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Saturday, October 5, 2013, 16:51
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HOMOSEXUAL LAW IS HERE PROZAC FOR SALE, A Law legalizing homosexuality was introduced by the government at last Friday’s sitting of the House of Representatives.

It is a slick and cagey move. It is ingenious and at the same time disingenuous, PROZAC pics.

If the law turns out to be what it appears to be, Where can i order PROZAC without prescription, homosexuals throughout the Caribbean and commonwealth countries as well as homosexuals in Europe and U.S.A. should finance the UDP government.

Under the guise of pursing a law to protect children from sexual offenders, a section legalizing homosexuality has been sneaked in as one of dozens of amendments, PROZAC FOR SALE.

The proposed law read out in the National assembly on the 27th September, comprar en línea PROZAC, comprar PROZAC baratos, 2013 is: “An Act to amend the Criminal Code Chapter 101… to make promises to reform the law in relation to sexual offences against children, Herbal PROZAC, abduction, kidnapping, procurement, purchase PROZAC for sale, incest, Is PROZAC safe, the age of criminal liability and witness protection…”

Among the many varied provision is a repeat of the present section 46 of the criminal law and replacing it with this new Section 46 (1) Every person who penetrates another person’s mouth, anus, or vagina with his penis, PROZAC mg, without that person’s consent, Buy PROZAC from canada, or a reasonable belief that the other person consents, commits the offence of rape and is liable on conviction on abetment for a term that is not less than eight years but may extend to imprisonment for life.”

There is in Section 42 (2) which speaks about what is reasonable belief.

The present section 46 which the above will replace reads as follows: - “Every person who commits rape or marital rape shall on conviction on indictment be imprisoned for a term which shall not be less than eight years but which may extend to imprisonment for life”

The proposed law read to all Area Representatives on Friday 28 September, purchase PROZAC online no prescription, 2013 uses the clear words – “Every person who penetrates another person’s mouth, Australia, uk, us, usa, anus or vagina….”  It does not say every person who penetrates a child’s mouth, anus or vagina. Let that be clear, is PROZAC addictive.

The proposed law goes on to say “… without that person’s consent...”

This mean if the person consents to his/her mouth, PROZAC duration, anus or vagina being penetrated by a penis, then the law does not apply to them. PROZAC FOR SALE, Which is another way of saying it is not unlawful and it is not a crime to penetrate a person’s anus where he consent (agrees).

Brilliant, online buying PROZAC hcl.

Hog heaven for homosexuals and their local and international lobby which will finance a government that has added Belize to the homosexual agenda. Effects of PROZAC, No doubt, Rev’d Papaloute. Canon Flowers, PROZAC over the counter, Pastor Crawford, PROZAC online cod, et al were quietly consulted on this major move.

Congratulation are due to Hon Anthony “Boots” Martinez who introduced in the National Assembly this bold move on behalf of his Ministry and government.  “Boots” was frequently shown on a religious video tape promotion speaking out strongly against homosexuals and their unnatural acts which he says was against God and nature which created man and woman for each other, PROZAC FOR SALE.

The homosexuals are laughing at you Honorable “Boots” you have been tricked to walk the UNIBAM walk.

Congratulations are especially due to Belize’s prominent homosexual Caleb Orozco, no prescription PROZAC online, said to be related to the Prime Minister’s wife. PROZAC cost, His court challenge to the anti homosexual law in the Supreme Court showed the “levels” homosexual had reached in Belize.

Congratulations are in order for Prime Minister Barrow.  In the midst of his government sinking under the weight of scandal after scandal and awesome incompetence, he has proven to be a man of his word, buy generic PROZAC. PROZAC FOR SALE, You will recall that on 21 September 2013 at the Independence Day ceremonies he said his government will stand up for the rights of homosexuals under the constitution. Six days thereafter, Get PROZAC, his government introduced the bold and visionary Section 46

Our heartfelt sorrow to Bishop Dorick Wright, Pastor Luis wade, and Pastor Scott Stirm and their congregations, PROZAC maximum dosage. Don’t take it too hard. Taking PROZAC, Console yourselves with the knowledge that we live in evil days and that the end is near.


And what of the sodomy law.

Section 53 of the criminal code was challenged by a group of homosexuals in Belize with lots of help from their gay friends abroad, PROZAC FOR SALE.

Section 53 states “Every person who has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any person or animal shall be liable to imprisonment for ten years”

The court is now spared from making a decision on this issue as the new Section 46 makes sodomy lawful once it is with consent, PROZAC coupon.

“All is well that ends well” and they can now all have a gay time. Where to buy PROZAC, ASSAD WAS HERE

Assad Shoman, one of Belize’s towering intellectuals and the author of several important books was in town recently. The former attorney at law, PROZAC street price, Minister of Government and one of the lightening rods who helped George Price finally achieve independence for Belize was an Invited guest speaker at the Bliss Institute. PROZAC FOR SALE, This was apparently organized by the Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington as part of a public forum on Belize and the I.C.J./Guatemala issue. Where can i buy cheapest PROZAC online, The organization of the event was very poor and poorly attended, although we understand radio and tv covered Assad’s presentation. We did not know of the forum and heard not the media coverage but the news was that Assad chided government for its immature treatment of the opposition on this national issue, PROZAC recreational. He also expressed concern that the opposition had not yet signaled support for the I.C.J. PROZAC trusted pharmacy reviews, process.

This author does not share Assad formidable arguments in favour of going to the International Court on Guatemala’s claim to a position of our country, PROZAC FOR SALE.

We believe that Belize Guatemala and Latin America must pressure Britain to compensate Guatemala for violating the Treaty back in the 1950s. Our land and seas are not for negotiation, PROZAC price, coupon.

We support the Leader of the Opposition in being very careful and prudent on the I.C.J. Buy cheap PROZAC, issue and caution him to resist those around him who are indoctrinated by the British.

SCANDAL STILL PROZAC FOR SALE, The scandal over the issue of citizenship and passport to an alleged Taiwanese fugitive is still the number one talk of the town.

It is clear the government has decided to cover up this matter.  What else can they do?  They cannot call in the police because of the political damage that will be added.  A crime has been committed but their ain’t going to be any criminal investigation.

The issue must now be moved center stage of the political process.  The opposition must expose and condemn the obvious white wash internal investigation being conducted by the very Ministry of Immigration which is at fault.  How could they have been so negligent to allow a mongoose to be in the chicken house, generic PROZAC. Sounds like aiding and abetting. PROZAC use, Let’s work the democratic process and have a quick recall and bye elections.

News Too Long

The local television news at 6:30 P.M, PROZAC FOR SALE. is becoming too long.

To see about 25 minutes of news, PROZAC natural, viewers must sit through nearly one hour of commercials. PROZAC used for, Unnecessary

Teachers in Orange Walk Roman Catholic schools had to do without their end of month salaries because of insensitivity and bureaucracy.

Instead of getting paid on Friday 27 September their whole payroll was sent back from the government Treasury to the Ministry of Education. PROZAC FOR SALE, Instead of the Ministry of Education resolving the issue they returned the whole payroll to the Catholic management.

Five days passed before the teachers started getting their pay, buy PROZAC online no prescription.

This is ridiculous. PROZAC long term, All that was needed was a quick deduction of those few teachers salary form the overall payroll so the vast majority of teachers could have been paid and then sort out the minor problems with the handful of teachers whose salary adjustments was the cause of delay.

Shucks, no one in the Education Ministry has any brains.  No wonder the I.D.B, what is PROZAC. report found that Ministry so wanting, PROZAC FOR SALE.


Pornography.  Every night or rather every early morning around 2:00 a.m. PROZAC treatment, on channel 41 or 42 on C.B.C. there is pornography.

Pornographic movies are shown, PROZAC dosage. PROZAC FOR SALE, Naked men and naked women are shown in various sex acts.

There are not movies with a little love/sex scenes.  There are naked sex scenes with a little movie in between. Online buy PROZAC without a prescription, They can remove educational and informative journalism like Al Jazeera but America sub-culture of image with no redeeming purpose are beamed into our peoples minds.

No wonder rape is up, carnal knowledge is up.


Lisa Shoman was on target Wednesday at the Senate meeting.

She is calling for a Senate Select Committee to investigate the immigration scandal of the decade; and of course the whole issue of security of passport, citizenship how good are the procedures, PROZAC FOR SALE.

Irony or ironies, the “substantive” Minister of Immigration has said to Channel 7 he does not think that is the way to go because it will take long.  He referred to the Senate Select Committee hearings into Social Security Board.

Those hearings were held politically and the said same Minister who was a Senator at the time was appointed by then Prime Minister Musa to dig into any and everything at Social Security.

We watching a cover up straight up like that.  Right in our face.  But this time the arrogance and excesses of the government has touched a raw nerve in the long suffering people of Belize.


Host of Krem Radio morning show has shown journalists a way to go.  Reacting to the on going public outcry over the Penner/passport scandal he publicly on his show called the Police to bring to their attention a possible crime that occurred. PROZAC FOR SALE, The Police tried to give him the turn around

Mose wouldn’t have it.

Is the Police there to serve the people or must wait for a Minister to give them permission to do their duty.


Do you remember Haiti?  The Caribbean nation where they speak French.  Which suffered a massive earthquake in 2010.  Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

After the earthquake the USA promised to help with 15,000 houses and a new port.   Only 2,000 houses have been built and no port.

Last week supporters of former democratically elected President Bertrand Aristide rioted in anger and dissatisfaction with their present government and the hard life they are enduring.

Aristide was ousted in a U.S, PROZAC FOR SALE. supported coup in 1991 and fled to South Africa.  He visited Haiti recently.

Al Shabab

Just days ago the armed group called Al Shabab attached an up scale shopping mall in the capital of Kenya causing deaths and mayhem.

They were seeking revenge against Kenya which sent troops to neighboring Somala to fight against Al Shabab.

Belize has been hugging up Israel which has agents in our country who are said to be assisting the government with spy equipment.  There is wide spread spying on Belizean telephone and email correspondence by government through BTL and special branch . PROZAC FOR SALE, One of these days with Hezbollah coming and going through Belize there will be clashes between Palestinians agents and Israeli agents in these parts.

It’s just a matter of time.

Mean & Unchristian

The new lasted weak reported on an elderly citizen in Hattieville who had his one hundred dollars a month pension taken by Social Security Board.  They said his relatives should look after him.

Quietly dozens of elderly citizen are being deprived of their measly little hundred dollars by Social.

Can’t get much meaner and unchristian than that.

Social Security monies to the tune of FIFTY MILLION dollars were taken out by government and put in B.T.L. recently

Isn’t this the same as taking from the poor and giving to the rich.


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