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Saturday, January 16, 2016, 23:10
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DIRTY BASTARD A man posted on his Facebook page photos of him having sex with a female police officer. The five or six photos went viral in Belize City. It’s the most wicked, worthless thing a man could do to a woman. A few words posted with the photos says this is what you get when you f… with me. Presumably, the female broke up with him and this is his version of getting back at her. Police says the Facebook “account” is false so they can’t charge the person for any offense of which there would be several. The photos are explicit. Any man, who stoops so low as to publicize such photos of a female he once was in a relationship with, is not a man. He is a low-down dirty bastard. If that female had elderly children, or brothers or good friends, we can see how persons become angry and react with vengeance. Mein, that’s cold. That is sick. FIFTEEN Last week a fire destroyed one of those infamous trailer houses the UDP had been selling in a previous government. Fifteen persons, mostly children, called it home. While sleeping, they were awakened to the screams of fire, fire. God be praised, no one lost their lives or were injured. Their home and most of their belongings went up in smoke. It is becoming a frequent assurance for the TV media to show families burnt out of their homes or       houses falling to the ground with occupants. It represents the sad neglect by the Ministry of Housing in its on-going failure to assist the poor and desperate who are living in unacceptable conditions. Same neglect applies to the Ministry of Poverty (Social Transformation). The family of fifteen homeless because of a fire exposes the heart-of-stone possessed by the Ministers who are also elected representatives in these poor areas. Having squandered millions of dollars buying votes and bribing electors, the poor are no better off for having supported these charlatans. LOCAL TV DISAPPOINTING Sometime in 1981 or so, foreign cable television entered Belize. The story of how Belize finally got cable is a soap-opera series in itself. And perhaps we will try to describe some of it someday. There are several studies which say that shortly after American television enters a country; it is followed by an increase in crime, violence, drugs, materialism, loose morals nakedness and other manifestations of the decadence of the “Hollywood” mentality. There were three major personalities who were sounding warnings of the damage of unregulated foreign TV: George Price, Bishop O.P. Martin and Said Musa. The great George Price was completely against foreign TV penetrating the minds of Belizeans. In his hey-day Mr. Price even had a committee of citizens who vetted movies and cut out scenes considered to explicit for public viewing. He had a censorship board and many, many movies were designated “Strictly For Adults Only”. When TV got inside our minds even the movie houses fell as victims. Palace on Albert Street, Majestic on Queen Street, Eden and Bel-Rio on North Front Street all closed down. Never to reopen. Cable TV has gone on to become the dominant feature of our lives. Marxists used to say religion is the opiate of the masses, meaning it was like a drug to keep the majority of people ignorant and about give a damn about their pitiful living conditions. Well the new religion is cable TV. It is the most powerful drug in town. And we are all addicted to it. Deeply addicted. To make a long story short, there is good and bad in everything. There is some good in cable TV and there is some bad, mostly bad. Cable TV is silly and stupid and shallow. Mostly. If you agree we are now living in the age of shallowness, you can make allowance for some of the things that are being shown. And here is one point that needs to be made. We are deeply, almost bitterly, disappointed with the owners/producers of our local television shows or lack thereof. The major TV stations in Belize City and probably the whole country are Channel 5, Krem, Channel 7, and Love fm/TV. Channel 5 gets high marks for producing the most local shows. The seasonal series of Duets and talent shows are excellent. They have a daily show from Mondays to Fridays in the mornings which is boring but it is local. They had an informative Monday night special but that has died a sudden, unexplained death. Love fm/TV does the news from Monday to Friday and has a morning show which has lost its ratings.
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