Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A City Neglected…A Council Gone M.I.A.

Saturday, February 11, 2017, 15:59
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5Tuesday, 07 February 2017   In 2018, the UDP Belize City Council will undoubtedly return to residents of the city to ask for support and votes. But what will they point to as their successes? What will they highlight as their accomplishments? What stellar service will they have to boast about? Why should residents of Belize City vote for the UDP team in the city whenever municipal elections are called? The truth is that Belize City, after consecutive UDP administrations, is in terrible condition and it is getting worse every day.   Mayor Darrell Bradley has survived so far on the fruits of a multi-million dollar municipal bond and the largesse of Central Government. But those fruits have rotted. See for yourself. Talk a walk on any of the cement streets constructed under Bradley’s term. Every single one of them is breaking up…every one. It is a disgrace. If done properly, those streets should have lasted for years. But they were not done properly, and there was certainly no proper monitoring by the Council. While the streets which ‘benefitted’ from the Council’s short-sighted attention are breaking up, the many streets which were left untouched are disaster zones.   Where is Mayor Darrell Bradley? Where is the Belize City Council?   The sidewalks constructed during that same “municipal bond boom” are disgraceful. All of them are crumbling, steel showing. The cement covers over clogged and filthy drains are all broken. Those that aren’t broken don’t fit properly. This work was substandard from the onset, but there was no proper monitoring by the Council. On many streets grills covering gaping holes are missing. Residents are forced to put makeshift flags in them to warn motorists of the dangers. These are often left unattended for months. 6 Where is Mayor Darrell Bradley? Where is the Belize City Council?   The city now floods after any short period of rain. Homes are affected. Businesses are affected. Pedestrians and motorists are affected. Clearly something is wrong. There is a problem with drainage, and the floods only contribute to the deterioration of streets. But nobody at City Hall seems to care. Particularly in the bustling downtown area of the city, parking is a nightmare. Streets have been narrowed, even as the population grows and there are more vehicles. There was talk of structures being built to alleviate the parking situation. We don’t hear that talk anymore. It is a mess.   Where is Mayor Darrell Bradley? Where is the Belize City Council?   Belize City is filthy, our busiest areas decrepit. Mayor Bradley moved the homeless and mentally ill out of the park but left them on the streets where tourists walk. Many of them can be spotted sprawled on the sidewalks of the streets nearest our tourism zone like dirty rags. No wonder ships prefer to bypass Belize City and head south to Harvest Caye. Who can blame them? The city is a smelly cesspool, garbage everywhere, poverty everywhere…just a mess.   Where is Mayor Darrell Bradley? Where is the Belize City Council?   Darrell Bradley has betrayed the residents who voted for a full-time Mayor. He is being paid a very lucrative salary for a full-time job but he is not doing that job. Even Council employees complain that he spends much more time at his law practice than at City Hall. How did we get to this point where it became okay for Bradley to leave his job and go back into the practice of law, while still collecting a salary as Mayor? Where is Councillor Dean Samuels, barber turned millionaire? Where is Councillor Phillip Willoughby? What have they been doing for residents of the city, since all of them collect very handsome salaries? These Councillors have benefitted tremendously from taxpayer dollars paid by the residents of this filthy city. It is time to call out these persons who have turned theirs back on the city.  
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