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Street War Claims Another Victim

Saturday, February 11, 2017, 16:06
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8Monday, February 6, 2017   Police have arrested and charged 2 men for the murder of 29 year-old Mark Anthony Jones. Jones is the Belize City resident who was murdered on Thursday night, February 2, 2017 right outside his home.   His family says that he was coming back from walking his girlfriend home, which was part of his nightly routine. Sometime after 8 p.m., he was about to enter his family yard on Iguana Street Extension when a gunman ambushed him and shot him. According to Police, the bullet hit him in the left arm and exited to the left side of his back. Persons nearby rushed him to the KHMH, but he died on the way.   Jones’ grieving family believes he was a victim of a street war that’s currently happening in his neighbourhood. Currently, there are rival gangs, or affiliates who are having street disputes. There are heightened tensions within Jones’ neighbourhood, and he paid the price for it with his life. He was a working man who had laboured to turn his life around about 4 years ago. At the time of his death, he was employed at the Skills Training Center. His brother is the well-known footballer, Floyd Jones, who told the press that Mark was one of his greatest fans who was present at all his games, cheering him on from the bleachers. His brother freely acknowledged that he had past conflicts with the law, but “...the man really was on a mission to better himself and change his life."   One other consideration that the family has contemplated is that he was wrongly targeted for a recent shooting, in which persons suspected that he was involved. His sister told the press, “I've been hearing talking… One of the neighbour's house had gotten shot up the other day and I heard rumours that the lady’s son said it was my brother that did it. But he came out when that shooting happened with a towel around his waist from out his house and actually gave the Police information that he saw the person run up the street. So I don't know how they could say that my brother shot up their house."   Police have since arrested and charged 2 Iguana Street Extension residents: 19 year old Deandre Adolphus and 33 year old Bruce Reneau. These are 2 young men who live in the same general area where Jones was murdered, and after investigation, police charged Adolphus with Murder. Reneau was charged with Abetment to Commit Murder. They have been arraigned at the Magistrate’s Court, and they have been remanded to the Belize Central Prison.   Police have set up a presence in the Iguana Street area in the hopes of getting control of the situation before there is any other retaliation, or further flare up of violence in this neighbourhood.
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