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Friday, December 13, 2013, 17:26
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REGLAN FOR SALE, Barrow’s explanations make no sense. Buy REGLAN online cod, We at BELIZE TIMES are not sure if he has second term fatigue or if the scandals are too big. It could be that he is losing his touch, REGLAN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Generic REGLAN, It might be that he has given up and simply does not care.  Whatever it is, the effect is that his Mayberry bush defense of his government’s corruption is laughable, is REGLAN safe. Discount REGLAN, They say that “kids say the darnest things” but surely these people have not met Barrow. He gets away with saying some of the stupidest things, REGLAN FOR SALE.

It is amazing how a few big words and an attitude that you are smarter than everybody else can make you get away with political murder, REGLAN treatment. REGLAN recreational, After the Opposition leader, Hon, REGLAN blogs. Where can i buy REGLAN online, Francis Fonseca, turned up the heat by consolidating the elected PUP Mayors, online REGLAN without a prescription, REGLAN dosage, Barrow was forced to throw up one of those famous “I have no apology to make” speeches.

Barrow has said that he is entitled to run the town and city councils and to use his caretakers to be in charge of town council spending, kjøpe REGLAN på nett, köpa REGLAN online. REGLAN FOR SALE, What??. Cheap REGLAN, Let’s break this down a little.

Yes, REGLAN duration, Low dose REGLAN, that is essentially what he said: “When they spend, they hire their persons that they wish to hire, buying REGLAN online over the counter, Buy REGLAN online cod, so when government spends, to me, where can i order REGLAN without prescription, REGLAN treatment, it is perfectly in order that government should provide the list for the recommendees from employment, so I will not resile from that at all…, buy REGLAN without a prescription. Buy cheap REGLAN, As I indicated we have entered into a contract with Mr. Woods directly.”

What a bag of foolishness, cheap REGLAN no rx. That makes no sense, REGLAN FOR SALE. Australia, uk, us, usa, None.

Look, order REGLAN no prescription, REGLAN street price, first of all, each town or city council is a part of “Government”, where to buy REGLAN. Buy REGLAN no prescription, In fact they fall under the ministry of “local government”. What Barrow meant to say is not that they are “non-government” but that they are “non-UDP”, comprar en línea REGLAN, comprar REGLAN baratos. REGLAN FOR SALE, Secondly, could someone please give Barrow a law book. Doses REGLAN work, Each and every town or city council are autonomous government bodies. Autonomous is a big word, my REGLAN experience, Generic REGLAN, meaning “independent”. It means they are in charge of their own affairs so long as it falls within the geographical area that they control, discount REGLAN. REGLAN cost, Property taxes. Garbage collection, REGLAN FOR SALE. Trade license and, REGLAN blogs, REGLAN without a prescription, yes, street repairs, REGLAN coupon. REGLAN pictures, Ministry of works. UDP central government nor Ministry of works has any lawful power to enter into any contracts for city or town streets, where can i find REGLAN online. Purchase REGLAN for sale, There are three laws which expressly say that what Barrow is doing is wrong. REGLAN FOR SALE, These are the Belize City Council Act, Chapter 85 of the Laws of Belize, the Belmopan City Council Act, Chapter 86 of 1999 and the Town Council Act, Chapter 87 of the Laws of Belize.

Barrow thinks Belizeans are fools, REGLAN natural.

Remember just recently when the stubborn Belize City Mayor wanted to cement a four lane highway from Palotti to Halouver Bridge and Boots Martinez “brakes” him saying that he controlled that stretch while Bradley controlled the other streets.

Ministry of Works signing contracts. What a bag of foolishness. Wow, REGLAN FOR SALE.

We are proud of our PUP Mayors. Mayor Gilbert Swaso, Mayor Kevin Bernard and Mayor Fuentes. Nuff respect. They could have taken the pittance and broken the law and said “thank you massa” but like Francis Fonseca, they are leaders cut from Mandela clothe. REGLAN FOR SALE, As we mourn the global loss of Mandela, BELIZE TIMES remembers that after being sentenced to life imprisonment Mandela was offered freedom several times if he just endorsed a wicked and illegal system. Madiba stood his ground. Now the Mayors are asked to participate in this illegal system where the UDP control and interfere in local government business. The PUP has said “hell no”. Belize is proud.

What should happen by law is that central government should make the monies available to the town councils and allow the duly elected officials to carry out the work, REGLAN FOR SALE. This is what the people of Dangriga, Orange Walk and Punta Gorda voted for.

How can Barrow continue to pretend that the elections did not happen. Ignore that in those elections Belizeans voted in PUP officials.

The UDP are the boss of corrupting systems. REGLAN FOR SALE, This circumventing of the town council is no different from the UDP corruption of the Public Accounts Committee. Their corruption of the 13th Senator Law, their corruption of the Judiciary.

Look, this “caretaker” phenomenon is simply out of order.

In the road works project, the duly elected Mayors will select only 10% while unelected UDP caretakers will choose 90% of workers. Imagine that. What craziness is this, REGLAN FOR SALE.

Hold the horses, let us remember the last time that the UDP gave a “caretaker” a contract to do work in a municipality. Remember when UDP caretaker Kenard Smart got the contract to do the Dangriga Market.

That did not go so well.

So, excuse the deterioration of our language when we at BELIZE TIMES suck our teeth and say: “we tiyad a deh bally yah”.

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2 Responses to “REGLAN FOR SALE”

  1. Ricky Malthus said on Saturday, December 14, 2013, 7:08

    How easily we Belizeans are duped by Barrow , stupid Boots, and all the other thieving UDP representatives; and we like it and beg for more abuse and lies. We are like sponges just sucking up all the tired, worn out tricks again and again. Then we cry foul and return to our vomit, the government, to fix our plight and start the dependency on government to solve our problems in perpetuity. Tell the world, my fellow Belizeans, how we will solve our problems by ourselves.

  2. Jo Pritch said on Thursday, January 2, 2014, 12:23

    Sounds alot like the US ;-((.

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