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Saturday, February 22, 2014, 14:39
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BUY RISPERDAL NO PRESCRIPTION, By Norris Hall, 5th February 2014

A recent editorial in a national newspaper that has a mutually cozy business relationship with the Prime Minister and his government, took an unusual, but not unprecedented step, to rebuke the PM for “making a public fool of himself”.

This chiding of the PM by one of his fair weather friends, Cheap RISPERDAL no rx, is certainly an indication of the shifting political winds against this most unpopular government. But it is not news. If it is news, RISPERDAL forum, it is stale news. RISPERDAL dosage, It is certainly not an epiphany. Cynics, and there is a growing number of those, even snicker that that newspaper’s editorial is a political, publicity, or business stunt, BUY RISPERDAL NO PRESCRIPTION. That assertion may have some credibility based on the experiences of readers and pundits.

Reading between the lines, discount RISPERDAL, the paper has virtually implied that not only has the Prime Minister become a pig with lipstick but more like a pig using lipstick to cosmetically cover up all the evils of his corrupt administration. Is RISPERDAL addictive, It would be easier for him to use white lime to help him with the white wash. But even that will only serve to temporarily keep away the maggots and the flies swarming in a government that is rotten to the core. BUY RISPERDAL NO PRESCRIPTION, The Prime Minister is fully aware that his power and strongman control is unravelling, and so is his very dangerous political ambitions. He and his government are currently suspended in thin air by a spider’s slippery thread, kjøpe RISPERDAL på nett, köpa RISPERDAL online.


As the cesspool of corruption gets deeper, RISPERDAL used for, there continue to be more revelations. The most recent allegation being that a senior GOB official has been involved in human trafficking. There appears to be supporting documentary evidence, RISPERDAL results.

In other corruption news, which is the only real news about this government, there are mumblings in the sugar belt, BUY RISPERDAL NO PRESCRIPTION. The government has failed to adequately repair the feeder roads to the cane fields and cane farmers are now asking where that money is as some of the funds allocated by the EU for this specific purpose were obviously diverted by this government. Where can i find RISPERDAL online, They say that this is obvious from the poor quality of repairs to the sugar roads.

We can suppose that the Prime Minister will quite adequately provide an answer for that. He should be able to tell us that some of that EU money was, purchase RISPERDAL, to use official parlance, RISPERDAL no rx, misappropriated. BUY RISPERDAL NO PRESCRIPTION, Actually, the entire lexicon in officialdom is being re-written by our Prime Minister, who has before, tried to re-write the Belize Constitution. Let’s take for instance his redefinition of “corruption” which is inconsistent with the international definition.


He has also invoked fables about folk heroes like Ali Baba (not Robinhood), rx free RISPERDAL, in not admitting his incompetence in dealing with the ugly and massive passport scandal for which no one has been made culpable, Online RISPERDAL without a prescription, except for the scapegoating of the few low level public servants.

The Prime Minister is now too busy lawyering in defence of the mounting and unabated “corruption” in his government as he tries to re-write the Oxford concise dictionary. His government has refused to sign the United Nations Anti-Corruption Convention and has placed GOB at odds with the UN’s definition, where can i buy cheapest RISPERDAL online. But in many instances, some thieves still go to church, BUY RISPERDAL NO PRESCRIPTION.

The alleged defrauding of two foreign investors, Buy generic RISPERDAL, with impunity back in 2012, by two members of his family of attorneys would not be regarded as corruption by the PM’s standards. But it could have been, RISPERDAL street price, perhaps, RISPERDAL price, the facilitation of some clever legal maneuverings with the help of hand-picked judges who do not enjoy security of tenure. Maybe…just maybe.

Now fast forward to the recent use of public funds by the Minister of State in charge of Transportation from the Belize Airport Authority for his personal use and that of his family and friends, cheap RISPERDAL. BUY RISPERDAL NO PRESCRIPTION, The Prime Minister has acknowledged that much but argued strongly in a debate in the House of Representatives, that this was NOT a case of corruption by his Minister. He declared that it was” distasteful”, RISPERDAL over the counter, “not something that I would have done” (“You know me!”) and fired the Board of the BAA for their indiscretion and bad judgment in facilitating the Minister. The Minister is home free in this unusual game of Monopoly.


Subsequently he has removed responsibility for the BAA from the portfolio of the guilty Ministry of Transportation, get RISPERDAL, where it actually belongs, Buy cheap RISPERDAL no rx, to the Ministry of Tourism which has responsibility for the Belize Tourist Board. It will be recalled that the BTA was being used by the Minister of Tourism in the same fashion that the BAA was being used by the Minster of Transportation. In fact two whistle blowers, one now a minister, was removed from the Board by the then and now Minister of Tourism, and with the support of the Prime Minister, for exposing the corruption at the BTA, BUY RISPERDAL NO PRESCRIPTION. For the Minister of Tourism he can always claim ignorance as he is at the lower end of the IQ Scale, RISPERDAL pictures, if on it at all. RISPERDAL trusted pharmacy reviews, Corruption would then be defined as having a low IQ.


The Prime Minister has a deck of cards that he keeps re-shuffling. Actually he has two: The Cabinet, no prescription RISPERDAL online, which he cannot afford to re-shuffle and CANNOT touch for fear of a mutiny, Online buying RISPERDAL, and his deck of party loyalists who are malleable. BUY RISPERDAL NO PRESCRIPTION, It will be recalled that the CEO of the Social Security Board was forced to resign in 2012 after she was playing fast and fancy with SSB funds. On her resignation she was awarded her full retirement benefits and more. The Prime Minister then appointed her (“not me” he would assure us fools) as Port Commissioner under the current Minister of Transportation, RISPERDAL dose. Could this be another of those “not corrupt” scenarios. Discount RISPERDAL, Maybe we should expect that the steam whistle will be blowing from the waterfront soon.

Another case where the Prime Minister has tried to use lipstick as a cosmetic gimmick is in the recent appointment of a Chairperson to a non-existent Integrity Commission, BUY RISPERDAL NO PRESCRIPTION. This is not only about lipstick or optics, it is a terrible distortion, RISPERDAL australia, uk, us, usa.

The Prime Minister disbanded the Integrity Commission a long time ago when he fired the Chairperson who he had earlier appointed from his own political kin. After RISPERDAL, But this man had more principles than the PM had bargained for. He dared to take his job seriously and attempted to apply his Terms of Reference of the IC to investigate certain Ministers in the first Barrow Administration. BUY RISPERDAL NO PRESCRIPTION, He was terminated and with him the Integrity Commission.


Attempts to reconstitute the Integrity Commission at this time are pure and simple, online RISPERDAL without a prescription, political lip-sticking. RISPERDAL description, It is a farce for reasons more than one:

The new Chairperson, though a very charming and personable woman, is tainted by her close and personal association with the Prime Minister, RISPERDAL from mexico. Reportedly, Where can i find RISPERDAL online, it was at his persuasion that she returned home from the USA to enter electoral politics. She performed miserably by losing terribly. But she got an “E” for effort and was subsequently appointed as the Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit, BUY RISPERDAL NO PRESCRIPTION. For her role there, RISPERDAL forum, she received mixed reviews. Purchase RISPERDAL online, Faced with the nasty passport scandal, it is believed, if her assertions are true, is RISPERDAL safe, that she launched an investigation as it related to the involvement of the former Deputy Minister of Immigration, RISPERDAL images, turned poster boy for the scandal, as it may have involved serious money laundering. Then suddenly she resigned from that post earlier this year, purchase RISPERDAL online no prescription, saying that she decided to begin her own law practice. Real brand RISPERDAL online, We suspect that her investigation was leading where neither she nor her boss wanted it to go. BUY RISPERDAL NO PRESCRIPTION, Earlier she was called to the Bar with the endorsement of her friend the Prime Minister. There are some cynics in the Bar Association about the method applied by her friend to make her a member of the Bar. Yet kudos, online buy RISPERDAL without a prescription.

However, her shingle was not given sufficient time to dry when she was appointed to Chair the Integrity Commission. The IC, if and when it is reconstituted, is a joke. It is made up of five appointees by the government and two by the Opposition, BUY RISPERDAL NO PRESCRIPTION. Like the Public Accounts Committee under its current setup, it will never be made to function with any integrity. It is worse than lipstick. It is b.s.. It is comic relief for democracy.

THE LADY’S GOT A JOB TO BE OR NOT TO BE? BUY RISPERDAL NO PRESCRIPTION, The first test for the new Chairperson of the IC, is that armed with what she knows or does not know, about the FIU investigation into the passport scandal, is that she is in a unique position to launch her investigation for the same reason she did at the FIU. It is also quite an opportunity to launch her appointment with some INTEGRITY. She would be applauded if she does.

But why does the Prime Minister, if he has any good intentions, keep drawing from the same tattered deck of card. There are many Belizeans who have the stature and integrity and who would be up to the job. Two that come to mind are women of the cloth, women of the clergy, BUY RISPERDAL NO PRESCRIPTION. There are others that come to mind. But, who would want to wallow with this motley crew and be identified with this nasty mess called the Barrow Administration.

With rampant corruption plaguing his government, the Prime Minister has decreed that all government employees must take an oath of secrecy. This flies in the face of HIS commitment to freedom of information, transparency and press freedom which he has already attempted to stifle.


But there is one more card that the Prime Minister could draw without having to look like a pig with lipstick, or by making a public fool of himself:  Appoint the thirteenth Senator.


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