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Friday, October 11, 2013, 14:10
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NO INVESTIGATION AT IMMIGRATION ZEBETA FOR SALE, On Tuesday evening, a few minutes before the immigration office closed several police officers arrived supposedly to start an investigation, call it a bogus investigation. Not a single member of staff was asked any question about Elvin Penner or what Elvin Penner may have done or said. Not a single question about Won Hong Kim. Where can i find ZEBETA online, Not a single question about anything the Penner scandal.

The questions were about whether anyone knew how Arthur Saldivar was able to get possession of nationality certificates or copies of certificates.

As the office was closed at 5pm, everybody denied knowledge and started leaving the workplace, ZEBETA FOR SALE.

There will be no criminal investigation. End of that story, ZEBETA without prescription.

But big respect is due to the Chamber of Commerce, National Trade Union Congress, Purchase ZEBETA online, Teacher’s Union, Human Rights Commission and other civil society organisations for publicly standing up for principle. There must be an independence investigation into the ongoing scandal at the Immigration Department.

CITY CENTRE – NO VISION ZEBETA FOR SALE, The Belize City Centre is being dismantled. It has served its purpose, order ZEBETA online c.o.d. It has outgrown its use. Or so they tell us. ZEBETA schedule, Its remains will be transported to the compound of the National Stadium, to be stolen bit by bit as the months go by.

In replace of the City Center will come a spanking new sports arena costing tax payer some THIRTY MILLION dollars, ZEBETA FOR SALE.

Yes 30 million dollars.  A broken down shackle, poverty stricken city will literally watch thirty million dollars build a new basketball and maybe volleyball stadium, ZEBETA recreational. It is unbelievable but it is true.

What was the problem with the city center building. Buy ZEBETA no prescription, It was hot and uncomfortable. ZEBETA FOR SALE, Well, put in a new air condition system and comfort up the inside.

What Belize needs is a basic sports policy. Sports is for all Belizeans. Our young people need basketball courts throughout Belize City, ZEBETA pictures, perhaps by population ratio. To every thousand teenagers to age 30 years, ZEBETA use, one basketball court in the neighborhood. Same for football, ZEBETA FOR SALE. A similar approach in the Districts and Villages but obviously on a different population number.

The City Center should have been transformed into Government offices. The government of Belize spends millions each year renting improper places for government offices, ZEBETA dosage. The places don’t have parking. ZEBETA FOR SALE, Neither are they customer-friendly as citizens are forced to mount two stories to access public services. Just think of the office for registering births, Get ZEBETA, deaths at corner Hyde’s Lane and New Road. It is a shame.

A new City Center/basketball/volleyball stadium could then have been relocated in the area of the new boulevard going to the new bridge to Chetumal Street. A modest stadium with lots of space and parking.  At the present City Center site there is a grossly inadequate space for parking, low dose ZEBETA.

It is written in the Holy Bible that where there is no vision the people perish, ZEBETA FOR SALE.

It is incredible the awesome waste of money that is involved in building a new facility for basketball when only a small percentage of our young people are able to access college, sixth form and University. ZEBETA description, There is something about the leadership or lack thereof of the country that is so patently wrong.


One of the biggest scandals to unfold at present is the Penner passport issue. It is a huge scandal. ZEBETA FOR SALE, It is huge because it comes from a government that promised Belizeans good government, accountability and transparency. This scandal gave the lie to all three, ZEBETA results.

It is huge because it comes after a series of scandals that exposed the graft corruption and cover up of the government. Reflect on 13 dead babies, Canada, mexico, india, Rosewood, Noh Mul, S.I.F., stolen ammo and guns from B.D.F., japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Lands Ministry hustle, Castro sex and alleged land scam matters, ZEBETA reviews, Mark King, and on and on.

In every one of the above scandals, the Prime Minister does the talking, ZEBETA natural. The individual Ministers have nothing to say or cannot be trusted to say the politically correct thing, ZEBETA FOR SALE. It’s a one-man government.

The one-man government may now have run out of luck. Doses ZEBETA work, Forced to deduct Penner from Cabinet because of U.S.A. anger, the Prime Minister is now defying the expressed wishes of the people by refusing to investigate Penner and the Immigration Department. ZEBETA FOR SALE, The Prime Minister cannot allow a criminal investigation into Penner as there is enough evidence for an arrest and court trial.

The Prime Minister cannot allow an investigation into the Immigration Department because he personally knows of the widespread hustling, ZEBETA photos, thievery and corruption involving several of his Ministers in relation to visas. He also knows that Penner’s passport citizenship for Kim Hon Hong is NOT the only crime in that department. Where to buy ZEBETA, Neither can the Prime Minister put any pressure on some of the public officers in immigration. Should they decide to talk, the government would fall. So the Prime Minister, who has publicly cursed-up a Supreme Court Judge, the President of the Chamber of Commerce and dozens of other outstanding citizens, has been seen and heard praising the very public officers who facilitated the corrupt practices in the immigration department, ZEBETA FOR SALE.

The very act of appointing Penner in the very Department he had so publicly violated in order to steal an election, ZEBETA australia, uk, us, usa, is a questionable decision by the Prime Minister. The same applies to Vega at Lands. ZEBETA cost, Even as the people cry out for punishment for Penner, the Prime Minister not only does not remove Penner from membership in the UDP Executive, he tells Belizeans he and his party will now go out and campaign for Penner to remain Honorable in the House of Representatives. Wow, buy cheap ZEBETA. ZEBETA FOR SALE, And now this. Plus TV a former independent ally of the Prime Minister has declared the Prime Minister to have lost his moral standing. They are relentless in calling for a criminal investigation into Penner and Immigration. Purchase ZEBETA for sale, Amandala newspaper, an open ally of the Prime Minister silent on several previous scandals, has now admitted that something is wrong and the people want Penner to be investigated.

Krem Radio, ZEBETA without a prescription, an open Dean Barrow supporter, has now gone one step further by calling the Police to start an investigation.

But Love FM is playing elevator music and holding mild conversations on everything else under the sun but Penner, ZEBETA FOR SALE. Purchase ZEBETA, PENNER DISGRACES MENNONITES

Elvin Penner is the first member of the Mennonites Community to be voted into the high office of a member of the National Assembly.

What a history he has made.

What a shame he has brought to his people.

By contrast, after ZEBETA, the linking of Eric Chang, rightly or wrongly with the gangster move that went down with the passport scandal, Discount ZEBETA, has not brought the same response. ZEBETA FOR SALE, Roots Belizeans view the Mennonites as religious, hard working, honest and God fearing.

Roots view Chinese and Indians merchants as hard working, crooked and worshippers of money.


The Honorable (no fun intended) Edmund Castro has a lot to be thankful to Honorable Elvin Penner, online buy ZEBETA without a prescription. Were it not for Penner’s huge scandal, Castro would be boiling in fat. ZEBETA street price, Castro had publicly disgraced himself during the UDP’s first term. Accused of hustling and stealing money over the sale of government lands to Belizean/Americans, Castro was thrown out of Cabinet, ZEBETA FOR SALE.

But he is back in Cabinet.

Now he is accused of the most messy matter. On an unexplained visit to Taiwan, online ZEBETA without a prescription, the Hon Castro is alleged to have made sexual advances to a female official. Castro denies the accusation. ZEBETA FOR SALE, Of all the countries to go and insult their females; Castro picks Taiwan which has given Belize more money than even the U.S.A. ZEBETA duration, Good thing Castro didn’t try his stunt with American female officials.

First they would have thumped him. Then make CNN headline news. Then sue for millions, ZEBETA no prescription.


Madonna, at age 19 moved to New York City to pursue her career, ZEBETA FOR SALE. She got a New York City welcome.  She got raped at knife point.

She said trying to make it in New York was real challenging. ZEBETA used for, She had to pose naked for art students so she could make a little money.


Scientists have discovered 60 new species of insects, fish and frogs in the country of Suriname. ZEBETA FOR SALE, Imagine when scientist start studying Belize’s rainforest and jungle rivers and Chiquibul. Hundreds of new species, is ZEBETA safe, hundreds. Also in our forest are dozen of herbs and barks and roots whose medicine hold the cure for cancers, ZEBETA dose, AIDS, and aging.


Last week the Pope spoke out strongly against worldliness. His Holiness said that worldliness leads to VANITY, where can i cheapest ZEBETA online, ARROGANCE, and PRIDE. Our grand parents used to preach this kind of teaching, ZEBETA FOR SALE. Buy ZEBETA online no prescription, We need to return to the old values that made us better human beings.  There are no values in the modern world, in money and possessions are worshiped for their own sake.


The average human being will live for 301,844 hours.  He or she will sleep for 233, ZEBETA mg,600 of those hours.  Work for 74,066 hours. Use up 200,000 hours on miscellaneous things. Wait on the kids to dress for 11,850 hours.  Use up about 182,334 hours watching TV, gossiping on phone, shopping.  You are left with about 91,167 hours to do everything else like listening to music, going to church, hanging out with friends, wasting your money in Princess Casino, reading, and maybe planting trees and cleaning your yard. ZEBETA FOR SALE, Don’t waste precious hours in this life. Be loving and productive.


Vo Nguyen Giap is the Vietnamese general defeated the French at the battle of Dien Bien Phu in 1954.  This defeat of France led the USA to jump into war on the grounds that it had to defeat communism in Vietnam. General Giap is the man who also masterminded the famous Tet offensive that embarrassed the USA in 1968.

In 1975 the mighty United States was shown on worldwide television cameras running for their lives.  They were shown pushing helicopters in the sea from their warships to make space fleeing troops.  It was an international embarrassment for the USA to lose the Vietnam War, after killing more than one million Vietnamese and losing some fifty-five thousand American soldiers including Belizeans who went to the USA. One such was Lens Dillett, a son of Miss Young on Dean Street, ZEBETA FOR SALE.

It was General Giap and the great Ho Chi Mink who defeated the USA in 1975. Giap died last week at 102 years.


Leah Patnett, who lives on Wagner Lane, is literally the last of the Mohicans. She will be one hundred years this December, if God is willing. ZEBETA FOR SALE, Miss Leah, formerly a Harris before her marriage to well known builders and contractors – Patnett, is still active, strong and has her memory. She lives with her daughter Rita Patnett Sedasy and grandson Jerome Sedasy.

Miss Leah has lived to see all the original Wagner Lane families leave for USA or leave this earth for a better place.  Only the Watters family which came to Wagner’s into the 1970’s or 1980’s are still there.

Everyone else is gone – except for Marina Welcome’s mom – Norma Welcome.

None of the young generations who are eating and drinking imported food contaminated with cancer chemicals will live to see 100 years. Happy birthday Miss Leah come December, ZEBETA FOR SALE. We will celebrate with cake and home made fruit drinks. May God continue to bless you.


Recent research has led to the conclusion that by walking briskly for one hour a day women can reduce the risk of breast cancer by 14 percent.

Belizeans need to eat healthy, exercise, shun foreign food and drinks and exercise regularly. ZEBETA FOR SALE, And no tobacco.


Anthony Sylvestre Sr. is a former career public officer who has served his country with loyalty and distinction.

He served as the Personnel Officer at the Ministry of Works.  He was a District Officer and Magistrate.  He became an Administrative Officer and later a Permanent Secretary.

He reached the highest public service office of Cabinet Secretary and contributed to the improvement of working conditions and benefits for public officers as the leader of government negotiation on the then Joint Staff Relations Council with P.S.U. representatives, ZEBETA FOR SALE.

Anthony upgraded many public service positions salaries and job descriptions.  He was completely dedicated to his duties and his country.  He oversaw the revision of the General Workers Regulations, the new General order and several departmental manuals.  He also issued dozens of directives which resulted in a more progressive management of the public service.

There are very few public officer who are as knowledgeable of the working of the vast public service machinery of over ten thousand Belizeans who are paid by the taxpayers.

Anthony Sylvestre is retired and lives with his family in Belize City.  His son is the illustrious lawyer, Anthony Sylvestre who is a possible Attorney General in a new government.

Belizeans like Anthony Sylvestre Sr. are among the unsung heroes of this country.

Respect – huge respect brother.

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