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Thursday, July 21, 2016, 10:48
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1Belize City, July 2016 Everything that can go wrong continues to go wrong under the worst Prime Minister this country has had. Of the previous three Prime Ministers, Dean Barrow is in a class by himself. Corruption has become endemic in the sheer inability to manage the nation manifests itself in an ongoing series of the most disturbing events ever witnessed in Belize. The news over the weekend has shocked Belizeans at home and abroad to their bones. Persons driving around with the head of a public known Pastor Llewelyn Lucas. Never in the history of Belize has such an atrocity been committed before. Pastor Lu as he is popularly known had his head chopped off and placed in a sack in a five-gallon bucket. His body is suspected of being burnt on a farm. The alleged perpetrators are sitting at a bar casually relaxing, while the decapitated head is inside their vehicle, outside the bar. The persons accused of this atrocity were taken into custody around 8:30 p.m Friday on Friday 15th July. Yet it was not until late Monday evening that they were taken from the Belmopan Police Station to the Belmopan Magistrate Court to be arraigned. That arraignment did not happen as the paper-work was botched-up by the Police. The arraignment had to be done the following day in Belize City, where the crime did not take place and the Magistrate had no authority to preside. That is the least of all the gross errors to come to light. It is now clear that the alleged ring-leader, one William Mason, who is not really named William Mason was a big-shot with the UDP government. The UDP ministers were falling all over themselves to serve this individual. It has come to light that Mason was appointed to the City Emergency Management Office (CEMO). He was given a false Belizean birth certificate showing he was born in Crooked Tree Village, when no such thing happened. Mason became an instructor for the Belize City Council. He became a facilitator for the government and a financier to several government Ministers, including Minister John Saldivar, Minister of National Security. Saldivar was forced to acknowledge, publicly at a press conference that he did receive monies from Mason for his football team, named Bandits. The Minister refused to tell the nation how much monies were received. Mason was introduced by another Minister to the Mennonite Community as the man they must deal with to solve the corn export problem. This led to Mason collecting three hundred dollars which he was accused of pocketing and not doing the job. The Police at the Belmopan Police Headquarters was informed of this “extortion”. In addition, the Police had further received complaint that Mason had kidnapped a husband and wife from the Mennonite Community kept them imprisoned at his farm and only released them after the payment of one hundred and forty thousand dollars in “ransom” money. At a weird press conference on Monday the Police raised more questions than answers. At their press conference, attended by a sheepish looking Minister of government Hon John Saldivar, the Acting Commissioner of Police Russell Blackett, gave an incredible explanation to a question. Pastor Luis Wade of Plus T.V. asked him about the allegation that Mason had kidnapped a Mennonite couple for hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Blackett said his officers were unable to enter Mason’s residence and compound in Belmopan because it was risky to do so. The BELIZE TIMES has learnt that when Mason and the other accused murderers who are charged with him kidnapped Llewellyn Lucas on Friday there were two other pastors in the vehicle with Lucas. They were all handcuffed and masked and taken against their will from Mason’s Belmopan Mansion to his farm on mile 13 on the George Price Highway. They were released later that evening with the strong warning that they and their family would be killed if they made any reports to the Police. On their release one of the persons made a report to the Police. This is how the Police were forced to seek Mr. Mason. They found him and his cohorts lounging at a public bar as if they were waiting for someone.  Mason refused to be searched or allow the Police to search his vehicle. When the Police finally broke into his vehicle this is how they found Pastor Lucas’ head. They were to later the following day locate the body on Mr. Mason’s farm. Since Saturday 16th July, 2016 Facebook and other social media have gone into high gear over this bizarre incident. Additional information has since emerged as serious accusations are being levied against the Prime Minister and his Ministers.  This sensational and gruesome murder has now ballooned into a full scale scandal regarding another cesspool of corruption involving U.D.P. Ministers. Ministers are falling over themselves denying any shady association with Mason and of receiving large amounts of illegal monies as special gifts and campaign donations. The scandal has already caused major damage to the Government of Dean Barrow. And the Leader of the Opposition Hon. John Briceno has called on the Prime Minister to appoint an independent investigator from abroad into this mother of all scandals. It will be remembered that Prime Minister Barrow had defied the nation’s outcry and refused to allow investigations into the criminal actions of former Minister and Elvin Penner. The Prime Minister has a duty to come clean to the people of Belize who are angry and fed up with the scandal and corruption and want those who are guilty to be punished.
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  1. Belizean Abroad Watchdog said on Thursday, July 21, 2016, 15:42

    Since Saldivar isn’t a moral or decent man, he will try to ignore the public outcry for him to leave office. Shame on him. It is now the PM’s job to remove this clown from office. The longer PM Barrow refuse to remove Saldivar from office, the more damage he does to the Ministry of National Security. Do the right thing Barrow — remove Saldivar from office.

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