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If Da Noh soh

Friday, January 13, 2012, 21:08
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Not funny… I’m generally a happy, jovial sort of guy, content to poke fun at others. Hell, when I get bored enough I even poke fun at myself, just to show you what a genuinely joyful person I am. But this week’s column won’t be hilarious or cute or even hilariously cute. This isn’t the time for that. The mocha monster otherwise known as Dean Oliver and a whole other mess of less complimentary names wants to call general elections sooner, rather than later. No worries, mini-Mugabe…we ain’t never scared. Belizeans know that Dean O only has one game plan and the fear is that his election strategy will be to try and steal this one. We gotta turn up the heat just a notch, don’t we? ……………………. You smelling it yet? The mocha dude kicked off his tour way up north in Corozal Southeast and to be nice to our beloved PM let’s just say it was a monumental, catastrophic, gargantuan flop! Of course this should be no surprise at all, since the smooth talking, pontificating PM ain’t never been liked up north. Hell, who can even understand half of the words coming out of his mouth? Check it out…the red brigade pulled out all the politicos from the north, all the paid generals and paid foot-soldiers and all the lackeys and still couldn’t assemble more than 200 people. I got a little worried when I watched Jules’ news story on Channel 7 and he made mention of buses streaming in – then I realized that the fellow must have been caught in traffic by the Corozal Bus Terminal and saw commuter buses heading to Chetumal and he got confused. No worries Jules, we understand. But yeah, I can’t imagine the mocha man being too pleased with the reception he got. But I figure by the time he visits a couple other destinations he’ll be used to it for sure… ………………………. You’ve gotta be kidding… I mean, seriously? The idiots in red have launched a series of pre-election campaign ads which have left me dumbfounded. Now my few friends will tell you that I am frequently dumb, but very rarely dumbfounded. Look at the one on health, for example. According to the UDP, they have made amazing strides in health since 2008. I have no doubt that came as a great surprise to Minister of Health Pablo Marin. Hell, it came as a surprise to Belizeans for sure. Listen…under this UDP the KHMH erupted in a major corruption scandal a couple years ago, and still under this UDP, there is another corruption scandal breaking NOW, with top UDP officials in the KHMH being accused of all kinds of dirty deeds. TWO HUGE CORRUPTION SCANDALS IN 3 YEARS…Imagine! Add to that the National Health Insurance which hasn’t been rolled out even an inch since 2008. And what about all the babies dying in the hospitals! What about kids dying because no basic medical supplies were available? Hell, under the UDP healthcare in Belize has moved backwards more than a decade. No fancy, liad ad is going to change that. The people know what’s happening out here… ……………………….. 2011 was a good year? And that was bad enough. But how about the UDP ad stating that 2011 was a very good year for the poorest of Belizeans?! WTF! Something has got to be very, very wrong with the mocha man. Maybe he’s just been locked up in his seafront mansion too long, sipping Dom Perignon, dining on Salisbury steak with Lois and Kim and lounging in his cigar room listening to classical music. Maybe he just fell and hit his head and lives in perpetual confusion. Who knows? But one thing is for certain…2011 was a very, very BAD year for the poor people of Belize. In truth, 2011 was a very bad year for most Belizeans…just ask anybody. The only persons who had a very good year were those included in Dean Oliver’s Select Friends and Family Plan. All I can say is that the mocha monster is gonna reap what he is sowing…giving people a ham for Christmas and then telling them they had a very good year thanks to that ham. Wutless, dutty devil… ………………………… Integrity my ass… According to this old/new/same UDP crowd trying to get into City Hall again, they are full of integrity. Well I know that Joe Bradley’s baby boy is full of something for sure, but integrity? Nah…don’t think so! For two terms this bunch of UDP old/new/same baggage has been running things in City Hall. Nothing has been done. NOTHING! Now they want a chance to get in again. FOR WHAT? No amount of pretty ads with Joe Bradley’s pretty little boy is going to change the truth of what we see all around us. Under the UDP all the people have had are under-depositing, under-work, under-management and under-representation…added to over-pay, over-depositing in personal accounts, over-misinformation, over-wutlessness and over-liadness. It is past time for a change in City Hall. Ain’t no way the people are gonna put in another UDP bunch. No way! ……………………….. Happy Valentine’s Day… More than likely by the time you read this you’ll know if elections will be as soon as next month…or not. Word on the streets is that Dean O plans to dissolve the House tomorrow and call elections on Valentine’s Day. LOL! Buddy… bad idea! What…did you think that the Belizean electorate would be all sloppy and sentimental on that day and just vote for you and your crowd again cause you all are so cute and cuddly? Hard to say what’s going on in that weird, warped brain of yours, but bring it…whenever! The people are ready for you! This isn’t even about the PUP being ready to get you out. People power is going to take care of that. Remember you saw it here first. ………………………… Political favours… When BML workers dumped garbage in front of City Hall yesterday, they must have gotten some of it in Roger Espejo’s office cause I swear when that boy opened his mouth, only garbage came out. Less than two months before an election, Espejo claims that they suddenly decided to take away a contract from BML and give it to Belize Waste Control…just for no reason. Yeah right buddy! Well, according to my source inside City Hall, before this contract just mysteriously changed hands for no good reason, my friend Roger held some late night closed door meeting with Belize Waste Control…! You know those pre-election, campaign financing seeking kinda meetings, don’t you? Word is that Mr. Espejo got first grips on the Belize Waste Control bubby, followed by the rest of the aspiring candidates and it was a done deal, so to speak. Guess nobody really cares about 15 more poor Belizeans who suddenly have no jobs. Unemployment is already so high what’s 15 or 20 more right guys? As they say in UDP circles, especially before elections…the bubby is boss!
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3 Responses to “If Da Noh soh”

  1. rmp said on Wednesday, July 11, 2012, 15:08

    Well it will be of surprise for you all to know that pablo marin is having another baby with angie mendez of smith, who works at the WRH. now it is very interesting to know that he likes married women as well, i feel great pity for his wife. he knew how to hide it from the media, but as you know there is always an eye looking at us. ups

  2. klr said on Friday, July 13, 2012, 16:46

    da true dat, and he cant hide it no more cas if deh mi think dat by she (Angie Mendez of Smith) getting married to Agustine it mi wa solve the problem fu mek she poor husband think she pregnant fu he, she mistaken cas u kia cova d sun wit 1 finga. she mi di fool round with Hon.Pablo Marin fu wa while now till she comeout pregnant, but she hurry gan get married before any one suspect that the baby da no fu she husband but the truth is dat it da fu Pablo Marin but she wa keep it under cover with him fu mek no one know acoroding to them. two a dem slek cas he know she gan married wa man fu cover up deh shit and he ok with it and she da weh kinda a woman she d married her bway friend but pregnant fu wa next man, madaz da weh d world d go and da so deya people the govern we contry, no more udp, viva pup.

  3. Emelda said on Friday, July 20, 2012, 16:07

    HHHHHmmmmm, a done mi d wanda da how da big time pup angie get wa good job wit government da d hospital, but a see da why now cas she d sleep wit d minista a health. well look like da just so you could get wa good job wit dis administration. say no to udp and yes to pup cas this government discriminating.

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