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Sunday, February 16, 2014, 16:31
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Never has the difference between Belize’s two major political parties been more evident than at last Wednesday’s special sitting of the House of Representatives. RIVOTRIL class, For the first time in recent history, all bills presented to the House were passed with bi-partisan support.  There were many times during the past administration when fairly basic and commonsense bills were presented only to be met with stern and unreasonable opposition. The classic example was when there was the need for a two thirds majority to make the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), RIVOTRIL interactions, our final court of appeal. Purchase RIVOTRIL for sale, The PUP was the government at the time and needed the support of the UDP who was then in Opposition. This same Dean Barrow blocked the bill and refused to sign, RIVOTRIL FOR SALE. Ironically enough, shortly after assuming office, rx free RIVOTRIL, this very same Dean Barrow immediately pushed through a bill establishing the CCJ as Belize’s final court of appeal. Australia, uk, us, usa, For the PUP, the interest of the country has always been more important than the interest of the party. For the UDP, RIVOTRIL without a prescription, it is all about party and sometimes, RIVOTRIL over the counter, all about person.

The focus at last Wednesday’s House Meeting was mainly on the shenanigans of members, four bills of major proportions were signed and pushed through, order RIVOTRIL from United States pharmacy. RIVOTRIL FOR SALE, The Senate on Thursday added its usual rubberstamp and the bills were thereafter forwarded to the Governor-General on Friday for his signature. Belize must now send notification to the relevant authorities that the process has been completed and in so doing, Buy RIVOTRIL without a prescription, fight shy of serious and far-reaching ramifications. PUP Leader and Leader of the Opposition Honorable Francis Fonseca, was well aware of the intricacies of those bills and has said that we can “complain but we must comply”, order RIVOTRIL no prescription. Again, Buy RIVOTRIL from canada, he felt that the interest of the people was far above and more important than any selfish and pompous resistance.

The bills passed were namely: the Domestic Banks and Financial Institutions Bill, the Financial Intelligence Unit Bill, RIVOTRIL from mexico, the Money Laundering and Terrorism Prevention Bill, Fast shipping RIVOTRIL, and the Mutual Legal Assistance and International Co-Operation Bill. They were bills required to ensure compliance with guidelines that have been set down by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), RIVOTRIL FOR SALE.

FATF is the global watchdog against financial crimes, and examines how Belize and other countries in the Caribbean are meeting international obligations, RIVOTRIL canada, mexico, india. FATF was founded in 1989 by the world's largest economies and develops policies aimed at combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism. RIVOTRIL dose, In 1990, a year after FATF came into existence, Caribbean and Central American leaders, RIVOTRIL cost, including Belize, RIVOTRIL steet value, met in Aruba to form their own task force called CFATF (Caribbean Financial Action Task Force). Member countries signed agreements to adopt and implement measures based on and similar to those of FATF. RIVOTRIL FOR SALE, The agreements became known as Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT). A few years later, RIVOTRIL reviews, they met again in Jamaica and signed even more agreements. Real brand RIVOTRIL online, Whether Belize had to sign or whether we even knew what we were signing, is unclear. Many will remember when our now current Foreign Minister traveled to Israel and signed an agreement, online buying RIVOTRIL hcl, written in Hebrew of all things. Buy RIVOTRIL without prescription, Many times these high-level officials attend these meetings and don’t even know what is going on. They just like to travel and see the world at taxpayers’ expense, RIVOTRIL FOR SALE. They stay in high class hotels and are wined and dined while they sign away our future. Whether they signed wittingly or unwittingly, online buying RIVOTRIL, those agreements have come back a-haunting. Buy cheap RIVOTRIL no rx, But exactly who is being haunted.

Belize and Guyana have been identified as two countries out of 30 in the region who have failed to comply with regulations set out by these task forces. RIVOTRIL FOR SALE, Guyana however, is not getting the bi-partisan cooperation like Belize and is perched precariously on the verge of blacklistment. Pressure is already mounting and even Guyanese citizens in the Diaspora are beginning to feel the pinch, where can i find RIVOTRIL online. They report facing problems with even just routine money transfers and transactions. Get RIVOTRIL, According to reports, money transfer agencies such as Western Union and Money Gram are already being affected.

The ramifications from not passing these current measures would have been huge and Mr, RIVOTRIL alternatives. Barrow rightly warned that, “…these big countries and their proxies, their agencies are powerful and can collapse our system”, RIVOTRIL FOR SALE. Of course, Discount RIVOTRIL, as difficult as it was, the signing of these bills into law might be the easier part of this exercise. Policing and forcing compliance will be the bigger side of this challenge, RIVOTRIL mg. For now however, Canada, mexico, india, the demand is only to put in place the legislation to deter against and provide for penalties for those who violate the laws. That has been done. RIVOTRIL FOR SALE, As has been proven with Guyana, failure to do so would have resulted in extreme hardship for all of us, but those being targeted are primarily offshore bankers. It begs a serious question, no prescription RIVOTRIL online, how important is offshore banking to the economy of Belize. Herbal RIVOTRIL, I will leave that question for the economists to answer.

One thing for sure, we know that the passage of those bills have thrown a serious wrench into the Prime Minister’s plans, comprar en línea RIVOTRIL, comprar RIVOTRIL baratos. The Integrity Commission will also suffer. The PM announced last week, his appointment of several people who were supposed to sit on this long-awaited commission.  The passing of those bills bring into effect the PEP laws however, RIVOTRIL FOR SALE. Order RIVOTRIL online overnight delivery no prescription, The designation “Politically Exposed Person” (PEP) dates back to the late 1990s in what was known as the “Abacha Affair.” Sani Abacha, a Nigerian dictator, was accused of raping Nigeria’s treasury and resources and putting them in the name of his family members and associates, RIVOTRIL natural. Are we starting to see some comparisons here. RIVOTRIL overnight, Following an investigation in 2001 and the Nigerian government’s attempt to recover the money, the concept “Politically Exposed Person” came to being. This later led to the 2003 United Nations Convention against Corruption which interestingly enough, RIVOTRIL pics, Belize remains one of the few countries who is not a signatory. RIVOTRIL FOR SALE, Not only that, Belize is also one of the only countries not even rated by the annual Corruption Perception Index (CPI), a list that is release each year by Transparency International.  CPI rates a country for its performance against corruption. Online RIVOTRIL without a prescription, Since assuming office, the UDP has not given information to Transparency International and has also failed to appoint an Integrity Commission.

Mr, RIVOTRIL forum. Barrow’s latest attempt at this Integrity Commission (also a requirement of CFAFT) has seen potential members jumping ship and running for the hills. RIVOTRIL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Maybe, persons are just not ready to undergo the "Onerous disclosure obligations”, and then again, after RIVOTRIL, maybe they have good reason to be afraid. Either way, it is high time that politicians and corrupt individuals in Belize understand that the jig is indeed up, RIVOTRIL FOR SALE. Corruption cannot continue to prevail unchecked and maybe we owe these “big countries and their proxies” a vote of thanks instead of condemnation. Come now, Mr. Barrow, “Sharpen a special machete with blades on two sides” and “Let the consequences be damned, the people of this country deserve better”. Those were your words Mr. Barrow and this is your duty. Long live Belize.

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