Friday, August 18, 2017

Questions to Ministers

Sunday, March 12, 2017, 16:54
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Would the Member for Queen Square, Minister of Finance and Prime Minister please say how much will be paid to his Finance Ambassador Mark Espat and the Attorney-General Michael Peyrefitte for their roles in BarrowBond 3.0?   Would the Member for Queen Square and Prime Minister please say how much is paid to his wife, the so-called Special Envoy for Women and Children, and his son, the so-called Music Ambassador, out of public coffers? Could he also say how much the government pays in perks and allowances including offices, travelling allowances, driver, bodyguard, etc. for his wife and prodigal son?   Would the unelected Senator and blow-hard Minister of Immigration please say when he will resign that post, based on the revelations coming out in the Senate hearings which show that he did nothing to stop the widespread corruption happening under his nose? Could the waste of time pseudo-intellectual also say when he will allow Police to arrest his son?   Would the Member for Belize Rural North and Minister of Visa Facilitation, BAA Checks, NEMO and Transport please say how much he was paid to recommend David Nanes/Banes for nationality? Could he also say if he is now willing to reveal that the whistle-blower was right and he did facilitate many Visas for foreign nationals for a fee?   Would the Member for Belize Rural South and Minister of Tourism confirm or deny reports that his son-in-law who he put at the Border Management Agency in San Pedro is stealing from the public coffers by handing out bogus receipts for departure tax to tourists?   Would the Member for Orange Walk East and junior Minister of Police please say if he has any plan to address the crime which is spiralling out of control? Could he also confirm or deny reports that he has asked Cabinet to approve the removal of current lame-duck Police Commissioner Allen Whylie?   Would the Member for Dangriga and junior Minister of the Public Service please say if he ever did return that money which was donated to his campaign by accused murderer William Danny Mason? Could he say how he did so, since Mason was in jail at the time?
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