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Saturday, October 5, 2013, 16:44
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BUY PROPECIA NO PRESCRIPTION, By Norris Hall “The Abuse of Power and the Assault on Democracy” as a sub-title to a book, is very relevant, and succinctly so, to the rude and crude misconduct along with the dictatorial and arrogant attitude of a Prime Minister of Belize, and a government living too high above the stratosphere. They are out of touch with the reality of the crumbling State they have created, PROPECIA australia, uk, us, usa. Is PROPECIA safe, But there is an even more fundamental problem - they simply do not know the difference between politics and governance. The heading for this commentary has been borrowed from the sub-title of Noam Chomsky’s widely read book: “Failed States”, buy PROPECIA from canada. Order PROPECIA from United States pharmacy, Chomsky is an internationally known linguist, philosopher, real brand PROPECIA online, PROPECIA no prescription, writer and a widely respected commentator on world affairs and international politics. He bids us to listen closely to what our leaders tell us and to discern what they are leaving out, BUY PROPECIA NO PRESCRIPTION. In light of recent events, fast shipping PROPECIA, Purchase PROPECIA, and the clever spin our Prime Minister has been doing, he would almost want to convince us that he is the “Second Coming”, PROPECIA natural, PROPECIA mg, were it not for the convoluted crap he spits out from his bully pulpit. The people of Belize are wising up, where can i order PROPECIA without prescription. PROPECIA from canadian pharmacy, They are beginning to discern that this man, who wants to be called Papa Barrow (seriously), PROPECIA schedule, PROPECIA pictures, is suffering from a bad case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). POST–INDEPENDENT FAILED STATE There are also numerous parallels that could be discerned, buy PROPECIA without prescription, Where can i cheapest PROPECIA online, or drawn, from Chomsky’s book, PROPECIA forum, PROPECIA cost, “Failed States” as they relate to a post-independent Belize, but more so by the bullying tactics and the quarrelsome  and vulgar attitude of our tin pot dictator - a man with a delusion of being a significant player on the world stage, discount PROPECIA. BUY PROPECIA NO PRESCRIPTION, Chomsky writes: “Among the hardest task anyone can undertake, and one of the most important, is to look honestly into the mirror. Canada, mexico, india, If we allow ourselves to do so, we should have little difficulty in finding the characteristics of ‘failed state’ right at home, purchase PROPECIA for sale. PROPECIA duration, That recognition of reality should be deeply troubling to those who care about their countries and future generations.” That would be sound advice if only our Prime Minister was not living in a fantasy land and in a House of Mirrors that are distorting his own reality and his illusions of grandeur. He continues to rely on elevated rhetoric void of any sincerity or moral clarity, my PROPECIA experience. PROPECIA brand name, ATTACKS ON THE MEDIA Since he was plummeted to his long-life political ambition to RULE this country with a sense of misplaced entitlement because of his believed “Baymen inheritance”, he has done whatever has been possible to consolidate his tin-pot power, PROPECIA pics. He has managed to subtly dismantle the four pillars of the Belize Constitution making each almost toothless and impotent and subjected to his manipulations, BUY PROPECIA NO PRESCRIPTION. Online buy PROPECIA without a prescription, He has also made whores of certain sections of the Forth Estate (the media) by enriching them and making them heavily reliant on government and quasi-government advertisement. For those who have refused to tow his government political line and have maintained their professional principles, PROPECIA used for, Order PROPECIA online c.o.d, he has tried to shut down or muzzle them amid international protest. Government advertisement to them have been blocked or discontinued, PROPECIA online cod. PROPECIA overnight, Also, as was seen and heard recently in the Legislature, after PROPECIA, PROPECIA reviews, he attacks them viciously for persistently reporting, without fear or favour, PROPECIA alternatives, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, on the rampant corruption in his administration, the most recent being a passport scandal involving his Junior Minister of Immigration and an even more recent involving sexual overtures made by his Minister of Transportation towards a Taiwanese official while he was a guest of that government, PROPECIA description. BUY PROPECIA NO PRESCRIPTION, With the number of international black eyes Belize has received under the Barrow Administration, it is now difficult to ascertain which one is real or which one is mascara. Buy PROPECIA online no prescription, For the Prime Minister, they are all mascara, PROPECIA maximum dosage. Taking PROPECIA, There was indeed an attempt to make the multi-million dollar rosewood scandal appear to be that -mascara, until the media (unforgiven) pushed the right button for a “Rosewood Again” expose, kjøpe PROPECIA på nett, köpa PROPECIA online. Ordering PROPECIA online, The trip wires splattered this scandal all over the place resulting in official double-speak and mis-speak. Yet neither the Prime Minister, nor anyone else in his Cabinet, has yet provided a full explanation as to where some money has gone other than into the Government Treasury. Straight up it now looks like blatant and unapologetic thievery, BUY PROPECIA NO PRESCRIPTION. Rosewood Scandal II is brewing as we try to follow the money. There is a lot of it unaccounted for. And in defiance of government’s controls, the illegal logging continues. Or is it that the bribes are so lucrative that it continues with those of authority having their eye wide shut. BUY PROPECIA NO PRESCRIPTION, MORAL CLARITY About six or seven years ago, the issue of moral clarity and the role of the then Leader of the Opposition and now Prime Minister of Belize, was questioned by the international press - more specifically, The Economist magazine. This publication questioned his role and responsibility as a political leader in defending the State (Belize) against drug lords as opposed to his very lucrative role in defending these drug lords against the State. A lot should be discerned from this alone and what has followed later in a blatantly corrupt government. It is this type of duplicity which is tangled in front of we the people - the mesmerized masses - loosely used as three hundred and fifty thousand people can hardly be regarded as a mass. But these are the people, we are the people, who continue to choose to be fooled by elevated rhetoric as a corrupt and greedy kleptocracy continues to take us, head on, towards being an established failed state in the modern day Caribbean and Central American regions, as this den of thieves continue to feed on our blood, our flesh and on our souls.


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  1. Ricky Malthus said on Sunday, October 6, 2013, 5:52

    We also discern that Barrow is a blatant, black racist bent on promoting black hegemony in Belize, and one doesn’t have to be a disciple of Noam Chomsky to state and distribute that for public consumption. Barrow and his cronies have planned and implemented how to rape, rob, and pillage Belize of its economic wealth and simultaneously destroy our natal legal system by importing foreigners to be our overlords. Not being in control of our economic system, not being in control of our legal system, and creating laws to prohibit our own native Belizeans from participation in our electoral process because they lived abroad and acquire another nationality, are the right mix to perpetuate slavery in Belize a la Barrow. We must also discern that we are in the failed states of the Caribbean community, and we continue to support this failed idea while we have more prosperous options around us in trading with our very rich neighbors in the North. Why must we consort with very poor Caribbean Nations when we have other better options, and shouldn’t their leaders discern that they should join other rich nations in economic activities to integrate themselves further into the world community and lift themselves out of poverty? We ask the author and Chomsky to respond . We need Belizeans with critical thinking who can apply their education, skill, training to meet the demands of the nation but instead under the political system anyone who dares to think independently in Belize is looked upon as an enemy and Barrow sends out his spies to follow them and report their activities. WE have to rebuild the economy from ground up, get rid of the foreign Judges after we try them for high crimes and imprison them. We have to bring back our native Belizeans to run our politics and our economy to benefit everyone without any form of discrimination. But Barrow and his bunch must go. So mote it be.

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