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Tek Back Sarstoon!

Friday, May 6, 2016, 12:54
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[caption id="attachment_25799" align="alignleft" width="700"]PUP National Executive during meeting on Tuesday May 3, 2016 PUP National Executive during meeting on Tuesday May 3, 2016[/caption] Belize City, May 05, 2016 People’s United Party Leader Hon. John Briceño announced on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016 that the Party of George Price and Independence will be rolling up its sleeves and taking direction action to assert and defend Belize’s national integrity and sovereignty against the threats inside and out. Briceño revealed that the Party’s National Executive made a decision to go to the Sarstoon area in an effort to defy the Government of Belize’s attempt to restrain the right of every Belizean to move freely throughout Belize with the recent imposition of a law which prohibits travelling to the Sarstoon. The decision was also taken in light of the Barrow Administration’s consistently shameful failure to adequately assert Belize’s territorial waters in the Sarstoon, as demarcated by international law and boundary treaties. "As a national executive and members from parliament, we decided that it's important for us to show to the government and to the country that we do not agree with the law and we are going to challenge it, not only by talking but going on the ground, going to the Sarstoon River," declared the PUP Leader. The National Executive, which has met regularly to remain informed and up-to-date on the important Belize-Guatemala issue, discussed the matter of the Sarstoon at length on Tuesday. Presentations were made by the Rt. Hon. Said Musa who heads a high-level Committee of Former Ministers of Foreign Affairs as well as Senator Valerie Woods who was in Barranco Village along with the Belize Territorial Volunteers whose attempt to visit the Sarstoon was disrupted by security officials on Saturday April 30th. At the meeting, the discussion table also got input from National Deputy Leader Hon. Cordel Hyde as well as Deputy Leaders Julius Espat and Hon. Kareem Musa, who supported direct action. The PUP Leader also proposed that the Party launches a “Liberate Sarstoon” and “Resistance to Sarstoon Law” campaign, which was supported by the National Executive. As part of this initiative, the PUP’s legal advisor Andrew Marshalleck will be filing a constitutional motion to challenge the recently passed Statutory Instrument which prohibits access to the Sarstoon area to Belizeans.  “It is unconstitutional. We believe that we have the wherewithal, the legal expertise, to take out this challenge against the government,” said Hon. Briceno. The People’s United Party will be holding a National Party Council meeting to further ratify the decisions made by the National Executive and to seek the support of its members. Sarstoon-map-pic
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  1. Manuel Pinto said on Thursday, June 30, 2016, 13:01

    La Isla Sarstún es territorio de Guatemala esta en la banda del río que corresponde a Guatemala. El río Sarstún es territorio de Guatemala, Belice va a tener derecho de navegación sobre el río, cuando Belice, permita la navegación sin obstáculos a Guatemala, sobre las corrientes de las aguas de los ríos Sibún, Belice y Hondo y las corrientes de agua marina situadas frente a las costas de de Belice.

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