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CESSPOOL VS HOTBED SOMA FOR SALE, The wanton and widespread hustling and corruption at the immigration department relating to passports and visas has been described as a cesspool of corruption.

Speaking to Belizeans/American in Los Angeles a few days ago Prime Minister Barrow described the mess at the Ministry of Lands as a hot-bed of corruption.  But he put the blame on the public officers.

Dictionaries tell us that cesspool means a pit or a pool where sewage is collected. Is SOMA addictive, You know what sewage is.

Dictionaries also tell us that hot-bed is a glass covered bed heated by a layer of fermenting manure for bringing forward plants rapidly.  It is a place or a condition which allow for rapid growth of things that are bad. For example, the Ministry of Lands is where all the stealing, hustling, forgery, irregularities and corruption are rapidly growing from bad to worst to scandalous, SOMA FOR SALE.

To describe a government department or ministry as a hot-bed of corruption is the worst description that can be used.

Coming from none other than the head of government who is both Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, SOMA for sale, it begs the question what corrective and preventative measures have been put in place.

It raises the recent shocking statement from the Prime Minister when asked by the media about reports of ministerial hustling with visas. Taking SOMA, His responses – I have told my Cabinet if any of them are doing it, for God’s sake, stop it. SOMA FOR SALE, Stop it.

Unfortunately for Belize and the Prime Minister, SOMA duration, the use of God’s name is of no consequence to corrupt and hustling Ministers.

The duty of the Prime Minister was to put in place measures which are effective, SOMA cost, transparent, punitive and accountable; with outside the department scrutiny and checks and balances on the regular basis.

The call by Belizeans, the media, order SOMA from United States pharmacy, Canon Leroy Flowers, the Chamber of Commerce, SOMA mg, The Teachers Union, Public Service Union, the Trades Union Congress, VIP political party, online SOMA without a prescription, Francis Gegg and the Constitutional opposition for an Independent investigation into the Immigration Department must be intensified.


In the Christian religion, SOMA online cod, the Holy Bible is probably the most important thing after God, and Jesus.

The first book in the Bible is Genesis, SOMA FOR SALE. It is about the beginning. The last book is called Revelations, SOMA pharmacy. It is about the end of all wicked things and a new beginning.

There are 66 books that comprise the bible.  In the second book called Exodus is to be found, After SOMA, at Chapter 20, the Ten Commandments. SOMA FOR SALE, One of those Commandment is that we are not to take the name of our God in vain, for the Lord will not hold us guiltless that take his name in vain.

We should not say, “for God’s sake, kjøpe SOMA på nett, köpa SOMA online, stop it”. Because that is using the name of our God wrongfully, SOMA natural, for petty personal reasons that have nothing to do with him.

But it is the Book of Revelations that is of more concern to us right now.  If we could apply some of its lessons to our sinful behavior.

Since the UDP became the government in 2008, its leader did nothing to make changes and improvements in any of the departments, buy cheap SOMA. The power and the abuse of Ministers continued and no reforms in the areas of importance were done, SOMA FOR SALE. Places like customs, Police, SOMA overnight, Immigration, Lands, Hospitals, Petroleum, SOMA dose, and many others continued as they always did. Nothing changed with the change of government. Buy cheap SOMA no rx, The behavior of the UDP government and its leader was found wanting by the time of 2012 general elections and the people wanted a change. The UDP defeated the will of the people by bribery, corruption and treachery. SOMA FOR SALE, Large numbers of immigrants were improperly given citizenship documents and placed on the voters list to corrupt the outcome in many constituencies. The very poor were taken for sucker and they were bought with dirty money, buy no prescription SOMA online.

The UDP won the election by the skin of their teeth. And still nothing changed. SOMA photos, Corruption and wrong doing became more pronounced. What Cabinet did with Rosewood angered many, SOMA FOR SALE. The trampling of the Maya people to appease oily men was a hurtful thing. The callous response to the death of innocent babies at KHMH was an arrow in our hearts. Noh Mul and S.I.F, order SOMA from mexican pharmacy. and on and on were too much to take.  Even the patience of the Chwekes have been offended with the jacking of the Public Accounts Committee. SOMA FOR SALE, And so, when the Penner scandal broke and the Prime Minister acted with his usual arrogance, the people would not take it.  No amount of “I have put Penner out of Cabinet, so this matter is closed” would do. “I have already punished Penner so you people don’t tell me what else to do”, SOMA trusted pharmacy reviews, Oh, yea.

Revelations came out on Wednesday night. A person who has been involved in obtaining visas for Chinese nationals, SOMA maximum dosage, took to Channel 5 with revelation of what went down involving one of the several government Ministers.

Other Ministers are involved. Other stories will come out, SOMA FOR SALE. Discount SOMA, What is done in the dark will come out in the light.


Surprise, surprise, the FIU is not investigating Penner for true, SOMA schedule.

The public pronouncement of the head of the Financial Intelligence Unit, F.I.U. Fast shipping SOMA, that an investigation had already started into the Penner matter was not true. SOMA FOR SALE, The FIU cannot investigate any Minister in the UDP government.

The FIU knows this and the Ministers know this.

What the P.M. cannot do, SOMA wiki, and what the FIU cannot do, is stop the USA from investigating. Purchase SOMA online, A visa facilitator who has worked with a Ministry for two years in hustling thousands of dollars from the visa trade, went to the US Embassy in Belmopan to renew his visa.  He was taken to a room at the Embassy and two person questioned him for over two hours getting full details of all his shenanigans with the Minister. He was shown a lot of photos of person who obtained visas through the Ministerial hustle system, SOMA FOR SALE. He says he did point out several photos of person with Arab features who got visas.

The Americans regularly ask Belize to extradite persons for trafficking drugs into the U.S.A, order SOMA online c.o.d.

Let’s see if they will extradite anyone for trafficking Chinese, Indians and Russians into the U.S.A. Herbal SOMA, Let us see which current Minister will have his U.S. SOMA FOR SALE, visa revoked for endangering America’s security.

Under U.S. law, if Penner passes through any U.S, SOMA price. airport he will be detained for questioning.


The Constitutional Opposition represents 48% of the voters of Belize (2012 elections).

The call by right thinking citizens for an independent investigation into the Immigration department coupled with the call from the Unions, the Chamber of Commerce and other civil organizations cannot go in vain, SOMA FOR SALE. SOMA street price, The Opposition has also called for such and investigation.

The Opposition must now start to flex with court challenges and practical actions.  One such action is for the Opposition to withdraw from all National Assembly Committees and from the Services Commissions, Advisory Council and any Boards in which it sits.

The Opposition must reserve its right to attend certain House and Senate meetings and should hold meetings with all leaders of civil society to sensitize them on the gravity of the situation, buy SOMA no prescription. The Prime Minister cannot mock and scorn the will of the people for a criminal investigation and an independent inquiry into immigration. SOMA FOR SALE, The Opposition has a duty to the people and the Country.


Belize is now obtaining petrol and diesel through Venezuela at prices far cheaper than when the US companies Esso, Get SOMA, Shell et al was selling us.

Why are Belizeans paying so high prices at the pump for regular, premium and diesel.

The new companies Puma, SOMA gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Uno and the Government have some explaining to do.


The Prime Minister who is also Minister of Finance has said there are millions of dollars in the coffers.  He further elaborated by saying “millions upon million upon millions”.

On another occasion he rolled out projects which would cost in the region of one hundred million dollars, SOMA FOR SALE. Where can i order SOMA without prescription, A recent report of Caribbean countries economic situation shows Belize to be the third poorest country in the English speaking Caribbean.

The World Bank annual index shows Belize to be as low as 15 out of 192 nations in the world. We are among the poorest of the poor.

Where did one hundred million dollars in excess cash come from, SOMA results. SOMA FOR SALE, Surely visas, passports and rosewood money did not increase the revenue that much.

One hundred million dollars could go along way in helping the ailing economy and the suffering masses while keeping the ship of hard working citizen afloat.

A cost of living adjustment for all public service employees, SOMA forum, police, nurses, teachers, and BDF must be approved early, effects of SOMA.

A quantum jump in the number of young people accessing high school and sixth form must be a priority.

Massive education for all our young people and good health care are two priority.

Poor people can’t eat stadium, bridge or cement streets, SOMA FOR SALE. SOMA use, As important as there are, people come first.


The Ombudsman is an important position. The person is appointed by a Resolution of both the Senate and the House of Representative, SOMA used for. His other legal name reflects this. SOMA FOR SALE, The law calls his the Parliamentary Commissioner.

He is not a public officer. He answers directly to the National Assembly, which is made up of the two major political parties.

The Ombudsman law, Chapter 5 of the law of Belize, gives the Ombudsman the power to investigate any Minister or public official if there is grounds to believe corruption or other wrongdoing has taken place.

The ombudsman, if he has not already done so, needs to take his staff into the Immigration Department and immediately start a through investigation.

If he does not, he will likely be taken to the Supreme Court for an order of mandamus to do the job which the taxpayers monies are paying him to do, SOMA FOR SALE.

Sir, don’t make Lisa Shoman have to haul you in front of the Chief Justice.


Lisa Showman is a formidable attorney, Senator, Diplomat and Activist. Her suggestion to Hon. Godwin Hulse, Leader of Government Business in the Senate, to hold a Senate inquiry into that hot-bed currently known as the Immigration Department, should be well heeded. SOMA FOR SALE, Our advice to Hon. Godwin, your reputation is taking a pounding in public opinion.  You must have heard your erstwhile colleague Francis Gegg on television expressing his and many others’ deep disappointment with you. Do the right thing brother. Do the right thing.

The Prime Minister and his cabinet are dragging you down, down, down.  Down to the ground.  You are part of a snake and ladder government. So you go up the ladder, the snakes swallow you and you go back down, SOMA FOR SALE.


Jose Marti was in Belize

Who is Jose Marti?  He is a national hero of Cuba.  He is also one of the great writers and poets and nationalist leaders of our region.

He lived from 1853 to 1895 and is considered the Apostle of Cuban Independence.  He went to jail as part of Cuba’s war with Spain for Independence.

In 1863 this great man accompanied his father in a travel to Belize.  He wrote letters from Belize to Cuba. Those letters are in the Museum in Havana.

Belize should honor the great Jose Marti in some way. Another well-done sculpture by Okeke, perhaps.

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