s unjustified attack

Thursday, June 21, 2012, 17:44
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BELIZE CITY, Wed. June 20, 2012 By Roy Davis American millionaire John McAfee, 66, who was targeted by the Prime Minister Dean Barrow during a press conference last week, has vehemently objected Barrow’s claim that he refused to allow employees of the Health Department access to his property in Carmelita where he operated a research laboratory. “It is a lie, a total fabrication and the Prime Minister should be ashamed of himself and he should apologize,” said McAfee via phone this morning. McAfee went on to say that instead of attacking him, the Prime Minister should concentrate on restoring the economy, restoring investor confidence, and creating more jobs for Belizeans. “In addition the Prime Minister should try to ease the crime rate, which is atrocious, instead of making me his target”, said McAfee. At the press conference, the Prime Minister said that the force used by the UDP’s security force by the police was justifiable because he had denied the Health Department employers access to his property. “Barrow said that because he is trying to cover up for his mistake, and I have proof that the employees of the Health Department never came to my property”, said McAfee. “If Belize is to move forward in the 21st Century, if the country’s economy is to be restored, and if the crime rate is decrease, then Barrow and his incompetent administration needs to go”, voiced McAfee. Peter Carter, who is the president of the Right to Bear Arms Organization, supports McAfee. “I think that the Prime Minister should apologize to McAfee and he should stop attacking McAfee and other investors who come to Belize”, said Carter. The Prime Minister need to focus his attention on carrying the country forward and stop dealing with trivial matters that will result in getting nothing done. On Monday, April 30th the Barrow Administration’s notorious Gang Suppression Unit carried out a raid at McAfee’s home and property in Tower Hill, Orange Walk. The GSU said they were looking for drugs and guns. McAfee said he was handcuffed and his dogs were shot. After searching the property, the officers found ten weapons including seven 12-gauge pump action shotguns (one with a scope), one 12-gauge single action shotgun, a Taurus 9-mm pistol and a 9-mm pistol. Five air rifles with scopes, resembling sniper rifles that use 6.26mm ammo were also found. McAfee was taken to the Queen Street Police Station in Belize City and released at 2:00am on Tuesday, following phone calls made to the United States Embassy. McAfee claimed that apart from two weapons, which are licensed to him, the rest are licensed to his security company, Belize Ecological Society. No charges followed he raid.
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3 Responses to “McAfee calls Barrow a Liar – US millionaire says Barrow is covering up GSU’s unjustified attack”

  1. chiney said on Friday, June 22, 2012, 12:12

    prime minister should focus on all that killing every day after day. it is just so out of control bz is so full of crime it is unbeleaveable it make’s me sick. and i don’t live there any more police corruption law enforcement is a joke some are criminal’s them self’s

  2. JUST SAYIN said on Monday, June 25, 2012, 19:59

    McAfee needs to return to the US, wha is he running from? he may in fact did something shady or is doing shady business in Belize, The Police force and the GSU is not perfect but some a true troopers who believe in doing the right thing, so Mr. McAfee get your sorry ass back to the US

  3. Jemida said on Sunday, November 18, 2012, 11:07

    “ Five air rifles with scopes, resembling sniper rifles that use 6.26mm ammo were also found. ”

    Please, spare me.

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