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Naked & Shameless

Sunday, February 26, 2017, 15:49
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Dean Oliver Barrow must really think that the Belizean people are a bunch of asses glued to his every word and mesmerized by his rehearsed prose and tired lyrics. His performance for the media and the nation, for performance it certainly was, revealed much more than an Emperor shod in imagined finery. He was naked…and shameless in his rhetoric and outright lies and spin. Somebody needs to put him out to pasture, and fast, because except for those who suck at his shrivelled teat for sustenance, absolutely nobody believes the words that are coming out his mouth.   Mr. Barrow tried to spin the hell out of the fact that his law firm still represents and makes money off Lord Ashcroft’s interests in Belize. He, this man who pontificates and fashions himself as a white knight charging off to slay the villain, has gotten wealthy off the villain and continues to enjoy the villain’s largesse. He was shameless as he stated that he is not sure if his law firm is a major investor in Lord Ashcroft’s vast network of companies. He told the media that they would have to ask his law partner. What an absolute clown this man is. What a sick joke. Except it is no joke.   Mr. Barrow lied when he refused to reveal what taxes would be increased. He said that hasn’t been decided yet, three weeks away from the reading of the Budget. What a crock of shit that is. Last week the Financial Secretary stated with certainty that increased taxes are inevitable, but the Prime Minister is more comfortable cloaked in deceit and lies. And then he said that if there are taxes, he would ensure that they do not impact the poor, middle class or productive sector. After his Ministers have raped the coffers of the nation dry and he has mismanaged the economy, ensuring that the poor are even poorer, the middle class has shrunk and the productive sector has been devastated.   Mr. Barrow lied, not even cleverly, when asked about the nationality scandal in the months before 2012 elections. He started rambling about biometrics, which had absolutely nothing to do with the granting of nationalities to over 2100 persons, many of them not meeting the requirements, so they could vote. What the hell would biometrics have to do with that? Then he said that if anything maybe 30 persons out of 2100 would not have fulfilled the requirements. How would he know that, when his former Director of Immigration revealed, on the record, that MANY of those who got nationality did not qualify, and even revealed that UDP Ministers were pushing the process to get those people to vote, illegally? What kind of crack is the Prime Minister smoking?   The only thing more naked and shameless than Dean Oliver in Monday night’s newscast was the truly incredible, incredibly ridiculous Godwin Hulse. My Lord, that man needs an intervention, nothing less than divine.   But the people have come to know him well. He is a self-proclaimed doer, a self-proclaimed mover and shaker, a self-proclaimed man of integrity and a self-proclaimed saint. But what has Godwin done for the people lately. He was put at the Ministry of Immigration in 2012, and presided over what has to be the most corrupt period in that Department in the country’s young history. Senior officials have gone on record to say that everybody, including Godwin, knew what was happening, knew about the culture of corruption. One official has claimed that corruption was rampant from top to bottom. You can take that how you like. Godwin was a non-entity in the Ministry of Immigration, at least as far as addressing the rampant hustling and blatant and very lucrative interference by UDP Ministers.   Godwin also served a stint in the Ministry of Natural Resources. His only claim to fame there was a fight with Gapi Vega over an office space. He was at the Ministry of Police for a brief, inauspicious moment. NOTHING! Now he is the Minister of Agriculture and the farmers’ potatoes are rotting in the fields because as the Minister of Agriculture he is completely clueless, except as regards his very lucrative sugar business. But that’s another story for another time.   In his interview with the media, Hulse attempted to totally withdraw himself from the mess at the Ministry of Immigration, even though he still acts as the Minister in that hotbed of corruption. Last week another senior official revealed under oath in the Senate that the corruption continues unabated, even now, even with all the scrutiny, even with Godwin’s pompous ramblings whenever a microphone is pushed in his face.   It is crystal clear that both Dean Oliver and Godwin are clueless, or in denial. We keep stating, for the record, that we are in trouble as a nation. It is no reason to gloat…it is no reason to jump for joy…it is absolutely no reason to feel any sense of satisfaction. It is the people of Belize who are suffering, and only UDP Ministers, family members and cronies who have fed long and well. It is the PUP which will have to fix this unholy mess whenever the next elections are called. It is all Belizeans, and the next generation, and the next who will have to pay for the criminal mismanagement of the nation’s economy and criminal abuse of our people.   The leaders of this party can hide their heads behind the tinted windows of their luxury rides, or under the pillows of their sweethearts. But the reckoning will come, and it will be nothing nice.
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