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Friday, October 11, 2013, 13:46
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BACTRIM FOR SALE, The UDP government is in full crisis mode. BACTRIM pictures, Their political panic is at fever pitch.

Dean Barrow appears confused, online buy BACTRIM without a prescription, BACTRIM mg, frustrated and exposed. Godwin Hulse seems cornered, BACTRIM recreational, BACTRIM from canada, cagey and compromised.  Penner is clearly caught red handed and is in self-preservation mode. His trump card is the bag of nasty dark secrets of the UDP, buy no prescription BACTRIM online. As a Party, the UDP, have decided to defend corruption and the corrupt, BACTRIM FOR SALE. Where can i buy cheapest BACTRIM online, They realize that the loss of Penner is really the collapse of their entire government. People who say that one more seat for the PUP is only a numerical victory are missing the point, online buying BACTRIM. BACTRIM trusted pharmacy reviews, Proof of the extent of Penner’s ultimate recall is plastered all over UDP banners. The banner reads: “Let development continue COUNTRY WIDE, where can i cheapest BACTRIM online. BACTRIM FOR SALE, Don’t sign the recall Petition”. Order BACTRIM online c.o.d, Look at the word: “Countrywide”. Countrywide means not just the constituency of Cayo North East, buy BACTRIM online cod. What is BACTRIM, According to the UDP thinking, the recall is nationwide, order BACTRIM online overnight delivery no prescription. Cheap BACTRIM no rx, It is a recall of central government.

The UDP are ADMITTING that Penner’s crime is a recall on the ENTIRE UDP government, BACTRIM FOR SALE. Do you see that, BACTRIM pics. BACTRIM overnight, The UDP realize that their run and looting in government is over.

Funny thing is that the All Stars of UDP failure, BACTRIM price, coupon, Order BACTRIM from mexican pharmacy, incompetence or corruption are on the ground, with big dollars, BACTRIM duration. BACTRIM price, There is Gapi Vega, John Saldivar and the very JP, where can i find BACTRIM online, Buy BACTRIM without prescription, who criminally signed the passport documents and who should be a suspect, is out there campaigning.  Someone dusted off Boots Martinez who appeared on television with noticeably darkened lips to say he associated himself with Penner’s actions because they are colleagues and he would also defend the corrupt Penner, kjøpe BACTRIM på nett, köpa BACTRIM online. BACTRIM FOR SALE, Poor Godwin Hulse has been selling his soul so many times he looks old and cheap. Buy cheap BACTRIM no rx, He has been consistent; consistently frazzled and “switchy”. He has been extremely reluctant to do anything about this scandal in his ministry, herbal BACTRIM. Order BACTRIM from United States pharmacy, On the contrary he seems to be leaning to join with those plotting the cover up.

Godwin first sent back the pictures twelve times to the Taiwanese, purchase BACTRIM for sale, Cheap BACTRIM, maybe they would say the picture was as Penner claimed. No luck there, BACTRIM FOR SALE. Then he came up with the off-kilter idea that Kim had a twin, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Get BACTRIM, Even Jules Vasquez laughed at him on that one. Then Godwin accepted the job to investigate himself, generic BACTRIM. BACTRIM treatment, A big no no. BACTRIM FOR SALE, What would he have said if he was still at ACB. Then in the Senate, BACTRIM schedule, BACTRIM no prescription, Lisa Shoman extended the nationalistic call for a Special Senate Inquiry. Hulse shuffled in his chair and rambled on incoherently about price and time, BACTRIM for sale. About BACTRIM, What. Is this the ACB Hulse or is this the fat, no prescription BACTRIM online, BACTRIM results, “paid for” Godwin.

The PUP on the other have been moving with focus and surgical precision, BACTRIM FOR SALE. The BELIZE TIMES says nuff respect to Hon, BACTRIM use. Francis Fonseca. The move to support the people of Cayo North East to recall Penner has been concentrated where it matters. So much so that the PUP secured 61% of the required recall signatures in less than two days. BACTRIM FOR SALE, This is more astonishing considering that several of the villages from where the signatures were collected were Mennonite communities.

We believe in Belizeans’ sense of patriotism and national pride to send a message. A small message with a big impact. The message to Penner, the UDP and corruption, is a powerful: “GO!”


The UDP are vindictive. This has forced the Belizean people to evolve. We Belizeans after all are a God fearing people with integrity, BACTRIM FOR SALE. It is just that our current leaders are not.

The information that is coming out is from people who are taking their country’s integrity seriously.

In America, Edward Snowden, the National Security Administration computer contractor who leaked details regarding secret U.S. and British government mass surveillance programs to the press, has become a polarizing figure. BACTRIM FOR SALE, This June the U.S. government charged Snowden with such crimes as theft of government property, unauthorized communication of national defense information and willful communication of classified communication with an unauthorized party.

These are some of the same charges being talked about in relation to whistle blower Arthur Saldivar. For context Snowden placed second in the prestigious European Parliament prize for human rights.

The victimization frenzy is on. UDP politicians manufactured a warrant for Arthur Saldivar, BACTRIM FOR SALE. They wanted to search his home. They tried to malign him on the front page of their newspaper but like the very issue he is exposing, Arthur is relentless and fearless.

There are two reasons the UDP have backed off Arthur Saldivar and their decision to victimize him. The first is that the PUP quickly mobilized to have a dangerous group of politicos and a legal team to say “touch one touch all”. BACTRIM FOR SALE, We dared them.

The second reason is that if the UDP went at Arthur Saldivar it would expose Edmund “Predator” Castro who is next in line for recall. Going at Arthur would open a can of worms for the UDP that they cannot afford at this time.

Whistleblowing has become the new tool of democracy in Belize, we have been following famous whistleblowers and activists like Bradley Manning, who leaked classified documents to the public and Julian Assange, the Australian Editor, who created Wikileaks.

Godwin Hulse threatened potential whistleblowers, and even Mose Hyde, took a banging for daring to call a spade a spade. That issue is another shameful one, BACTRIM FOR SALE. In trying to victimize Hyde, the UDP revealed confidential information that KREM TV owes significant monies to GST.

They even quoted the exact figure. How did the Guardian Newspaper get that. And how can a private political newspaper tell the tax department what to do and who to attack. Do you see the way the UDP have corrupted the system and are using the tax department to victimize their political dissenters.

Whistle blowing will continue. The people are fed up. After the whistle on the kettle blows and they try to stop up the hole where the whistling is coming from, you know what happens… the kettle bursts!.

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  1. Ricky Malthus said on Saturday, October 12, 2013, 15:36

    Why do we pretend that this is the first instance that the UDP government has been enmeshed in “CORRUPTION”? UDP is CORRUPTION!!!!!! Every economic and political action of the UDP was predicated on robbing the national treasury, unjust and unfair enrichment of Barrow’s and Vega’s families through illegal acquisitions of the people’s natural resources, the criminal foreign intrusion on our sovereignty by illicit jurists, the immoral and criminal intrusion on our personal privacy by illegal domestic and foreign spying, and all this to benefit Barrow and his quest for complete power. All the institutions including the Chamber of Commerce, the Unions, the Credit Unions, the schools and churches , and all the people who love their country more than they love $20 from politicians must band together and force Barrow and UDP to step down and call new elections. To continue with these derelict UDP politicians is national suicide. No rational person will continue with their mal-administration nor the pandemic corruption. The world community won’t allow Belizeans to travel for fear that we are criminals , terrorists bent on mischief and misadventures a la “thief -the-land Castro. To be Belizean now is an immorality. We have to get rid of UDP and regain our dignity, respect, and honour as a nation. So mote it be.

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