Saturday, August 19, 2017

Godwin Says….Jail Them!

Sunday, February 26, 2017, 15:45
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4There were also people who go out to inspect that these people were living, who should ask questions where they are, those people at the department, they are also responsible and I would hope that investigation will bring up the names of all those and not only be focusing on which minister gave which permit and who called what?...I would hope that everyone go to jail who was involved in this and we confiscate the passport and nationality of everyone who got..” --Godwin Hulse, 20th February, 2017   Incredibly GODwin has called for public servants to be jailed over the most riveting and widespread immigration scandal to rock this country…a scandal that occurred on the watch of Dean O. Barrow—the self professed saint: the Machete Man who just happened to have lost his machete at precisely the time when the “whiff” of corruption reared its ugly head! Don’t worry about “which minister gave which permit” says GODwin; go after the public officers instead. This is his solution to the “culture of corruption” so vividly described by Teresita Castellanos, the former Finance Officer at GODwin’s ministry. Can you believe the audacity of this now exposed hypocrite? Wasn’t he the one who stalled the Penner investigation? Wasn’t he the one who took months to have the Kim passport returned to Belize? Wasn’t he the one who was at the helm of the Immigration Department at the time that Citizen Kim got his passport whilst sitting in a jail cell halfway around the world? Who does GODwin really think he is fooling by pretending that he is serious about corruption when he sees nothing wrong with Ministers writing “recommendations” for Asian nationals whom they had never met? Never before in the history of this country has we seen the level of official corruption at the Immigration Department as we are now witnessing. There is now an entrenched culture of corruption at the Immigration Department; one that has prospered and was nourished under the corrosive leadership of GODwin. The people of Belize knew that, fundamentally, something was wrong with the throng of foreign nationals flocking the Immigration Department leading up to the 2012 general elections. Penner, August, Castro and other UDP operatives were bee-like in their fervour to “legalize” these nationals. We now know why they seemed to care so much for these foreigners. Even as GODwin has been quick to call for the imprisonment of public officers, he has no problem with the turtle-pace that the Belmopan police have moved in relation to the incident involving his begotten son! For weeks now the Times has been telling the people of Belize of an incident involving the son of GODwin in which he allegedly assaulted one of his own customers with a firearm. Finally the media got GODwin to comment, and tried as he might, he did not convinced a single soul that his son has not benefitted from some form of political protection. Perhaps if the UDP and Dean Barrow had a track record of leaving the Police to do their work we might be inclined to believe GODwin but we remember when Dean “Piggy” Samuels fired his firearm in public and Dean O. was quick to hatch a plan for him to escape due process. Do you remember the election night shooter? What about Dougie “Saldivar” nee Grant? All instances where the UDP thwarted justice and shielded wrong doing involving firearms. So how are to believe GODwin when he says that there is no political interference? How!? There will be no justice for the customer who was pistol whipped by a royal son but GODwin has the gall to call for public officers to be jailed? It is no secret that under the vindictive UDP, deserving public officers have been side stepped and denied promotions because they refuse to engage in shady business. Meanwhile those with UDP credentials have been living the high life. Remember the once golden boy from the GSU? Remember his meteoric rise to superintendent? What about Candy Saldivar? Remember her more than 18 months sitting at home and collecting a fat salary because they could not find any where to put her? GODwin sees nothing wrong with these but he calls for the incarceration of public officers? Where in the world is Jacqueline Willoughby Sanchez?   We have not heard a peep from her about GODwin’s latest assault on our public officers but we hear she is now singing Barrow’s song about removing the Honourable Senator Eamon Courtenay? Politics really does make strange bedfellows.
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