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UWG Moving Forward

Sunday, March 12, 2017, 17:54
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14Thursday, 09 March 2017   After two planning sessions, the UWG has finalized its strategic plan and has commenced its implementation. True Blue Women from across the country and different walks of life participated in this process. A strategic plan is a necessary guide to chart the direction and the destination the Party Arm aims to take.   The Vision of the United Women’s Group is “Women are actively involved in governance and politics at all level of the People’s United Party in service to the women, children and the people of Belize.” This is the dream of the women of the UWG, the destination where we are walking and working towards. The Mission is “to ensure that the women of the PUP play an active role at all levels of the party, and that gender related issues are competently addressed by the PUP and at the national level.” As our great woman leader Dolores Balderamos Garcia shared, it is not sufficient for women to simply be seat warmers; we must bring our gender issues to the forefront and make sure these issues are addressed in the public and in the House of Representatives.   Among the goals and objectives is to strengthen this Arm of the UWG to be more than an auxiliary of the Party. Women are the movers and shakers of this party and when organized and united will move the PUP to form the next government of Belize. Steps are already being taken to reach out to the women of all caucuses and constituencies of the party in order to encourage the establishment of UWGs where they do not yet exist.   Due to the influence of the PUP women leaders in the recent past, the constitution of the Party now includes the provision that women must make up at least 30% of all Party structures, at all levels. Perhaps the women have not taken advantage of this, or perhaps the enabling environment has not been created for this to be achieved. Whatever the reason, another goal of the UWG is that women are equitably represented at all levels of the Party, from the National Party Council, to the National Executive and the Constituency Executives, among others. Taking it further, the UWG will encourage women’s participation in the upcoming municipal elections, with an aim of at least 30% female candidates in each municipality; of course we will aim for more, including encouraging female mayoral candidates.   As recent as 2014 the women of the PUP presented their 5th Manifesto/Women’s Agenda. It covered areas of Education and Skills Training; Health and Wellness; Socio-Cultural/Political; Economic Empowerment; Land, Housing and Property Rights and Legal. The UWG will review this most recent Women’s Agenda, and socialize and update as necessary through a consultative process with the women of the party throughout the country. Therefore at the end of the process there will be consensus and ownership of the Women’s Agenda which will form part of the PUP’s Manifesto.   There are many other vibrant goals, objectives and activities of the UWG. This women’s movement is growing, largely due to the drive and energy of our PUP women which are now coming to light. We can only look forward and upward to the meaningful progress and impacts the United Women’s Group will make for all women, for the PUP and for Belize.
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