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Thinking Out Loud

Sunday, March 12, 2017, 17:46
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Doc-MeggsBy: Kevin Bernard As I write this, my heart is heavy as I come to grips with the fact that a man I was extremely proud to call friend and advisor has gone to meet his maker, no doubt to regale him with endless anecdotes and jokes. It is hard to express the disbelief, shock and grief which gripped me when I got the news. Carl Meggs was larger than life yet one of the most down to earth persons you could ever be privileged to meet. He was a thinker. He was a political animal, always dissecting and analysing. But more than all that, he was a family man and a great friend to those he kept close to him. I will miss him more than I can say. Doc Meggs was also a boon to this community and to this country. I can’t begin to tell you the amount of people he helped – those who needed urgent dental care but could not afford it. He was a patriot and loved Belize, and I believe he showed that love in part by always helping those who needed him. His contributions to quality health care in this country will never be forgotten by those who worked with him. Deficiencies in healthcare today concerned him immensely and he was always critiquing, always willing to offer input to make it better and willing to not only talk, but to get involved. I take this opportunity to send my heartfelt condolences to those whose lives he touched for way too short a time. My prayers are with his family abroad and his family here at home. I hope there is some comfort in knowing that he will always be remembered with love and respect. Not many people may know this, but Doc Meggs was for some time one of my closest political advisors. He understood my need to serve the people of Orange Walk and he believed in my abilities. In fact, many times when I would have stayed out of the limelight, it is the Doc who would push me to get out and to be more visible. He stood by me throughout my successive campaigns for Mayor, always giving valuable input and advice which I believe contributed greatly to my success. He believed, as I do, in the example set by the Rt. Hon. George Price – that we must lead by example and lead through service. He believed, as I do, that too many of our politicians had strayed way off the path of right and were leading this country down the road to a steep cliff. He was vocal and never afraid to say what was on his mind. He spoke from the informed mind and heart, and I hope I learned some of that from him as well. The Doc also knew that I had bigger aspirations in politics, and he was one of my biggest supporters in that regard. He thought that I had what it takes to serve my people well as an area representative and hopefully in Central Government. His unfailing confidence in me was one of the factors in my decision to announce my intention to serve in higher office if the opportunity becomes available. I will not let down this man who meant so much to me and to the community of Orange Walk, a man who walked softly but carried a big stick. Even beyond his support for the PUP, he was loyal to his country and passionate about the PUP getting it right and fixing what has been so messed up by this administration. He was a man of integrity and honour and demanded that the government serve with that same integrity and honour. He was no fool and no rabid follower. He was a man who had firm ideas of right or wrong and he was principled to a fault. I will do all in my power to justify his faith in me as a politician and as a person. Doc Meggs. You will be missed. I know you’re looking down on your family and friends left behind, and while I know you’re in a better place, I wish you could have stayed with us just a while longer. Goodbye my friend.  
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