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BUY SLIMFAST NO PRESCRIPTION, For some time now, the Cabinet has been behaving like a gang of criminals. The issue with Toledo Rosewood was one of the worst cases of gangster behavior. Then the death of 13 babies and S.I.F. SLIMFAST for sale, added fuel to the fire.

The passing of a law to authorise Ministers and cronies to be in charge of a strange creature called Belize Infrastructure Limited has gone ever further. It is highly improper and illegal to place public funds outside the control of the public service machinery, BUY SLIMFAST NO PRESCRIPTION. Major gangster more.

But the Penner scandal seems to be the straw that is breaking the proverbial camel’s back, SLIMFAST natural. No criminal investigation. No independent investigation. BUY SLIMFAST NO PRESCRIPTION, No truthful report to the people of what happened.  And to top it all off – the Prime Minister and his Ministers were at one point in full campaign and support to keep the hopeless Penner in the Honorable House of Representatives. SLIMFAST use, Unheard of.


After a hard day campaigning for the helpless Penner last Saturday, the Prime Minister was shown in Duck Run village addressing a tiny rally of about 30 persons including children and teenagers under 18 years looking disinterested.

Jules Vasquez’s camera was brutal and unsympathetic to the Prime Minister, is SLIMFAST safe. He was shown walking like a semi cripple. His body was twisting to the left as he struggled to walk, BUY SLIMFAST NO PRESCRIPTION. A close up of his face showed him looking old and mashed up and almost evil like. Ordering SLIMFAST online, The strain and stress of trying to save his government had taken a terrible toll on him. Uneasy lies the head that covers up corruption.

His message was a disturbing slap in the face for decency and democracy. BUY SLIMFAST NO PRESCRIPTION, He will be resorting, with full force to that awesome political and economic weapon of bribery to the electorate. “Millions upon millions of dollars”, buy SLIMFAST online cod, will be squandered, the like of which has never been seen in the country. Order SLIMFAST from United States pharmacy, None of the million will be on people. All for “infrastructure” and culverts and roads and buildings and show case projects. In a country of almost 50 percent poverty were most young people will never see the inside of a college, sixth form or university, taking SLIMFAST. The future looks bleak, BUY SLIMFAST NO PRESCRIPTION.


The visa scandal is just as bad, if not worse, SLIMFAST used for, than the criminal passport scandal of Mr. Penner.

Ministers of government through their agents take lists of persons, mostly Chinese, generic SLIMFAST, Indians and Russians, to special officials in the Immigration Department and get visa approvals. SLIMFAST wiki, The visa approvals either take place in the form of a visa placed inside the passport or a covering letter is given, copied to the Immigration official at the Airport or border point or to an Embassy abroad saying that the following person or persons have been approved a visa which allows them to enter Belize. BUY SLIMFAST NO PRESCRIPTION, For Chinese and Indians there are special facilitators in Belize with very close connections to Ministers.  For each Chinese visa the facilitator collects five thousand US dollars apart from the official fees that are paid to government. Out of that ten thousand, the Minister gets a cut from the facilitator, comprar en línea SLIMFAST, comprar SLIMFAST baratos.

The Indians handle most of their visa matters, claiming to need employees for their stores and cooks and domestics for their homes. Cheap SLIMFAST no rx, Greed has caused these lists to balloon to hundreds upon hundreds of visas.

Human trafficking is a big part of this trade that has been in full swing since 2008.

Facilitators with connections to a certain Minister of State arrange for Chinese to enter Belize at night through Benque, BUY SLIMFAST NO PRESCRIPTION. They are then transported to Corozal and hide until they are crossed into Mexico and on the U.S.A.

In many cases, buy no prescription SLIMFAST online, like with Russian passport, the visa and citizenship documents are back-dated so as to give the impression the persons were in Belize for a period.  Entry and exit stamps are sometimes back-dated in passports. No prescription SLIMFAST online, Big, big money hustling has been going on.



The Press conference or media briefing or anansi dancing or whatever which was held last Thursday on the Immigration/Penner passport scandal was the longest and most wishy-washy ever held. BUY SLIMFAST NO PRESCRIPTION, The press briefing featured Immigration Minister and his senior staff of C.E.O. and Director of the Department, discount SLIMFAST. Turning up as side-kick major support was the embattled Prime Minister (one is tempted to write – Crime Minister)

It lasted four hours. Four hours of unsatisfactory responses, My SLIMFAST experience, half truths, misinformation, obfuscation, out right lies and deception and some attempts to chastise the media, SLIMFAST samples.

At the end of it all, there were more questions than answers and the media and the public saw through the attempt to hood-wink and pacify.


It is almost like poetic justice.  Belize’s high handed and arrogant Prime Minister and his subservient Cabinet had sent out a Press release that they would hijack the Public Accounts Committee and hold their own hearings and review what they want to review.

So said so done.

Bogus and illegal hearings got under way

The social partners who are represented in the Senate were invited to attend as observers.  So they did.

Bagarang, online buying SLIMFAST hcl. BUY SLIMFAST NO PRESCRIPTION, The barge turn over.  Big fat John Saldivar under the barge the scratch his banana.

The social partners released a stinging rebuke to the Prime Minister and his sycophantic Ministers.

A Press release issued jointly by the Council of Churches, SLIMFAST canada, mexico, india, the Evangelical Churches, the Chamber of Commerce, the National Trade Union Congress states that “Like many Belizean, we are deeply concerned that the Public Accounts Committee is NOT, real brand SLIMFAST online, in its current composition, responsive to or representative of the need for proper accounting of the use of the country’s financial resources by the state”. SLIMFAST trusted pharmacy reviews, The joint release goes on to say that the UDP meetings of the Public Accounts Committee are “significantly flawed, and has NO CREDIBILITY as an investigative process. We emphatically declare that we refuse to lend credibility to such a CHARAGE”.

This is a huge blow to the Prime Minister who was making fools of the social sector partners and by extension the good, decent people of Belize, BUY SLIMFAST NO PRESCRIPTION.

The Senators who presently represent the Churches, SLIMFAST recreational, Chamber of Commerce and the trade union Congress are respectively – Father Noel Leslie, Mark Lizarraga and Ray Davis. SLIMFAST brand name, Respect for standing up to petty tyranny.


For ten years Public Officers and other public employees of the nation have not received a salary increase or even a cost of living adjustment.

The cost of living over the last ten years has gone way beyond the wages and salaries of public employees. BUY SLIMFAST NO PRESCRIPTION, For Police Officers, BDF, Nurses, Teacher and the General Public Service pay days are more problems than solutions. They are a headache for many, after SLIMFAST. The pay cannot keep up with expenses.

Petrol is over twelve dollars a gallon. SLIMFAST online cod, Electricity has jumped by 17 percent this year alone. So has bus fares for students and other commuters, BUY SLIMFAST NO PRESCRIPTION. Add to this school fees, books and uniform and then the biggest expense, food, kjøpe SLIMFAST på nett, köpa SLIMFAST online.

Public officers, Police, Order SLIMFAST online overnight delivery no prescription, Nurses, Teachers and BDF and City Council and Town Council employees are now economic slaves. They work only to try to keep up with bills. No extra left over for anything, SLIMFAST dangers. BUY SLIMFAST NO PRESCRIPTION, For those with mortgages – they are going under.

The government is boasting of the millions and hundreds of millions it will be spending for upcoming City Council and Town Council elections – New Sports Stadium, new boulevard, SLIMFAST blogs, cement street, new bridge, new bus terminal, new bank, SLIMFAST pictures.

But nothing for the hard working public officers, Police, Low dose SLIMFAST, BDF, Teachers, and Nurses. Not even a new government complex, buy SLIMFAST from canada, not even uniform, nothing. SLIMFAST without prescription, Unions your first duty is for the salaries and working conditions of your members.

If things so good why are things so bad, BUY SLIMFAST NO PRESCRIPTION.


The Bar Association cannot bar themselves from offering guidance to Belizeans as to what is the meaning of proposed Section 46 amendment talked in the House of Representatives.

There is a duty to inform our people.

The government is lying over the meaning of the words in the proposed law, SLIMFAST class.

Let the truth be told.

WHAT ABOUT LANDS BUY SLIMFAST NO PRESCRIPTION, The question is. Which one is more corrupt, SLIMFAST pics, Immigration or Lands Ministry.


Gross negligence has surfaced again at the Ministry of Health.

Like the 13 dead babies at KHMH which the CEO knew nothing of until it hit the news; Dangriga hospital embezzlement going on for two years and CEO knew nothing

U. B, SLIMFAST schedule. AGAIN

The University of Belize is back in the negative news, BUY SLIMFAST NO PRESCRIPTION.

This time heavy handed bureaucrats are violating the most important principle of labour law – changing terms and conditions of employees without their agreement.

U.B administration with the Education Minister’s support is forcing lecturers to change their employment terms of security of service to written, SLIMFAST dose, one-year employment contracts. The law does not allow it.

Could someone please tip-off the Lecturers not to go to the Labour Department as they always work with employers and government against employees – always.

GLEN TILLETT BUY SLIMFAST NO PRESCRIPTION, Glen Tillett is back.  He is one of Belize’s most analytical journalist.  He has credentials and he is an artist and poet.

He attended the Prime Minister’s 4 hour press conference and posed a series of piercing questions, SLIMFAST street price.

The PUP need to bring Glen Tillett back in the fold.

“Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their ailing country”


First, a minor joke.

Have you read Shakespeare, the person asked?  The answer, No, who wrote it.

William Shakespeare is the best, the bestess, by far, of all the great writers in the English language, BUY SLIMFAST NO PRESCRIPTION.

If you love words.  If you love the sheer beauty of language you should learn to read and understand the greatest writer of all time – William Shakespeare.  The language, the plot of his plays and the double and triple meanings behind and inside the use of words is just awesome and enjoyable.

Movies and TV are entertaining but they cannot compare to the sheer joy and majesty of the wordsmith himself.

Shakespeare wrote 36 plays.  These were published in the First Folio, put together by fellow actors and colleagues after his death.

Last week, new research using computer “fingerprinting” has now established that Shakespeare collaborated in the writing of three plays: “The Spanish Tragedy”, “Mucedorus” and Arden of Faversham.

There should be evening classes for adults and students who wish to learn to read, appreciate and enjoy the great writings by the best of the best.

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  1. Ricky Malthus said on Monday, October 21, 2013, 3:00

    We have always asserted that our research has shown that the legacy of slavery in Belize has created a mindset of governmental corruption which has spawned and nurtured the criminal activities of our politicians. Sadly our Prime Minister, Dean Oliver Barrow is inflicted with the largest dosage of this hideous slave legacy that he has set out on a one man crusade to destroy the Belizean economy, its politics, its legal institutions through introduction of foreign overlords, and the destruction of our social fabric by further enslaving the populace through recent passed laws. Barrow is the master architect and mastermind of the evil state of corruption in our society. As a result barrow is responsible for the continuing economic depression, the failure of parliamentary democracy, the legal chaos, and the on going social disorder and mayhem. Belizeans, this criminal continues to live amongst us, this criminal goes unpunished, this criminal continues to lead our country, this criminal continues to lead his ton ton macoutes, and this criminal continues to pillage our treasury and natural resources. This is the end of the line for this criminal. He , his government, and all his criminal henchmen must depart. We want new elections now!! So mote it be !!.

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