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Saturday, September 21, 2013, 20:05
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BUY GENEGRA NO PRESCRIPTION, Thirty two years after our glorious independence, Dean Barrow as the current Prime Minister has succeeded in dragging our young nation to the ground. Where can i find GENEGRA online, Barrow himself has been in party politics for thirty years and has succeeded in bringing nothing to the table. There is no legislation, GENEGRA long term, GENEGRA without prescription, no policy initiative, no plank or raft of reform to which he points to or claims credit to which he can say with some measure of pride: this is my legacy to my country, GENEGRA steet value. GENEGRA images, The stinking, rotten carcass of corruption which represents only the last in a long line of scandalous revelations under the Dean Barrow Administration burst out of Dangriga two weeks ago, where to buy GENEGRA. GENEGRA samples, Hundreds and thousands of dollars has been stolen and disappeared like so many other scandalous hustles under Dean Barrow. He never has any apologies, so do not expect any from the wholesale thieving that went on in Dangriga, BUY GENEGRA NO PRESCRIPTION.

This latest one is $700, GENEGRA canada, mexico, india, GENEGRA online cod, 000 of money that should have assisted the poor people of Dangriga.

The Social Investment Fund (SIF) has become a sieve under Barrow, rx free GENEGRA. What is GENEGRA, That is where all the money is being funnelled to cronies and Party hacks. They are hustling to high heavens, GENEGRA alternatives. BUY GENEGRA NO PRESCRIPTION, A UDP political candidate from Corozal closely linked to that well known character, one Gaspar “the Grabber”, Vega. GENEGRA duration, This Corozal character was interjected into Dangriga taking away much needed jobs from the contractors and workers down there. In similar fashion to how Corozal Truckers were imposed into the logging business in Toledo to gangster the Mayans out of millions dollar of rosewood that should have benefited the poorest of the poor Mayans and East Indians down south, where can i order GENEGRA without prescription. Purchase GENEGRA, Now we know why Dean Barrow and his government have sabotaged every effort to reform and implement an effective Public Accounts Committee (PAC). Thirty two years after independence we have a non functioning PAC that cannot conduct a basic oversight responsibility of the tax-payers monies, buy GENEGRA without prescription.

Now we know why despite a constitutional issue adjudicated upon by the Court of Appeal, the Barrow administration and the Prime Minister himself violated Belize’s Supreme law and grabbed the wealthiest private sector company in Belize, BTL, BUY GENEGRA NO PRESCRIPTION. Is GENEGRA safe, A venture from which the hustling, feeding and gouging is Unlimited, GENEGRA from canadian pharmacy. Order GENEGRA from mexican pharmacy, Thirty two years after our glorious independence, nepotism, herbal GENEGRA, Buy GENEGRA from mexico, cronyism and the siphoning of tax payers monies have reached epidemic proportions. It is like a biblical plague that has been imposed upon the land, australia, uk, us, usa. My GENEGRA experience, These smiling, thieving scoundrels will be living high off the hog, order GENEGRA online c.o.d, GENEGRA mg, drinking champagne and imported delicacies while poverty has reached 50% in the country. BUY GENEGRA NO PRESCRIPTION, One out of every two Belizean is now poor.

Expect the grand standing, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Buy GENEGRA online cod, press conference artist Prime Minister to stand up at official ceremonies in George Price’s Belmopan and tell us what a wonderful life we are living and how the cost of living is going down. How he loves the poor people so much that he is creating some many of them, canada, mexico, india. Buy no prescription GENEGRA online, How he is bringing in investment by the billions. And blah, taking GENEGRA, Buy cheap GENEGRA no rx, blah, blah, GENEGRA trusted pharmacy reviews.

He will make no mention of how he is enriching his family, BUY GENEGRA NO PRESCRIPTION. Effects of GENEGRA, How UDP Ministers have become multi-millionaires. In the case of one of them, GENEGRA online cod, GENEGRA samples, he is so swollen with his sudden “suck-cess” and wealth that it is expected that he will soon burst open on his new Belmopan television station.

The tide will turn, is GENEGRA addictive. GENEGRA results, The Party that brought Independence to glorious Belize under the leadership of the great George Price, the Party that unified our ethnic groups into one people, GENEGRA street price, GENEGRA duration, the Party that will bring prosperity to our people who under the current administration have lost hope. Under the new leadership of our Party Leader, where can i buy cheapest GENEGRA online, the young and dynamic Honorable Francis Fonseca, the turning of the tide starts this twenty-first of September.

Let the word go forth.

Happy Independence to all. Especially, to our supporters and all our loyal Party workers in the constituencies.

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  1. Ricky Malthus said on Monday, September 23, 2013, 4:43

    There is nothing glorious about our political independence . All that occurred was that the English gained international respect and we gained the right to backstab each other. Today we don’t even have a viable local economy because the political and economic decks are stacked against us. We inherited and continue to implement the same servile economic and political thoughts to the detriment of our people. For example, look around the Belizean economic landscape ! What do you see? If you are truthful to yourselves, you will see that you have been made deliberately poorer and your wealth has been transferred to the Chinese, the Indians, the Arabs, the Mennonites, and the white Europeans in the Northern districts and San Pedro and in the South in Toledo and Dangriga. Woe unto you my fellow Belizeans for you will continue to suffer as more of your natural resources are transferred by the corrupt politicians to the segregated Mennonites and the foreigners and you remain penniless without jobs, without food, without education, without your own house, without your own Tourist industry, without your own fishing industry, without your own sugar industry , without your own citrus industry. You will become stateless and penniless!! Independence? Independent you are not and the powers in the world stage will make certain that as a nation , you remain poor and dependent wile they gobble up your natural resources and feed you specious ideas about morality, ethics, and political democracy. So mote it be.

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