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Saturday, August 31, 2013, 15:21
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By Richard Harrison BUY FLAGYL NO PRESCRIPTION, The USA reports that its exports to Belize in 2012 was US$265.6m (BZ$531.2m) and its imports from Belize during that period was US$161.8m (BZ$323.6m).

Belize reports importing BZ$514.8m from the USA, FLAGYL from canadian pharmacy, FLAGYL dosage, and exporting BZ$307.1m to the USA.

There is thus a discrepancy of BZ$16.4m in the amount of imports to Belize, FLAGYL price, FLAGYL forum, and BZ$16.5m in the amount of exports from Belize, to the USA, about FLAGYL. FLAGYL schedule, This trade is "sophisticated", with much of the trade being invoiced by "middle-men" brokers or freight-forwarders in Miami or Houston, buy FLAGYL without prescription, Purchase FLAGYL for sale, and not directly by the manufacturing companies.

These so-called freight-forwarders get paid to do one principal thing: to prepare an invoice that puts the price of everything at a small percentage of the real as to avoid paying the right import duties at the port of entry, buy FLAGYL online cod.

This way, both the declared exports of the USA and the declared imports of Belize are "fooled" this same "false invoice" is used to make declarations of export from the US and imports to Belize, BUY FLAGYL NO PRESCRIPTION. FLAGYL cost, Being posted at the Port of Belize, where most US exports to Belize arrive, FLAGYL use, FLAGYL steet value, is thus not as lucrative for local customs officers as being posted at the Mexican and Guatemalan borders. The freight-forwarders in Miami and Houston steal their cake before it is served, FLAGYL price, coupon. Purchase FLAGYL, The way to close these gaps is already known and practiced. With vehicles, FLAGYL over the counter, Canada, mexico, india, the customs charges import duties not on the declared invoice value, but rather on the "blue book" value, FLAGYL class. BUY FLAGYL NO PRESCRIPTION, In the same way, customs can charge duties on items based on the ORIGINAL INVOICE value from the manufacturer of the item. FLAGYL photos, Each company exporting their products to Belize should be REGISTERED with Belize Customs for their goods to be allowed into Belize....and they must submit official company prices lists to the Belize Customs on a regular basis.

Imagine GATORADE being invoiced in the US to super-markets at US$20/case of 24......and being invoice to Belize Customs at US$5/case of 24, FLAGYL images. FLAGYL used for, It just does not add up right. But this is what is happening in Belice...., rx free FLAGYL.

In the way recommended here, to export their products to Belize, including Gatorade, PEPSICO would have to register its original price list with the Belize Customs, and the declared factory price of GATORADE from this manufacturer is what would be used to assess customs duties at the port of entry in Belize....not the declared "artificial" price set by middle-men brokers and freight-forwarders, BUY FLAGYL NO PRESCRIPTION. FLAGYL australia, uk, us, usa, The results of this decision will be the following:

1. Government of Belize will collect a lot more revenues according to its Customs Duties, real brand FLAGYL online. No prescription FLAGYL online, 2. The prices of imported goods will not appear so "cheap" to local consumers, FLAGYL brand name. BUY FLAGYL NO PRESCRIPTION, 3. Low dose FLAGYL, Domestic industries will be able to price more competitively while making a profit

4. Belizean labor will be much fully employed and earning an honest living

5, FLAGYL description. Comprar en línea FLAGYL, comprar FLAGYL baratos, Belize imports will fall, and exports will rise, FLAGYL wiki, After FLAGYL, improving our balance of trade, reducing our debt burden, where to buy FLAGYL, Buy no prescription FLAGYL online, while increasing the wealth of every Belizean....provided the wings of corruption locally is nipped in the bud.

6, FLAGYL pictures. FLAGYL no prescription, Importers in Belize will see a large increase in their business in the long run, as a wealthier country can buy more and better products from abroad, FLAGYL online cod. Herbal FLAGYL, Scrambling for a few pennies from a bunch of poor people really is a short-sighted view by is not in their best interest to continue to watch the decline of the Belize economy, by sustaining a massive deficit from importing twice the amount we just is not sustainable, what is FLAGYL. Where can i buy cheapest FLAGYL online, The interest of importers and domestic producers and manufacturers should not be diametrically should be the same.....the improvement of Belize and Belizeans, where ALL rise as our ship floats higher, buy cheap FLAGYL. Discount FLAGYL.


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  1. Ricky Malthus said on Saturday, August 31, 2013, 17:40

    Belize is an enigma to govern which entails mastering solid economic tools to distribute the national wealth and resources to all the people in an unbiased equation. Sadly, we will never reach this level of sophistication inasmuch as Britain, Europe, and USA will only allow ex-colonial countries like Belize, Caribbean, Africa, and Asia and the Americas to operate within the predetermined boundaries of acceptable behavior. Example, all countries must submit to dictates of United Nations, World Bank/IMF to guide their economies. Step out of bounds like Iran, and that country will be sanctioned. So Uncle Tom tyrants like Barrow are allowed to govern as long as they do the bidding of the past colonial slave masters. It is better to have blacks enslave blacks, Asians enslave Asians than for white European to do that inhuman job. So Barrow will continue to tax to improve his perceived (falsely) upper status. But Belize should be looking at ways to eliminate taxes and to reduce the size and cost of government. Import and export taxes are products of Colonialism . There is no need for these taxes. We have lots of oil and we must fund government largely from this oil wealth. We must eliminate the value added or General sales Tax (GST); we must eliminate the excessive gasoline tax government takes as this counterproductive to investment and development; and affects the economy by increasing unemployment. So my fellow Belizeans, be wary of taxes and more taxes, and the native figurehead whose job is to keep you oppressed, enslaved, and misinformed. So mote it be.

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