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CAÑEROS SHOULD STRIKE DIFENOXIN FOR SALE, There is a problem in the sugar industry in our country.

The men who plant the sugar cane, tend to it, cut it, after DIFENOXIN, pack it in trucks and transport it to the factory are unhappy. They feel betrayed. Where can i buy DIFENOXIN online, They have been betrayed. Twice betrayed.

The sugar factory and the grinding equipment was being sold by B.S.I.­ ­– the Belize Sugar Industry, DIFENOXIN FOR SALE. The cane farmers as part of their Cane Farmers Association wanted to buy the B.S.I.

The government brought in a certain A.S.R, herbal DIFENOXIN. – American Sugar Refining. Instead of being a real government and do all it can to help the cane farmers, No prescription DIFENOXIN online, the government pushed the cane farmers aside and allowed A.S.R. DIFENOXIN FOR SALE, to buy B.S.I. The government gave all types of tax and economic incentives A.S.R.

A genuine government would have loaned the Cane Farmers Association some or all the money it needed to buy B.S.I. A genuine government would even have guaranteed a loan for the Cane Farmers Association and do everything to make Belizeans the owners of the B.S.I, DIFENOXIN class.

Now here we are, the cane season is supposed to open on the 15 December. Thousands of acres of cane are proudly swaying in the fields, DIFENOXIN FOR SALE. DIFENOXIN for sale, Its harvest time in Orange Walk and Corozal. This is when the cane cutters are out in full force. This is when the delivery trucks own the roads and the feeder roads.

Day in, buy DIFENOXIN from mexico, day out, all morning, Buy generic DIFENOXIN, all evening, all night. DIFENOXIN FOR SALE, The trucks are travelling from the cane fields to the cane factory. Taking tons of sugar cane to be ground the jaws of the factory at B.S.I.

The sugar is extracted and the cane trash, DIFENOXIN brand name, called bagasse, is thrown away. DIFENOXIN use, In a written agreement between the cane farmers association and B.S.I./A.S.R., there is a part that says where B.S.I. gets benefits from any by-product of the cane delivered by the cane farmers, those farmers are to share in the benefits, buy no prescription DIFENOXIN online.

The cane trash bagasse has turned out to have value, DIFENOXIN FOR SALE. It is sold to a small company called Belcogen which turns it into energy and sells the energy to the Belize Electricity Company. B.S.I. Purchase DIFENOXIN for sale, is collecting millions of dollars by selling bagasse.

The cane farmers, called cañeros in Spanish, say, DIFENOXIN mg, but what about us. DIFENOXIN FOR SALE, Are we not to get something from our cane trash. Isn’t that the written agreement. DIFENOXIN pictures, B.S.I says, the trash is not yours. The trash is not a by-product of the cane. A.S.R, DIFENOXIN maximum dosage. calls the shots, DIFENOXIN FOR SALE. You are fools for allowing your government to sell us B.S.I. You getting nothing. DIFENOXIN coupon, Despondent and broken hearted, the cañeros talk among themselves. What are we to do they ask. DIFENOXIN FOR SALE, How can we show these American multi millionaires that we are a proud people and we know our rights. What would our fathers and grandfathers have done, doses DIFENOXIN work. And the spirit of their ancestors spoke to them at their meetings. In calm and measured words. Cheap DIFENOXIN no rx, And they all agreed, we will not take our cane to the gringos. We have no drones but we have our dignity, DIFENOXIN FOR SALE.

No cane shall reach the cane factory. And they consulted their wives and their children, DIFENOXIN overnight. And they all agreed. If we must, Kjøpe DIFENOXIN på nett, köpa DIFENOXIN online, we will. DIFENOXIN FOR SALE, We will endure hardship and sacrifice. If it is only corn and beans for our meal, so be it.

And the cañeros sent a message to B.S.I, what is DIFENOXIN. Don’t look for our trucks on the 15th December. Don’t look for any cane on that date. If you cannot behave like honorable men, then go eat your factory and learn a bitter lesson, DIFENOXIN FOR SALE. Buy cheap DIFENOXIN, And the bagasse Judas who had sold out the farmers seeing what he had done, spoke up. Please give the cañeros something, least I be exposed, DIFENOXIN cost.

It was the sixth year in the second reign of Pharaoh, at a meeting at a place called Radisson that word was to come down to the cañeros, DIFENOXIN use, who remained resolute in the land of their forefathers to the north.

But A.S.R. DIFENOXIN FOR SALE, gave no answers. They said we will go to Annas and Caiphas and we will bring you word of what we shall do.

And a dark cloud came over the land of the cañeros, DIFENOXIN natural.


Belize’s foremost lady of the novel is visiting the land of her birth and happy childhood.

Zee Edgell has written FOUR novels: “Becka Lamb”, Buy generic DIFENOXIN, “In Times like These”, “Festival of San Joaquin”, and “Time and The River”. They are all Belizean novels, with characters and events set in Belize, DIFENOXIN FOR SALE.

Mrs, DIFENOXIN pics. Edgell is working on her fifth novel.

Belizeans have fallen in love with Mrs. Canada, mexico, india, Edgell. DIFENOXIN FOR SALE, She has always been a lady of dignity and strength and her love for her people and her country is manifest in her conversations and her writings.

It is no surprise to hear of the many literary awards that her writings have brought her. One great recognition comes from her Caribbean region. The prestigious University of the West Indies awarded her an Honorary Doctorate for her contributions to Caribbean culture, online buying DIFENOXIN hcl, history and literature.

On her current visit to Belize the media, DIFENOXIN alternatives, both print and television were competing among themselves to host and interview her.

We join her fans and readers in welcoming her home once again and congratulate her on her outstanding achievements, DIFENOXIN FOR SALE.


A certain bank is quietly letting go staff.

Several of those who have already been told goodbyes are long term employees with over fifteen years service. One is an attorney, after DIFENOXIN, another was a Supervisor and one in Management. Another one in management is soon to join the list. DIFENOXIN FOR SALE, When Belize’s biggest bank is shedding dedicated and experienced staff, it is not a good sign for the economy. DIFENOXIN from canadian pharmacy, Especially with the newspapers printing pages of pages of all the bank foreclosing on mortgages.


Many motorists are complaining that as they do their usual driving they notice their petrol being used up more than usual.

These motorists believe that the quality of petrol and diesel they are buying is not what they used to get.

It should be remembered that Shell, DIFENOXIN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Esso etc. have given way to a Puma and a Uno, DIFENOXIN FOR SALE.

There is a need to do some quality control checks on the petrol Belizeans are being sold. DIFENOXIN brand name, And why is petrol in Belize so darn expensive.


One of China’s great leaders during 1950 and 1960’s revolution was Mao Tse Dung. He was often quoted as saying real power is the one that comes out of the barrel of the gun. DIFENOXIN FOR SALE, While over the decades, China has opted for another real power – that which comes from a strong economy; the U.S.A. has opted for military power, where can i find DIFENOXIN online.

Last month the U.S.A. unveiled its latest aircraft carrier. Online DIFENOXIN without a prescription, It is a dream come true for war-mongers and imperialists.

It carries more planes than any other aircraft carriers, DIFENOXIN FOR SALE. It has unmanned planes. It is completely nuclear.  It is equipped with space age lasers. Its deck is five acres, ordering DIFENOXIN online. It is already two billion dollars over budget.

IT NEVER ENDS DIFENOXIN FOR SALE, Which reminds us. America says its war forces are leaving Afghanistan after its more-than-a-decade long war in that country. DIFENOXIN interactions, And the rock hard Taliban are nowhere defeated.

But the news over the past two weeks is how the USA will withhold billions of dollars in aid because President Karzai is now refusing to sign a so-called “Security Pact” which will allow the American military to remain Afghanistan until 2020.


He was the youngest heavyweight boxing champion in the world. He knocked out opponents left, right and center; sometimes in the first or second round of a fight, DIFENOXIN FOR SALE.

In the year 2000, DIFENOXIN price, coupon, Mike Tyson started off with three and a half million dollars.  By the end of that year he had earned sixty-five million dollars and succeeded in spending it all on vehicles, houses and drugs.  He became a big time cocaine user. DIFENOXIN maximum dosage, MEN AND WOMEN

Men and women are so different in so many ways. They think different and so they see things different.

A lot of the differences are learned behaviors. DIFENOXIN FOR SALE, Little girls grow up playing dolls. Little boys grow up playing with guns and cars.

Men are sex dogs. Outright cheaters and unfaithful to their partners. Women are more reserved and more reluctant to be labeled dirty names like whores and bad-woman. Men don’t care, DIFENOXIN FOR SALE.

But deep down where it counts, scientists are now claiming that brains of men and the brains of women are distinctly different.


In ten or twelve days times, Belize will celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God who came into the world two thousand years ago to save us from our sins and make us better human beings.

In Jesus’ time he had to take a whip and lash the merchants and business people who were using the Holy Temple as a supermarket and shopping mall.

They are back. DIFENOXIN FOR SALE, Over the years Christmas has been hijacked by the merchants and business people.  It’s all about buying and selling, selling and buying.

Just to make sure Jesus and his message are not seen and heard they have come up with Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer; and of course, the king of Christmas – Santa Claus.

Ho. Ho. Ho.

All the way to the bank.


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