Friday, August 18, 2017

Alicia Thompson Wins 28th Women’s Cross Country

Friday, April 14, 2017, 17:24
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IMG_6360-Top-3-elite-Females-2Belize City, April 9, 2017   Team Belize Bank Swoosh’s Alicia Thompson won the Cycling Federation of Belize’s 28th annual Female Cross Country Cycling Classic from San Ignacio to Belize City on the George Price Highway on Sunday morning, to win the $3,000 first prize and the winner’s garland of roses.   Gabrielle Lovell led from the getgo, taking the 1st station prize at the Public Works compound in Santa Elena; and Kaylyn Gillett sprinted to win the next 2 prizes: a $150 gift certificate at Running W Meats and a gift package passing Galen University.   Alicia sprinted to win the big station prize of $400 at Go Slow at mile 62.5. She also won the Queen of the Hills trophy; as she scored the most points climbing the hills at Three Sisters at mile 60, Brick Wall at mile 53 and on Old Man Hill in Teakettle Village at mile 51.   Gina Kavesh won the $100 prize offered by N.I.C.H. at the ATM cave; and Patricia Chavarria took the next prize at the Teakettle Community Center. Alicia sprinted to win the $150 station prize at Garbutt’s PUMA Service Station in Roaring Creek, with Patricia taking the $75 second prize.   Gina Kavesh of the USA won the next $100 prize from Belmopan Aggregates at the Belmopan roundabout with the Hummingbird Highway; and Alicia took the next 3 prizes of $100 at the Art Box, $200 at the George Price Blvd intersection, and at St. Matthew’s Village.   Kaya Cattouse won the $100 prize at Mahogany Heights, but Alicia swept by to take the next $50 prize at La Democracia. Patricia took the lead to win the $100 prize from Quality Poultry at the Belize Zoo, and Kavesh took the next prize from Victoria’ Secrets at Rockville.   Alicia was in the lead to win the next 2 prizes at the Hattieville Police Station and at Mile 10; then Patricia Chavarria won the prize at mile 8; and Kaya took the next $500 prize at the Mile 6 bridge.   Kavesh was pacing the Faber’s Road junction to win a $100 prize; while Patricia sprinted for the $500 prize at Leslie’s Imports. Kavesh led at the Cemetery Road roundabout with Central American Blvd, but Alicia took the next $500 prize at the Bel-Can bridge. Kavesh swept the last four station prizes passing KHMH, Nazarene High school and Marion Jones Stadium, but was beaten in the final sprint to the finish.   1st Alicia Thompson - Team Belize Bank Swoosh - 3:57:49 2nd Patricia Chavarria - Chavarria Cycling - $1,500 prize & trophy 3rd Kaya Cattouse - Team SMART/C-ray - $750 prize & trophy. 4th Gina Kavesh - Team Elliston Coaching 3:57:54 - $150 prize & medal. 5th Gabrielle Lovell - Team DigiCell 4G - 4:07:30 - $75 prize & medal. 6th Joan Hanscom – Team Elliston Coaching 7th Anthea Sutherland - Team BSFC San Pedro - 4:07:32. 8th Tharalee Ordonez - Team Belize Bank Swoosh - 4:28:55 – 1st Youth - $300 9th Paulita Chavarria - Chavarria Cycling – 2nd Youth - $200 prize 10th Kaylynn Gillett – Team Belize Bank Swoosh - 4:49:34 -  3rd Youth $100 11th Alicie King - Team Belize Bank Swoosh - 5:12:17.
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