Friday, August 18, 2017

What Has CitCo Done for YOU Lately?

Sunday, March 12, 2017, 17:04
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5Tuesday, 07 March 2017   In one year, the UDP Belize City Council will go to the polls. It is likely that Darrell Bradley, shamed in Caribbean Shores, will again run for Mayor. The other names will probably remain the same. When they come to you asking for your vote, you should ask them to point out their achievements in this last term, since the drying up of the Petrocaribe monies and Central Government largesse. You should ask them to name one project the Council accomplished well for the benefit of the people in the city – one project which was done well and has held up, one project that has not deteriorated rapidly or somehow become screwed up by mismanagement, one project of which the Belize City Council can be proud.   The picture contained in this article is a fitting symbol of the Council’s inadequacy and inability to get anything right. Practically every street fixed with the proceeds of a $20M municipal bond is breaking up. Sidewalks are breaking up. The streets flood with the slightest downpour. Downtown Belize City is filthy, with the homeless, mentally challenged and panhandlers roaming wild and free, mingling with the tourists to give them an idea of what Belize City is all about. 6 Did you know that every member of the Belize City Council is paid close to $4000 a month? What exactly do they do with that money? Can they show the works they have done to better Belize City? The truth is that there are metal grates over gaping holes in the street which have been missing for months, and the Council can’t even replace them. There are streets in Belize City where mounds of rotting garbage have piled up like mountains, and the Council can’t even deal with those. So what exactly has the Council done for the people of Belize City? It’s a valid question.   Did you know that Mayor Darrell Bradley is a full time attorney and spends all his time in Court instead of representing the city? Did you know that he receives a very large salary to be the full-time Mayor? Did you know that the Mayor uses his taxpayer funded vehicle to be driven all over this country representing clients? Did you know that daughter of Sedi Elrington Alifah Elrington is a full time attorney, but also received her monthly salary from the Belize City Council?   And interestingly, residents of the city, take a look at the Mayor and Councillors before being installed at City Hall and after being installed at City Hall. They have done exceedingly well for themselves. Look at how they are living. Are you living that well?   What has Dean Samuels done for you, the residents of Belize City lately? What has Phillip Willoughby done for you, the residents of Belize City lately? What has Michael Theus done for you, the residents of Belize City lately?   Look around you. Has the quality of your life in the city been improved? Are your streets any better? You people in Southside BELIZE CITY…have you seen the Councillors from the Belize City Council in your area? Has your garbage been picked up? Do you have running water and electricity? Have your London Bridges been replaced with properly organized, well-constructed streets so that you can access your homes? Does the Belize City Council even know that you are there?   The people of Belize City need to think. They need to analyse. It is time to stop voting mindlessly. It is time to stop voting for colour based on blind, rabid fanaticism and/or a handout. After consecutive terms in office, the Belize City Council has shown that it is all glitter and no substance, just like the UDP’s leader. Why would you vote for them when municipal elections roll around? THINK.  
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