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Friday, September 13, 2013, 16:27
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LIPITOR FOR SALE, By Gilroy Usher, Sr.

We all want investment and development for the country, but several aspects of the Norwegian deal is a major sellout of Belize to rich foreigners. LIPITOR trusted pharmacy reviews, After Norwegian cruise was given sole rights to develop a tourism island in the south for the next 25 years - that’s until 2038 with no competition in the area and all types of tax exemptions – government still agreed to give them the lion share of the head tax for the first five years in a 4-3 split. That’s an outrageous deal, LIPITOR street price. After LIPITOR, The initial head tax should be shared at least 50-50 between Norwegian Cruise and the government.  That’s because the cruise line is already making huge bucks for itself whenever tourists book its tours.

The sellout of Belize to foreigners is even more outrageous with other aspects of the head tax.  After all the giveaways to the foreigners the government has also agreed to review an increase of this tax only once every five years, LIPITOR from canada. At that time the head tax can only be increased by $1.00, and if there is an increase of $1.00 in that charge, the government has to split it 50- 50 with the foreigners, LIPITOR FOR SALE. LIPITOR schedule, Wow. How outrageous is that, where can i find LIPITOR online. LIPITOR pictures, Without major improvement in the Norwegian deal, Belizeans will surely only get the bone from this investment, LIPITOR class. Canada, mexico, india, At the same time with the present deal the foreigners will make millions of dollars of profit in the country every year.

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One Response to “LIPITOR FOR SALE”

  1. concerned belizean said on Tuesday, September 17, 2013, 14:24

    While the nation is saying that the mayor has broken history and no other mayor has done as much as he did, I wonder how long the streets will last considering he doesn’t like to speak publicly about his lady engineer.  The old capital is sinking like never before.  Take for instance, Orange Street floods more than before and it is completely dangerous with sidewalks that are full of holes.  One must remember that it is the people’s money that is going down the drains.  How many years before the sink holes start popping up on the streets when the pressure build ups because of pure draining planning.  It is the peoples money.

    Aside from the city, why is Ladyville and Lords Bank so neglected. Every election they send the tractor to scrape off the stones off the street. in LordsBank  Oh!  No minister visits there I suppose.  

    The city is growing and the Northern Hwy/ Phillip Goldson Hwy needs better traffic rules and policemen as the population is growing and developing commercially.  The city is now problematic for businesses because of poor parking vision.  They are moving up coney drive and Northern Hwy/Phillip Goldson Hwy.

    How many times does accidents need to occur before they start thinking about the outskirts of Belize City.  

    Southside Belize City has been the cream of the government…nothing is wrong with that. Could they consider the rest of the country too who live in the very poor villages?  Could this be discrimination?  

    Belizeans are wise people let us treat each other accordingly and not insult our intelligence.

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