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Sunday, November 24, 2013, 13:43
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By anthony sylvestre LEVITRA FOR SALE, Senator Lisa Shoman is right.

The President of the Senate had no right fi do weh ih do last Wednesday inna the Senate, LEVITRA used for. LEVITRA dose, He was plainly wrong, outta order and bogus, LEVITRA images. LEVITRA wiki, Just like Godwin Hulse (sorry. since he is a stickler for titles, LEVITRA photos, LEVITRA brand name, I should say Dr., the Honourable Senator Godwin Hulse), LEVITRA trusted pharmacy reviews. And of course, unless you have been living under a rock, everybody and their dog and cat knows of the shenanigans that transpired in the Senate last week, LEVITRA FOR SALE. Generic LEVITRA, Senator Shoman (as is required by the Senate rules) had forewarned that when the Senate next convened she would move a motion to have that body initiate and conduct a public inquiry into the alleged corruption in the Immigration and Nationality Departments by persons in Government. Senator Shoman, taking LEVITRA, No prescription LEVITRA online, of course, is a diplomat so she did not call the names of these persons, purchase LEVITRA. Is LEVITRA addictive, We know who these “big fishes” swimming in the sea of corruption in the Immigration and Nationality departments, dirtying and damaging Belize’s name and reputation in the process are, order LEVITRA from mexican pharmacy. Where to buy LEVITRA, So then, contrary to the government’s protestations, LEVITRA recreational, Buy LEVITRA online cod, the move to get the Senate to initiate an inquiry into the infamous immigration, passport and visa scandal was not idleness or a waste of time, low dose LEVITRA. LEVITRA FOR SALE, It was serious business; necessary action as any sane and patriotic Belizean will tell you. LEVITRA interactions, And the necessity for such an inquiry (so that the people could see for themselves the goings-on in both departments) has become more compelling in light of the Prime Minister and Godwin’s Hulse’s jokey stance on the issue. It will be recalled, LEVITRA price, coupon, Ordering LEVITRA online, for instance, that in the last House meeting (before he left for his surgery in the U.S.) Barrow downplayed the reports of Castro’s involvement in a visa hustle by saying that both he and Godwin Hulse had personally gone through the files at the immigration department and found no evidence of wrong doing, doses LEVITRA work. LEVITRA no rx, That of course is a sick joke on the Belizean people, for, LEVITRA cost, LEVITRA from mexico, this is a classic case of conflict of interest. How can Barrow and Godwin Hulse personally investigate the matter when they have a vested interest in the outcome of the investigation, LEVITRA online cod.

It wasn’t surprising then that when Senator Shoman raised the motion in the Senate last Wednesday, she had the support of not only her PUP Senators, but also the Senators representing the church, union and business community, LEVITRA FOR SALE. Buy cheap LEVITRA, For as said before, it is something any sane and patriotic Belizean would call for, rx free LEVITRA. LEVITRA mg, The only ones who did not support the motion, were the Government Senators who were clearly hell bent on obstructing the initiation of a Senate hearing, LEVITRA results. Buy LEVITRA online no prescription, Which now brings us to the actions of the President and Godwin Hulse in the Senate last Wednesday.

As presently constituted, LEVITRA use, LEVITRA natural, the Senate has twelve members- six government Senators and six non-government Senators, being three Opposition Senators and one each for the church, canada, mexico, india, My LEVITRA experience, union and business community respectively. LEVITRA FOR SALE, (It should actually be 13 senators, as an amendment was made to the Constitution of Belize in 2008 to provide for this, but Prime Minister Dean Barrow has said that this will “never happen”, even though he and 24 other of his UDP representatives voted for this constitutional amendment back in 2008- but that is a different matter for a different day.)

So anyway, the six non-government Senators voted in favour of the motion for a public hearing of the immigration scandal whilst the six government Senators voted against, leading to a 6-6 stalemate. Why would the government not want a public hearing into this immigration matter is anyone’s guess, effects of LEVITRA. LEVITRA steet value, By having a senate hearing, the public would get the opportunity to see a witness such as Ms, LEVITRA no prescription. LEVITRA canada, mexico, india, Burgess, the lady who disclosed the bombshell about Castro on the Dickie Bradley Show on Monday, buy LEVITRA from canada, LEVITRA gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, testify live and in person. She could tell it all and more and wouldn’t have to worry about the threat of a lawsuit since in such hearings witnesses cannot be sued.

Consequently, the public is left with only one conclusion as to why the government railroaded the opposition, church, union and business community’s attempts to have a senate hearing: the government is trying to hide something, LEVITRA FOR SALE. Which therefore calls into question Godwin Hulse’s integrity. Firstly, the motion the Senators were deciding, concerned Godwin’s Ministry. How could he sit and debate and then vote down the motion which concerns the affairs of his Ministry is easily one of the most unparliamentary acts in the Senate of the 21st century. For, as said before, this is the classic case of conflict of interest and the demeaning of his office and himself. LEVITRA FOR SALE, For Godwin should have, as the lawyers say, recused himself; or do, as the man down the street say, “refuse ihself”. Secondly, Godwin is the king of spearheading, initiating, and conducting Senate inquiries into government mismanagement and corruption. That is what the post 2005 civil disobedience generation of young Belizeans best know him as. So why would he then obstruct the instituting of a senate hearing into the biggest scandal that has rocked the two-term Dean Barrow administration.

Either way, Godwin looked bogus sitting there in the Senate last Wednesday and voting against the motion to have a senate hearing into the obvious corruption that has occurred in the immigration and nationality departments under his watch.

The President of the Senate compounded the bogusness of Godwin and his other UDP Senators when he jumped into the fray and casted as well as vote against the motion, LEVITRA FOR SALE. But as Senator Shoman had tried to explain to him, he has no such casting vote (that is, tie breaker vote).

Indeed, section 61(3) of the Constitution makes clear that the President shall not have a tie breaker vote when the Senate is deciding matters referred to in section 61A(2)(d) of the Constitution.

Section 61A (2)(d) of the Constitution we realize , meanwhile, speaks to the matter of the Senate deciding whether to “institute and conduct inquiries and investigations on any matter of public interest or importance, including inquiries into mismanagement or corruption by persons in central government or public statutory bodies”.

Interestingly, this section 61(3) provision was inserted in the constitution by the PUP in 2005 to prevent the same thing that the President did on Wednesday; that is, a government appointed President of the Senate using a voting power to obstruct the process of a senate hearing into government corruption.  When Godwin Hulse, as a Business Senator called for and spearheaded a senate investigation inquiring in social security board affairs, he was the beneficiary of this 2005 PUP constitutional amendment. LEVITRA FOR SALE, The then government PUP-appointed President did not and could not obstruct the social security inquiry by voting in those hearings.

It was without a question that what the Senators were doing on Wednesday was deciding whether they should initiate an inquiry into the immigration scandal. Clearly then, the President had no business in that decision as section 61(3) clearly states.

But, it was also clear: he was going to help kill the motion “nuh matter what.”

What Godwin Hulse, the UDP Senators and the President of the Senate did last Wednesday in blocking the instituting of a senate hearing gives further credence to the popular belief in the streets that “deh man di try hide something and di cova fi one anada.” It exposes all of them, as well, as being bogus. No doubt, for sure, when the 2014 edition of Pictionary is released, you will see the pictures of all their faces beside the word BOGUS.

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