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Friday, January 10, 2014, 16:56
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Belize City, January 8, 2014

In his short and empty New Year’s message filled with platitudes, the Prime Minister, put on a display of his hypocrisy and disconnectedness. After being adamantly opposed, COREG results, COREG trusted pharmacy reviews, when in Opposition, to the development of hydro-electricity, COREG interactions, COREG duration, he finally acknowledged the vision of the government of the People’s United Party, for providing hydro-electricity “as a cheap source of electricity”, buy COREG without a prescription. COREG for sale, POLITICAL DESPERATION

The Prime Minister also, gloatingly announced that he will finally be rolling out the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHI) in the Northern region of the country, COREG no prescription. COREG from mexico, This was always the intention of the previous government of Said Musa; to roll out the NHI nationally within a short time-frame.

Barrow, COREG maximum dosage, Real brand COREG online, when he first took office, delayed any further roll out of the NHI for five years, COREG dose. This was because he decided to use the $50 million from the Social Security Board which was earmarked for NHI to assist in the ill-advised expropriation of Belize Telemedia from private investors, BUY COREG NO PRESCRIPTION. COREG over the counter, But the Prime Minister is so far removed from facts and reality that he totally disregarded the priority for rolling out NHI to the rest of the country. He let poor people suffer instead, COREG canada, mexico, india. Buying COREG online over the counter, His decision to roll out the NHI in the North at this time appears to be based on nothing else but political expediency. In fact, COREG mg, Order COREG online overnight delivery no prescription, this has been the modus operandi of this administration - political expediency. BUY COREG NO PRESCRIPTION, This government has never presented a blue print for development. A recent example is the misuse of the Petro-Caribe funds which is being diverted from the productive sector, COREG from canadian pharmacy, Is COREG addictive, where the agreement stipulates it should be spent, to boost the Prime Minister’s political fortunes in the least productive area of the country - Belize City, COREG price. COREG without prescription, This move to introduce NHI in the North is no doubt an appeasement to the Constituencies in the North after the government has, so far, online buying COREG hcl, No prescription COREG online, failed to look after the best interests of the people, the cane farmers, COREG description, Buy COREG no prescription, in their dispute with Belize Sugar Industries over payment for bagasse, the trash from sugar cane which is used in the co-generation of electricity, COREG online cod. Where can i buy cheapest COREG online, INCOMPETENT IN SAFE-GUARDING THE INTEREST OF CANE FARMERS

The government has been incompetent and incapable of safeguarding the interest of the cane farmers (its first responsibility) or in safeguarding the interest of the investors in a mutually negotiated settlement. That may just open another can of worms on the quid pro quo after the government sold the sugar mill from under the feet of cane farmers who were denied the first option to purchase, purchase COREG for sale.

The government’s total neglect of sugar feeder roads, by diverting European Union Funds specifically for that purpose, will further delay this year’s cane harvest, due to incessant rains in the past two months, BUY COREG NO PRESCRIPTION. Purchase COREG, But that is only if the impasse between farmers and millers ends soon and the sugar mills are working.


There is a general state of apathy that has overtaken this country, order COREG no prescription. Comprar en línea COREG, comprar COREG baratos, It appears to be residual slave mentality. Many generations ago, COREG overnight, Discount COREG, the fathers of our fathers’ fathers, were tied to stakes and flogged many times for minor indiscretions against their Masters who also sexually abused their wives and daughters, buy COREG online no prescription. BUY COREG NO PRESCRIPTION, Back then, after being punished by flogging, our slave forefathers retired to their huts and shacks, waiting for deliverance to the heavens with the help of the white man’s clergy and with solace from slave songs such as “Crossing the river Jordan,” “Steal Away”, ”Deep River” and “We Shall Overcome“ which is the Anthem of the American Civil Rights Movement and also of the Belize National Teachers’ Union which they sang while their leaders negotiated a pie-in-the-sky promise of a pay hike and literally eat a birthday cake with the Prime Minister. COREG dangers, It was a mockery of the integrity of teachers in a political carrot and stick manipulation. Nonetheless, low dose COREG, COREG pictures, George, the Union’s Secretary, COREG without a prescription, Order COREG from United States pharmacy, was lost for words from the PM’s flattery. The teachers are still looking for the pie-in-the sky, where can i find COREG online. Buy COREG without prescription, Just in case, the PM took out the carrot on stick in his New Year’s message. But again, he lied, much to the chagrin of teachers and their Union leaders. It is up to the teachers to let him feel for his deceit. Belize must stand up to the despot we have as Prime Minister.

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