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Murder Count Keeps Rising

Friday, April 14, 2017, 16:58
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IMG-20170411-WA0023Tuesday, 11 April 2017 Unofficially, there have been 44 murders already, with the fourth month of the year, April, not even halfway done. The latest victim who fell to a hail of lead last night in the old capital has been identified as Rafael Mario Guerra, 39, a Salvadoran national of Holy Emmanuel Street. The incident occurred sometime before 8:00 Monday night as Guerra was returning to his home, walking on Holy Emmanuel Street. While Police have released very little information, they have confirmed that a white dollar van pulled up beside Guerra and two men exited and fired shots at him, killing him on the spot. According to Guerra’s niece, Jessica Acosta, her uncle had received a call from a friend who wanted to borrow something. He allegedly took that item to the friend and it is as he was returning home that he was killed. Unconfirmed reports are that his friend was with him, saw what was happening and ran, escaping likely death. That, of course, has raised speculation with Guerra’s family that maybe he was not the target of the orchestrated murder, and his friend was. Police have not stated whether they have any leads in the murder, or if they have a suspected motive. According to Guerra’s family, he did not drink or smoke and had no problems with anyone. They claim that he worked hard, and took care of his mother at home.  
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