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Double Murder Baffles Police

Sunday, March 12, 2017, 17:32
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7Wednesday, March 8, 2017   Albert Wade, 27, better known as “Ras Taka,” had been trending on Facebook for almost three weeks after someone posted that he had been living with HIV. On February 15th a woman even threatened to kill him if she too tested positive for the virus. However, Taka posted to his Facebook page the results of a test which revealed that he was not infected with HIV.   But amidst all that drama, he was found lying in mud dead on a feeder road between miles eleven and twelve of the George Price Highway. He was not alone. Beside him was Godwin Panting, 24, better known as “Paps,” who was also shot dead. A couple in the area had spotted the two men and immediately contacted the Police Department at about 2 o’clock on Saturday. It is widely speculated that the men were killed in a drug transaction. However, their families believe otherwise. Instead they believe that the men were randomly targeted in a hit.   According to the family of Wade, he was a hardworking man who saved the proceeds from his delivery job at Chon Saan Palace and from his job at Bowen and Bowen. They claimed that he had been a worldly man but he never killed or robbed anyone. He saved his money and, ‘flipped it.” His mother posted to Facebook that he had spent the last two weeks of his life drawing near to God. On Monday his aunt posted to Facebook, “You've grown into this handsome sweet young man, why did they had to hurt us and break our hearts by taking your life at such a young tender age my nephew. This is so unreal to me and hurts like hell, how could another human being be so cruel and heartless. As much as someone hates another person taking another person's life is not the way, but I guess it's the easiest way out considering they will get away with it anyways…”   On Saturday morning, hours before he was killed, Taka was to have met one of his sisters. However, he had apparently already been killed as he never responded to her call. His car was found on Albert Street. He was found without his jewellery, without his footwear and without his cell phone. He leaves behind 9 children.   Panting was found about 10 feet away from his motorcycle. He was to report to work on Saturday but he was already dead. His family last saw him on Monday at a family gathering. His death, as with the death of his friend, “Taka,” has caused an outpouring of grief from friends and relatives on Facebook. Panting leaves behind one son. Police have not yet made any arrests.
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