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If Dah Noh Soh…

Sunday, March 12, 2017, 16:56
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National Hero My ASS… Just heard that bonehead Alberto August is recommending that Dean Oliver be awarded as a National Hero of Belize. Well, what a splendid suggestion that is. I have the best idea ever. Let’s have one big ceremony with lots of sparkly lights and glitter and even Ozzy the Clown. And there’ll be two awards, not one. Seconds after Alberto August hangs that National Hero tassel around DOB’s neck, we’ll surprise him with his own ‘special’ award – National Jackass of Belize. How’s that? I swear schupid people more common than common sense nowadays.   Lock Dem Up… If we were living in any normal country in any part of the world operating under the rule of law, so many people in this damned scurvy UDP Immigration affair would have been under lock and key by now, guests of the Hattieville Ramada. Check out Eric Chang. All of ah sudden dih man ketch amnesia. He noh remembah nothing. He noh know nothing. He nevah sih nothing. He nevah duh nothing. Same thing with Patrick Tillett…innocent like wah newborn baby. He nevah duh nothing. Dah Dean Barrow gat dih UDP like dat. Once yuh dah UDP yuh could duh all the shit you want and ain’t no Police gonna come knocking on your door. Like wah senior Police officer tell me this week, nobody inna powah wah evah call een Police fuh arrest one of their own. My question is this…when did we get to the point that Police have to be given instructions by politicians before dealing with criminals? Dangerous stuff dat.   BarrowBond 3.0… I felt sick to my stomach yesterday watching all these schupid people who suck on the government bubby to stay alive masturbating each other over BarrowBond 3.0. Man try fuh mih. All DOB has done is push back payment so that instead of him having to find the money now and screwing up his legacy further, some other administration down the line will have to find the money and our children will now have to pay. And we’re cheering for that. WHY? Listen and listen good. DOB will be going to Placencia to relax on the beach in his luxury condo this year. He couldn’t give a shit what happens when he’s gone. Sure he can promise a 2% surplus. He knows that after six consecutive years of a deficit that won’t happen. But he doesn’t care. He won’t be here. He knows the IMF will be coming in and there will be retrenchment. He doesn’t care. He has no plans to pay the principal of the BarrowBond. He doesn’t care. People, when you find time to get your heads out your asses, try to understand something. We’re screwed. End of Story.   Mr. Gentle… So many stories circulating about my friend the CEO from the Ministry of Works…say it ain’t so buddy. We’ve been hearing all about the land you’re stockpiling with your bosom buddy the Minister. But now we’re also hearing that a Mennonite company was given a contract from the Ministry of Works to fix a road in La Gracia, but somehow that company instead ended up doing some work on your property and farmland in that community. I’d want to jump to your defence but lerd man, you’ve been living the life since you went to the Ministry of Works, and we know how money circulates and percolates in that Ministry, right Boots? My advice…slow your roll buddy. People are watching and this hogfest won’t last forever.   RGM… Did you know that the brother of Rene Montero, millionaire politician from Cayo Central, got the contract to build the new Town Hall in San Ignacio? That’s what we’ve been hearing. Rolie Montero has seen his fortunes change in a hurry since his brother became Minister and he’s been rolling with his buddies Pablito and Erwin. He even became an instant car-dealer, supplying high-end vehicles to Ministers and Ministries. And now he’s a contractor. Wouldn’t we love to get a look at that contract! But people are watching, and more and more we’re hearing the words ‘money laundering.’ Noh seh me seh. Just repeating what we’ve been hearing from the West.   Bev… A week or so ago the haggard looking junior Minister of Immigration revealed that the Chon Saan Immigration one stop shop had fallen through. Seems that Lee Mark got tired of all the games being played and decided to walk away. But that’s not the story here. The story is that Bev revealed that there are other options that GOB is looking at. Aha…now this intrepid and bloated scribe has started doing some digging into who the new option is, and who GOB has been talking to. Interesting stuff…but we’ll leave that for another time. Just as an aside…Bev, yuh mih look cuter when the sour-Senator used to mind yuh. Just saying.   Kudos… Kudos to the People’s United Party who got DOB to back the hell up off his plan to try to steal another election victory for the UDP through re-divisioning and no re-registration. The PUP met with the Chamber and the churches and other organizations and the message was sent quick, fast and hurry to Dean. Nothing moves until the government cleans up its dirty voters list, piled high with illegal voters who were given their papers without meeting the requirements, thanks to corrupt UDP Ministers. Big up the PUP. This is a victory for the people of Belize.
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