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Friday, October 25, 2013, 17:42
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The United Democratic Party is experiencing serious implosions which will undoubtedly lead to the eventual crumbling of this delicately constructed dolly house, AVANDIA natural. AVANDIA long term, It seems unlikely that the Penner situation is going away anytime soon and well into its second month, it is still the hottest topic on the talk show circuits, comprar en línea AVANDIA, comprar AVANDIA baratos. AVANDIA dosage, Belizeans continue to call for a criminal investigation and the Prime Minister himself has admitted to the emergence of more incriminating evidence. Still, AVANDIA without a prescription, Purchase AVANDIA, Mr. Barrow continues to keep Penner safely tucked under his wings and bristles at the very mention of any type of investigation involving his rogue minister, BUY AVANDIA NO PRESCRIPTION. Makes one wonder exactly what and how much does Elvin Penner really know, online AVANDIA without a prescription. No prescription AVANDIA online, The Penner situation resurrected another serious matter which the UDP’s were sure they had effectively swept under the proverbial rug  In June of this year, one Carlos Murga was detained in Cuba after he was found in possession of seven Chinese passports with freshly minted visas, canada, mexico, india. AVANDIA from canada, The situation is that there are Chinese citizens with lots of money who want to travel. Apparently, buy no prescription AVANDIA online, AVANDIA gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, it is not easy to get a visa in China to travel anywhere in the western world except for Cuba. BUY AVANDIA NO PRESCRIPTION, Chinese can easily travel to Cuba even without a visa. Once in Cuba, AVANDIA overnight, AVANDIA no prescription, they then need a visa to travel to Belize from which they can easily make their way to the United States. This is where a group of scurvy politicians realized that there was money to be made, AVANDIA reviews. Where can i buy AVANDIA online, Channel Seven, in an excellent investigative story, purchase AVANDIA online, Buy AVANDIA from mexico, last week outlined the details of what they described as “a highly efficient, very lucrative international visa smuggling operation run from Belmopan to Cancun to Cuba”, AVANDIA mg. AVANDIA wiki, What it exposes is a very elaborate, multi-ministerial network of high level hustling that threatens to totally embarrass Belize in the eyes of the civilized world.  For sure, buying AVANDIA online over the counter, Low dose AVANDIA, all Belizeans should be embarrassed.

Interestingly enough, the Prime Minister was asked about reports that several of his ministers were involved in a visa quota system during a press conference last week, BUY AVANDIA NO PRESCRIPTION. The Prime Minister revealed that he had heard the about the racket himself and as a result, buy AVANDIA from canada, Where can i find AVANDIA online, had pleaded with his ministers to “For GOD’s sake, stop it”!  Word has leaked out that the ministers involved had an arrangement where each month, is AVANDIA safe, AVANDIA forum, one or the other would be allowed a specific number of visas for which they would be responsible and from which they could collect a handsome fee. There are speculations that the arrangement was that a percentage of the fees would go into their “war-chest” and would later be used for campaign financing, AVANDIA treatment. AVANDIA alternatives, It is obvious that this was no fly-by-night operation but one elaborately and ingeniously designed and involving operatives from as many as five different countries. Could this be a reason why there are millions and millions of dollars in the coffers, AVANDIA schedule. BUY AVANDIA NO PRESCRIPTION, This past weekend in Los Angeles, the Prime Minister made another startling revelation. Online buying AVANDIA hcl, When asked about some land by an ex-pat in that city, the Prime Minister explained that the Lands Department was another “hotbed of corruption”, buy AVANDIA online cod. Fast shipping AVANDIA, According to the Prime Minister, he had been able to fire four low-level clerks from that ministry whom he felt were a major part of the corruption there, where to buy AVANDIA. AVANDIA images, The interesting thing is that while making that revelation, he neglected to tell Belizeans over there, AVANDIA for sale, Kjøpe AVANDIA på nett, köpa AVANDIA online, that the man he had left behind in charge of the country was no other than the Substantive Minister of that very Lands Department which he was describing as a “hotbed of corruption”. How very comforting, rx free AVANDIA.

The fact is that that very minister, who is famous for his statement that he is not a “normal Belizean” has been at the very center of much corruption since assuming that office, BUY AVANDIA NO PRESCRIPTION. AVANDIA used for, Why did the Prime Minister not think of relieving him instead of those poor low-level clerks. The buck stops at the top and if anyone is responsible, AVANDIA recreational, AVANDIA without prescription, it would have to be the minister himself. That same minister has admitted to giving out land to his daughter, his brother, his in-laws and many other family members. Not to mention the many accusations of hustling of Rosewood and involvement in the razing down of a well-known Mayan temple. BUY AVANDIA NO PRESCRIPTION, In fact, many believe that this very Minister of Lands is as deserving of expulsion as Penner himself is. Long have Belizeans wondered what it is that Gapi Vega has over the Prime Minister’s head.

We know now that four clerks were fired from Lands Department. We know that three public servants are on suspension from Immigration and in an interview last week, Sedi Elrington claimed to have fired his secretary and the driver who were supposedly involved in the visa hustling. Investigations revealed however, that it was just an example of another politician lying through his teeth. Both persons are still very much employed though no word if they are still involved in the hustling, BUY AVANDIA NO PRESCRIPTION.

The question is though, where are the Unions that are supposed to be representing these workers and defending their rights. We are happy to see the unions finally making statements on Pennergate but what about these workers who are being sacrificed. Of course, we need to question also the integrity of some of these Public Servants. Somebody has to know something. BUY AVANDIA NO PRESCRIPTION, If not the workers who are being let go, then certainly some others in the department. It would be good for the Opposition to assure them that if they are fired because of blowing a whistle, that they would be reinstated with full benefits once this corrupt government is removed. It is also time for us to put in place a Whistleblower Protection Act.   All persons who work for the government should be encouraged to file complaints whenever they become aware of the violation of any law, rule or regulation. Government workers should be encouraged to blow a whistle whenever they see gross waste of funds, abuse of authority or any disregard to public health or safety. There should be a reward whenever these actions result in the saving of government money or the arrest of situations that could hurt the image of our country. It is time that we put our money to better use than just buying votes and rewarding cronyism.  Let us begin this journey to better governance.


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  1. Anonymous said on Monday, October 28, 2013, 9:52

    It is nice that your are exposing the current government corruption. Hope you do the same for the next
    government. PUP and UDP  are there for  self gain not for the country.  It is crying shame. I  do not know much about the meeting the Prime Minister had in L A.  I am wondering if he present any thing on the table about what he can do to have Belizean  return to better Belize. One example  of an idoit Is Mark King saying he was there to represent the PM and his party . He should be there for the people of Belize. The Pm protects the Dpm   and his ministers for partysake.  Remember majority wins

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