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BUY LEVOTHROID NO PRESCRIPTION, By Norris Hall, January 15th, 2014

The University of Belize continues to be on life support as the Ministry of Education and a politically-appointed Board of Trustees lock horns with yet another President of this faltering Institution. LEVOTHROID brand name, Given the present uneasy state of affairs and the repetition of conflicts between the Ministry of Education and successive Presidents of UB, one needs to again question the competence of the Minister of Education and the Ministry in manipulating the functions of the University with political dictates rather than guiding its role to meet the developmental needs of the country, LEVOTHROID use. LEVOTHROID trusted pharmacy reviews, There are evidently no guiding policies practiced by the government as to how it perceives the role and functions of this State-owned Institution to prepare a high caliber cadre of young men and women that will be able to fill the demands across the board to meet the development expectations of this nation.


As was envisioned by the Musa Administration which gave birth to the Institution, online buy LEVOTHROID without a prescription, Order LEVOTHROID from mexican pharmacy, the vision was that the University of Belize was to become the premier centre of higher learning and to provide the opportunity for more young Belizeans to attain a high quality of tertiary education to prepare for the professional world of work.

However, canada, mexico, india, Buy LEVOTHROID online cod, under the present Barrow Administration and with the failure of the Ministry of Education to establish policies to guide the role of the University, successive Presidents have found themselves in conflict with a clueless Ministry of Education, LEVOTHROID canada, mexico, india. They have all tried to establish meaningful guidelines and policies which are persistently shot down by the political directorate who seem to be too myopic to comprehend a long-term vision for the University beyond a short-term political agenda, BUY LEVOTHROID NO PRESCRIPTION. Effects of LEVOTHROID, In a letter to the Minister of Education, the current President of the University dared to walk the political plank by saying: “There is a lack of a long term vision for the University’s institutional development”, where can i cheapest LEVOTHROID online. Kjøpe LEVOTHROID på nett, köpa LEVOTHROID online, NO VISION

The Minister of Education has persistently failed to articulate government’s vision (if there is one) for this institution with a clearly defined set of policies to guide the University in its role. The persistent conflicts between the Ministry of Education, LEVOTHROID forum, Comprar en línea LEVOTHROID, comprar LEVOTHROID baratos, the Board of Trustees of UB and successive Presidents and even the faculty have become debilitating. The Board of Trustees does not appear to have a Terms of Reference, LEVOTHROID coupon. BUY LEVOTHROID NO PRESCRIPTION, In any case they have misplaced their role as they try to usurp the authority of successive Presidents and in attempts to manipulate and micro-manage. Where can i find LEVOTHROID online, To add to this state of affairs, where conflicts and chaos reign at the expense of the student body, purchase LEVOTHROID online no prescription, LEVOTHROID samples, is the fact that the government has persistently reneged on its annual budget allocation to the University.

Despite the current dysfunctional state of affairs at UB, LEVOTHROID class, Order LEVOTHROID online overnight delivery no prescription, parents and students are still expected to meet the higher demand for education cost while quality falls almost below the level of even mediocrity. Yet, where can i order LEVOTHROID without prescription, LEVOTHROID dose, against all odds there are a number of students who have managed to excel despite the continuous political hanky-panky and interference. This is proof that if left alone to do their jobs, LEVOTHROID description, Order LEVOTHROID no prescription, a qualified faculty could fulfill the national functions of the University. But no matter how well these students do, unless UB receives some sort of accreditation from a reputable university abroad, its academic awards will hardly be recognized, BUY LEVOTHROID NO PRESCRIPTION.


A member of the faculty, LEVOTHROID no rx, LEVOTHROID overnight, who does not wish to be identified, commented that the fundamental problem with UB is that the present government “is very confrontational”, LEVOTHROID dangers. LEVOTHROID used for, In a not too subtle reference to the Minister of Education, she made an off-the-cuff comment in reference to the Minister of Education: “If you have an ego bigger than your brain, LEVOTHROID results, Doses LEVOTHROID work, disaster follows”.

There is clearly a total disconnect and discord between the Ministry of Education and the University, rx free LEVOTHROID. LEVOTHROID dosage, There continues to be overbearing political interference and manipulation with indifference to real issues and concerns faced by the University in the current political climate which includes disrespect for professional educators. BUY LEVOTHROID NO PRESCRIPTION, The President has stated that there are important policies that need to be clearly articulated to ensure that the University is seen as functioning according to international standards. His remarks have fallen on deaf years, purchase LEVOTHROID. LEVOTHROID long term, FROM ANTS NEST TO SNAKE PIT

Since the University of Belize was established, it has changed five Presidents in thirteen years, what is LEVOTHROID, No prescription LEVOTHROID online, three of them since the Barrow Administration came to office in 2008. It has also changed nine Provosts for the same period, order LEVOTHROID online c.o.d. Australia, uk, us, usa, Given this dismal statistic, there is serious reason to ponder the future of the University in the current climate that has been created by this government, LEVOTHROID wiki. Unless the Minister of Education takes a serious review of the independent role and functions of the University and its contribution to Belize’s development and with clearly defined road maps and educational policies, every future President will be performing a circus act of walking the high wire and eventually finding him/herself progressing from an ants nest to the political snake pit, BUY LEVOTHROID NO PRESCRIPTION. LEVOTHROID over the counter, The Minister of Education does not have much of a backdrop to lean on given the scathing and even embarrassing Inter-American Bank Report, which was published last year on the collapsing system of education in Belize, LEVOTHROID cost. It is dismal. Yet the Minister, who likes to make pronouncements without putting his brain into gear, has not publicly addressed this issue, nor have responded to the IDB report.


The current President of the University has been attempting to assist the government in drafting a clearly defined chart for the University. BUY LEVOTHROID NO PRESCRIPTION, Some of his professional observations, has independently dovetailed into the analysis by the IDB on the many shortcomings which are leading to the collapse of the country’s education system. A part of this has to do with the Minister’s confrontation with the churches in trying to manipulate the appointment of teachers. In doing so, he has disrupted a long and mutual partnership between the church and the state in education.

The President asserted that there is too much political interference by the politically appointed Board of Trustees. Last year, all the political interference resulted in a virtual shut down of the University during a one-day protest by its faculty and staff who demonstrated against corruption and mismanagement by the University’s Board of Trustees.


This has not phased the Minister of Education, BUY LEVOTHROID NO PRESCRIPTION. It has now emerged that faculty and staff appointments are based on political connections with secondary regard for qualification and confidence. An individual who has recently been appointed Dean of one of the University’s faculty has taken an unusually very long time and is yet to present his doctorate credentials. The type of Phd. qualification has also been another debate in the UB academia over the ability to teach at this level. BUY LEVOTHROID NO PRESCRIPTION, It has been commented that “there has been so little exposure to the range of scholars’ qualification.” It has been alleged that, like some members on the Board of Trustees, some members of the faculty have displayed a lack of social skills and a broad outlook in addition to allegations that some lecturers “cannot function in standard English.”


This government, because of political myopia is missing a great opportunity to tap into the vast talent bank of the diaspora. There are more than a handful of Belizeans living abroad who have excelled in academia as well as in the arts and sciences. These highly skilled people want to give back to Belize. This is a great opportunity for the Minister of Education to tap into this resource to form an academically qualified team of professionals who have excelled abroad to serve on the University’s Board of Trustees. We need these people, regardless of their politics. Most of them are apolitical professionals, BUY LEVOTHROID NO PRESCRIPTION. But the Prime Minister has indicated that he is more interested in your politics rather than your skills.

The government and the Minister of Education is messing around with the future and the future of our bright young people and the future this country. The by-product will be a workforce of morons. But there is always a future for that type of talent. It is in politics-UDP style where there is currently a terrible shortage on brain but lots of brainless power.


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