Friday, August 18, 2017

If Dah Noh Soh

Sunday, March 26, 2017, 21:32
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Sick… What the hell is going on with people to be killing up other people and cutting throats and stabbing and shooting and slicing and burning? It ain’t no laughing matter. It’s scary as hell. Seems like we’ve been learning all the wrong things from our neighbours around us. Evil I tell you. Y’all need to go to Church and find God in your lives. Mr. Dean Sir, we need you to get serious on crime. Really now there’s too much happening and it appears that you and your ministers have your heads stuck firmly somewhere the sun don’t shine. Do you all even hear the cries of so many mothers who have to bury their children? Cha man wake up.   Budget… As I write this Dean Oliver is probably standing in front of a mirror rehearsing his old tired spiel for this week’s Budget debate. Please Belizeans, don’t be fooled. We’ve all been fools long enough. There is nothing in this budget for us, besides taxes. There’s nothing for education, nothing for health, nothing to fight crime, nothing for the farmers, nothing for the productive sector, nothing for our business sector, nothing for the poor, nothing. Don’t be caught up in the hype. This Thursday and Friday pay attention, listen carefully and you’ll get the sense of this tired old man’s bogus budget.   Darrell… Did you all notice Dean taking a serious shot at Mayor Darrell Bradley last week in the news? Pulling no punches, the pontificating PM threw Bradley under the bus for his close ties to Eric Chang, that worthless fellow who has still somehow managed to escape any prosecution for his part in the Immigration corruption. But there’s a method behind Dean Oliver’s madness. Word is that Bradley wants out from Caribbean Shores because he knows he doesn’t stand a chance against Kareem Musa this time around. And get this…Bradley has been feeling his way around Queen Square, which isn’t making Dean at all a happy camper. In fact, he’s been actively lending his support to the intellectually challenged, domestic-abuse inclined Oj Elrington, who has been heard to say that he plans to challenge Bradley for Mayor of the city. Interesting times ahead for the UDP which can only hope to stay afloat after Barrow leaves office this year.   Godwin… Remember how the tri-polar Godwin Hulse went apopleptic when the media asked him about his trigger happy son who went nuts on an elderly citizen? Well he couldn’t stop it when word came from on high directing the Police to arrest and charge Kenzle Hulse. Not surprisingly, sources tell us that Godwin showed up at the Police Station breathing fire and threatening all kinds of repercussions, and in the end the decision was made to charge his son for Harm and not Aggravated Assault. Not only that, but despite the fact that a firearm was used in the offence, the accused was allowed to walk out with a measly bail of $1000 plus a surety of the same amount. See, earlier in my rant I mentioned the crime that is out of control…well these are the things that contribute to it, when youths see other privileged persons getting away with murder, so to speak…just saying.   MIA… Has anybody seen Patrick Faber? He’s been missing in action lately, playing the good little boy for what he hopes will be his ascension to the leadership of the Party. He was at Romaine Virgo this past weekend with his significant other, and imagine, he wasn’t even drunk or punching her in the face. Really he’s changed, though there’s no way he’ll ever be the leader of the UDP, not while John Saldivar is around. The rotund fellow has been totally silent since his relationship with Mason made the big time. Last I heard he was busy opening up the Quality Poultry store in Belmopan. Look how the mighty have fallen…   Anwar… So the other day news broke that Santander will be breaking into the beverage market as competition for Bowen & Bowen. No surprise there, considering that there are reliable reports that the First Son, the text-savvy spawn of Dean Oliver, is heading to Santander as CEO. Can only imagine what lucrative concessions will be given to that company. I swear this fellow somehow lands in all the right places, no doubt due to the influence of daddy Dean. Check out how he screwed up BTL. He left the company floundering, a dinosaur which can’t even keep up with the competition these days, but he managed to come out of the deal a multi-millionaire with buildings all over the place. We figure BTL had reached the end of his economic usefulness to the Barrow clan and so it was time to move on. Soon it’ll be time for the entire Barrow debacle to end…just wait for it.
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