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BTL Launches 4G AGAIN

Friday, March 11, 2016, 16:16
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btl_buildingBelize City, March 4 2016 On February 9th, 2012 the state-owned BTL announced a $20m contract signed with Ericsson for the provision of a 4G Network. Back then BTL’s Chief Operations Officer Karen Bevans trumpeted the signing of the contract by saying that with the millions spent on this network “The Company commits to making the user experience of DigiCell customers ‘faster than ever’ and to introducing the latest in mobile broadband services and devices. This will ensure that we keep Belizean Customers on par with those in the region, while allowing BTL to remain the number one telecommunications provider in Belize”. Last week for the second time BTL announced the launch of ANOTHER 4G Network. The Chairman of the Executive Management Committee, Anwar Barrow, announced that a contract was signed with the Chinese company Huawei. This time the investment announced by a high profile launch would come with a price of $40m BZ dollars. The question everyone is asking is where is the Ericsson 4G, the one launched in 2012? Was this a flawed investment that ultimately cost tax payers? Is this another shady BTL deal? We demand to know when and how will this investment be recovered. On the wake of this fake 4G investment and the endless problems being aired by BTL customers we are now faced with another venture of $40M for another 4G Network, now with Huawei. This too is touted as a network that will make BTL one of the fastest broadband providers in the region.  Haven’t we heard that before? How can we be assured that in another two years’ time we won’t be told that another multimillion dollar investment will be needed to maintain BTL competitive and a forerunner in the telecoms industry? As a majority state owned company, and as shareholders, the Belizean people should be up in arms to learn that this company is being run to the ground by a political appointee at the top. People are now wondering if the tech savvy guy is so savvy after all. Or maybe it’s shady.
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