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Friday, September 27, 2013, 14:31
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BUY IMITREX NO PRESCRIPTION, September 21, 2013, Belmopan, Belize

My Fellow Belizeans

Today we celebrate our 32nd anniversary of Independence.

Thirty-Two years ago, after a hard, IMITREX coupon, skillfully fought international campaign for recognition of our right to Independence, the people of Belize began charting a new course as an Independent nation inspired by the message and vision of George Price.

A central promise of Independence is peace and stability, but for many countries the center did not hold and political freedom was followed by a rapid and spiraling descent into civil war, where can i buy cheapest IMITREX online. Here in our own sub-region, the Central American States declared their independence in 1812. Buy IMITREX from mexico, Eighteen years later the union was dissolved and they disintegrated into civil war. Our neighbors have been plagued by wars and military governments and scarred by human rights abuses up to as recently as the 1980s, BUY IMITREX NO PRESCRIPTION.

It must be counted as a mark of international distinction that Belize provided not only safe refuge for thousands of Central American refugees but also the unparalleled opportunity for them to integrate and accelerate upwardly within the short span of a generation or two.

The Arab Spring played out with cinematic effect live and in color in our living rooms every day for many months reminds us that the democratic attribute of regular, free and fair elections with nary a blemish of violence, IMITREX images, is in fact priceless.

We must vigilantly and jealously guard against any signs of this ever changing in our beloved Belize. Effects of IMITREX, As we pause to take stock of where we are and where we’ve come from, it is worthwhile to remind ourselves that on the continent of Africa and on the Indian sub-continent, Independence ushered in many years of ethnic and sectarian violence and division. BUY IMITREX NO PRESCRIPTION, Thirty-two years after Independence, Belize remains a paragon of ethnic co-existence, having avoided as a people the treacherous slopes of ethnic conflict.

There are good reasons therefore to pay tribute to Belize and its people, IMITREX dangers. And even to celebrate.

This year once again we were inspired by young Rowan Garel, IMITREX forum, a blind teenager, who dove deep into the majestic Blue Hole to raise awareness and funds on behalf of the Belize Council for the Visually Impaired.

And we were all moved by the outpouring of support for Belize’s National Football Team, the Jaguars, comprar en línea IMITREX, comprar IMITREX baratos, as they participated in the ConCaCaf Gold Cup in July of this year.

In the last 32 years, Belize has claimed its rightful place in the world community as a proud, democratic, sovereign nation, BUY IMITREX NO PRESCRIPTION.

Our economy has grown and diversified marginally but the structural challenges remain and poverty and inequality continue to rise. IMITREX no prescription, In his widely acclaimed book, “How rich countries got rich and Why poor countries stay poor”, Erik S. Reinert (Ray-Neer), where can i find IMITREX online, one of the world’s leading development economists, identifies key economic and technological forces which need to be harnessed by economic policy in order to generate economic development. IMITREX blogs, Belize can benefit from embracing the view that “economic development involves profound qualitative change not only of the economy but also of the society”. BUY IMITREX NO PRESCRIPTION, Capital accumulation and efficient resource allocation are critically important but our National Development Agenda must also embrace real, meaningful reforms in governance, education, health, natural resource management, and the administration of justice.

As we celebrate therefore, we recognize that serious challenges confront us as a nation.

Governance continues to be characterized by chronic combativeness, IMITREX samples.

We need less confrontation and more dialogue. Less arrogance and more humility. Less personality politics and more problem solving, BUY IMITREX NO PRESCRIPTION. Order IMITREX from United States pharmacy, The government’s response to the opposition’s proposal for reform of the Public Accounts Committee, supported by the National Trade Union Congress and the Chamber of Commerce, regrettably, takes us further away from these objectives, herbal IMITREX.

The will of the people can be delayed. It shall not be denied. Purchase IMITREX online no prescription, The politics of change and participation is here to stay. BUY IMITREX NO PRESCRIPTION, There is also need for urgent and focused action in respect of job creation. Unemployment remains unacceptably high particularly for women and youth. By getting people back to work, we maximize the benefits from the most valuable yet most underutilized resource our country has to offer, IMITREX results, our people.

By focusing on sustainable employment, IMITREX class, we assure sustainable economic growth and development.

Directly linked to unemployment is a failing education system.

Some 90% of heads of indigent households possess only a primary school education or less, BUY IMITREX NO PRESCRIPTION.

Less than 50% of our children are completing secondary school and for those who make it to sixth form or university, jobs are difficult to come by, where can i buy IMITREX online.

Education must have a wider meaning, one which challenges us to ensure that all our people are provided with an opportunity to acquire the capacity and attitudes required for full and active participation in the development of our nation. Order IMITREX online overnight delivery no prescription, It must be an education that promotes national pride, positive values, wholesome self-esteem, a strong work ethic, buying IMITREX online over the counter, and civic responsibility while cultivating and instilling in our people a spirit of inquiry and creativity.

This represents the most effective strategy for growth with equity. BUY IMITREX NO PRESCRIPTION, Equally important to economic development is the health of our nation. Where to buy IMITREX, Today in Belize, the critical health concerns are the chronic non-communicable diseases- Cancer, Cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, buy IMITREX no prescription, hypertension, accidents/violence, Fast shipping IMITREX, and sexually transmitted diseases as against the infectious diseases.

This transition in our health profile requires that more attention be focused on services which emphasize care and comfort, health and wellness promotion, prevention and rehabilitation, generic IMITREX.

The demand for and cost of health services are growing exponentially and many Belizean families remain one illness away from economic devastation.

It is time for us to renew our commitment to a functioning, IMITREX used for, effective National Health Insurance Program for all Belizeans.

The specific challenges I have highlighted here today are not solely the responsibility of our Government, BUY IMITREX NO PRESCRIPTION.

Indeed, the Government must set out a clear, credible plan to address the economic and social challenges we face, IMITREX for sale, but all of us, the opposition, IMITREX description, private sector, social partners, families, and individual citizens share the responsibility of contributing meaningfully and positively to finding solutions to these challenges, canada, mexico, india.

If Belize is to grow and develop, all of us must share in the commitment to a strong Belizean economy and society. No prescription IMITREX online, This shared sense of purpose, responsibility and commitment will only be possible if there is respect and good faith on all sides.

I repeat what I stated on this occasion last year. BUY IMITREX NO PRESCRIPTION, Our Government must be a Government for all the people not just for those select supporters of the political Party in office.

Former Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley, purchase IMITREX for sale, no doubt enlightened by his time in opposition, articulated the challenge well in his book, IMITREX dose, “The Politics of Change”.

“Left to themselves the Political Parties quickly degenerate into machines for attacking opponents, distributing the spoils of office and electing candidates. Political reality demands that one deals with one’s opponents, IMITREX street price. But he who becomes preoccupied with his opponents quickly surrenders to a bankruptcy of moral purpose. The politics of change calls for the ability to walk up a tough and winding road, BUY IMITREX NO PRESCRIPTION. Anyone who has ever walked up a tough and winding road looking back over his shoulder to swap insults with those that he passes will soon miss a turn and fall over the precipice.

“On the question of the distribution of favors. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, To the victor the spoils is perhaps an understandable attitude but if one’s vision is limited to the distribution of spoils one will have neither the imagination nor the energy to build an economy with enough to go around.”

“Indeed political Parties exist to elect candidates to office. But they lose the capacity for action in power to the extent that they become dominated by this primary consideration. Once this particular rot sets in, the political party ceases to be an agent of change and becomes merely another instrument for the preservation of our paralysis.”

The easy and politically opportunistic path is to cast blame and to seek to destroy your political opponents, IMITREX wiki. BUY IMITREX NO PRESCRIPTION, The last five and a half years of Belize’s governance has been defined by this approach.

And we are poorer as a nation, both in body and in spirit, IMITREX reviews, for it.

I could have come here this morning, as I am sure some expected and wanted me to, to attack the UDP government, where can i cheapest IMITREX online, to talk about the Rosewood scandal, the Noh Mul scandal, IMITREX recreational, the KHMH scandal, the San Estevan road scandal, the ongoing lands ministry scandal, the social investment fund scandal, IMITREX overnight, the immigration scandal, and on and on. Is IMITREX safe, Indeed that would have been easy and convenient.

But 32 years after independence, 17 years of PUP and 15 years of UDP, our responsibility is far, IMITREX dosage, far greater than “scandal-talk”.

Working together in good faith across Party political lines, we must review the systems and structures we have in place to govern and develop Belize, and where there is need for change, improvement and strengthening, let us get it done, BUY IMITREX NO PRESCRIPTION.

On this the 32nd anniversary of Belize’s independence let us embrace the politics of change and commit to a new era of governance and politics.

This, I believe, we owe to the youth of Belize.

On a recent visit to South Africa, U.S. President Barack Obama, speaking at the University of Cape Town delivered a message of hope, opportunity, growth and development to the youth of Africa. BUY IMITREX NO PRESCRIPTION, He appealed to them to make their voices matter.

“Your ideals, your willingness to act on those ideals, your choices can make a difference. You get to decide where the future lies. Over 60% of Africans are under 35 years so demographics mean young people are going to determine the fate of the African continent.”

Here in Belize, the demographics foretell a similar future and compel a similar message of hope, opportunity and growth to our increasingly young population. Delivering this message to a mostly cynical, disengaged youth is challenging to say the least. They see in front of them, a dark, uncertain path, BUY IMITREX NO PRESCRIPTION. The education system is failing them. Our health sector is in crisis. Crime and violence has become the norm. The economy lacks creativity and innovation and youth unemployment continues to rise. BUY IMITREX NO PRESCRIPTION, And our political, economic, social and spiritual leaders, for the most part, appear to be out of touch with the pulse of our Belizean youth. They see themselves living in a Belize where there is NO SENSE OF PURPOSE OR DIRECTION.

Despite this sense of hopelessness this new generation will likely be better skilled and equipped to lead Belize’s development than any previous.

We must remind them of this great responsibility and challenge them to become more engaged and committed to Belize’s future growth and development. Their ease and comfort with technology will allow them to participate more effectively and efficiently in the global economy. We must afford them the opportunity to unleash their creative energies and spirits, BUY IMITREX NO PRESCRIPTION. WE MUST LISTEN TO AND LEARN FROM OUR YOUNG BELIZEANS.

On his visit to the University of Cape Town, Obama reminded the young students of the words of Robert F. Kennedy, who in 1966 had delivered a historic address at the very same University:

“Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”

My fellow Belizeans, together we must begin the work of shaping a future of hope, opportunity, growth and development. Young, and indeed all Belizeans, deserve no less.




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