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Saturday, October 5, 2013, 16:46
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By anthony sylvestre GLUCOPHAGE FOR SALE, You remember Xerxes, the narcissistic king in the movie 300. Who thought that he was an all knowing, order GLUCOPHAGE from mexican pharmacy, GLUCOPHAGE results, all powerful, invincible “god-king”, buy GLUCOPHAGE from mexico. GLUCOPHAGE from canadian pharmacy, I think that Dean Barrow fancies himself to be a Xerxes, a god-king, ordering GLUCOPHAGE online. Purchase GLUCOPHAGE for sale, Ah mean, which mortal leader acts the way he does and talks the way he does with such contempt and disregard for his people, online buying GLUCOPHAGE hcl. GLUCOPHAGE dosage, And this latest scandal with Penner (like all the others before, involving his Ministers) show very much (again) what he thinks of himself and what he thinks of the rest of us- that we are all fools and he can insult us because we don’t have the capacity to understand things, GLUCOPHAGE cost.

Ah mean, when you analyze what he is trying to do with this cover-up with Penner and the Nationality and Immigration Departments, you realize he really thinks we are fools, GLUCOPHAGE FOR SALE. GLUCOPHAGE natural, From the outset, clearly trying to distract Belizeans from the more serious crimes that have been committed, GLUCOPHAGE price, coupon, Purchase GLUCOPHAGE online, Barrow has said that this scandal with Penner and the South Korean fellow only relates to the attempt by the South Korean to get a passport. He has therefore tried to concentrate our attention solely on Kim Won Hong’s photograph and trying to get a Belizean passport while in jail and Penner obviously facilitating this process, cheap GLUCOPHAGE no rx. GLUCOPHAGE gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Now, of course, GLUCOPHAGE use, Buy GLUCOPHAGE online cod, that is bad enough, and there are some laws that would have been obviously broken in the process, about GLUCOPHAGE. Buying GLUCOPHAGE online over the counter, But the thing is more serious than just a fraudulent passport application being processed by the immigration department. GLUCOPHAGE FOR SALE, That is just the tip of the iceberg, to use that metaphor- and conveniently, of course, because icebergs, as you know, can topple even what may seem impenetrable, like the Titanic or a Xerxes.

It’s the cover-up of the nationality that is much more serious and sinister, buy no prescription GLUCOPHAGE online. GLUCOPHAGE without prescription, For, as everyone knows, GLUCOPHAGE pharmacy, Online buying GLUCOPHAGE hcl, you cannot get a Belizean passport unless you are a Belizean. There must be proof that the applicant is a Belizean, buy GLUCOPHAGE from mexico. GLUCOPHAGE without a prescription, Therefore, the other issues relating to the passport application are secondary, GLUCOPHAGE interactions. The nationality certificate and how it was obtained is much more critical, GLUCOPHAGE FOR SALE. Order GLUCOPHAGE no prescription, It is this nationality certificate that is the springboard for all the ensuing scandal of passport photograph with the passport application of Kim Won Hong that Barrow would prefer we remain fixated on. How and why Kim Won Hong became a Belizean citizen is the crux of it all, buy cheap GLUCOPHAGE no rx. Online buying GLUCOPHAGE, And this is when we begin to realize as Belizeans, the serious and sinister cover-up of this thing, cheap GLUCOPHAGE. GLUCOPHAGE price, Firstly, the Constitution of Belize tells you that in order for you to acquire Belizean citizen, where can i find GLUCOPHAGE online, Buy GLUCOPHAGE no prescription, you must either be married to a Belizean, or you have lived in Belize for five straight years, effects of GLUCOPHAGE. GLUCOPHAGE FOR SALE, And, to ensure that we don’t end up as a country harbouring criminals and the like, even if you are married to a Belizean or have lived in this country for five straight years, you can still be denied a Belizean citizenship if for instance, you are not of good character, you have been convicted in another country and the sentence is 12 months or more (hmmm, but this sounds like Kim Won Hong) or you have been engaging in activities which are prejudicial to the safety of Belize and the maintenance of laws in Belize (in other words, terrorists are not welcomed). Order GLUCOPHAGE from mexican pharmacy, And to properly check these things, when a person makes an application to acquire Belizean citizenship, GLUCOPHAGE canada, mexico, india, GLUCOPHAGE dangers, the nationality section is supposed to comb through the application. And this is where we begin to see the scope of the sinister cover-up, where can i buy GLUCOPHAGE online. GLUCOPHAGE coupon, The application Kim Won Hong would have made, should be supported by two persons who must be intimately acquainted with him and have personal knowledge of him and is able to, what is GLUCOPHAGE, Where to buy GLUCOPHAGE, from their personal knowledge, vouch for the truth of Kim Won Hong’s statements made in his application.

Now, of course, we all want to know: who are these two persons. Penner has said that he knew Hong, so our guess is that Penner was one of these two character references, as it were, GLUCOPHAGE FOR SALE.

But here’s the thing, it gets more bogus and sinister because the same Penner signed the nationality certificate as Minister. Of course, Penner was not the Minister, but only the Minister of State. But if our constitution means anything and should be followed, then Penner should never have signed that nationality certificate. Now with his nationality certificate, Kim Won Hong becomes a Belizean, and as such, is entitled to all the rights and privileges of a Belizean, including a Belizean passport. GLUCOPHAGE FOR SALE, So, this is why the nationality certificate is said to have been the springboard for everything.

And this is why Barrow and the Immigration Minister, Godwin Hulse want us to concentrate on the photograph and the passport aspect of this scandal and not focus on the nationality aspect of it. And when we keep concentrating on the passport aspect of the scandal, he will continue to play lawyer and start building a case to get Penner and all involved off the hook.

And he started on Wednesday in his interview with the media:

“...[T]he persons who signs the passport picture as a recommender, there is nothing that says at the time you sign the passport picture the person must be in front of you.”

A compelling argument indeed. And then he continued further:

“You are merely certifying that you know this person and you put for how long you have known this person. Penner tells me that he has met this man some years ago - that the man had in fact visited Belize.”

So, Barrow has begun building his case as to why a criminal case against Penner for making a false declaration in the passport application will not stand and will be a waste of time, GLUCOPHAGE FOR SALE.

And which is why we therefore need to be focused on the root of the crime here- the nationality certificate.

For it is a crime under the Belizean Nationality Act for a person to make a statement which he knows is false, for the purposes of the obtaining of a nationality certificate. The two persons who made the statements supporting Kim Won Hon’s application for Belizean nationality are obviously guilty of an offence under the Belizean Nationality Act. Penner says that he knew Kim Won Hong for three years, therefore he would have known Kim Won Hong has not lived in Belize for five straight years. GLUCOPHAGE FOR SALE, Penner, therefore, should not have signed that nationality certificate. He therefore is also guilty of grave breaches of the Belizean Nationality Act.

There is no way Penner, Barrow or Hulse can explain themselves out of this one. Belizeans therefore need to steer the focus on this scandal to the nationality certificate. That is the graver and more sinister cover-up and crime here.


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  1. Ricky Malthus said on Saturday, October 5, 2013, 22:48

    I think we must deport Dean Barrow back to Nigeria, Penner back to Canada along with the segregated Mennonite communities, and all Asians back to China, Taiwan and the Koreas. We will solve part of the corruption problem.

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