Friday, August 18, 2017

On Bubby-Suckers, Party Fanatics & Jackasses

Friday, April 14, 2017, 17:28
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By: Mike Rudon Jr.   You will notice and appreciate that I used the word jackasses as opposed to others I am prone to using. I have started, in my relatively old age, to go to Church and my God says I should try to be a better person and not curse so much. He also says that I should be kind to idiots, but I figure He will understand that a career blasphemer and sinner like me can’t become a saint overnight. I refuse to suffer fools gladly, and lerd help me in this political arena there are way too many fools.   One of my friends and a media colleague has informed me that I should not hate anybody. She says hate is too strong a word. So just let me say here that I disgust persons who cannot think for themselves and align themselves as fanatics to a party, any party. I am making particular reference to those who have most deservingly been awarded the dubious title of bubby-suckers. These persons firmly attached to Dean Barrow’s wrinkled bubby have allowed themselves to be bought and paid for, leaving any integrity or independent thinking by the wayside.   I have attended numerous press conferences hosted by Dean Oliver. Every single one has been carefully choreographed to allow the participation of bubby-suckers. UDP Ministers, CEOs, political officers, cronies, hired thugs and crumb-pickers are present at every conference. They hang on to Dean Oliver’s every word, cheer on command, heckle when necessary and just generally dance to the tune played by that tired old piper.   In my time at the periphery of politics, I have come across many low-level bubby suckers, those who possess little intelligence but follow orders in return for a little suck. These persons can be found on the ground at political events or lately, on social media where they hide behind fake profiles and generally spew venom and hate against anything PUP.   There are also mid-level bubby-suckers, persons like the sour former-Senator who also acts as a bubby-facilitator. She has made millions off the bubby, certainly not because of her charm and talent, but because she acts as Dean’s main thug and bully. I’m not sure where Alberto August fits into the bubby organizational chart. His obvious lack of intelligence should have him firmly in the low-level bubby category, but through hard work and determination he has dragged himself up to mid-level bubby sucker. I’ll leave him there for now.   And then, there are the high-level bubby-suckers – those Ministers and CEOs who have latched onto the bubby with eager lips while hands are left free to plunder coffers accessed through that vigorous suck-action. On a more serious note, I am always ashamed to see these persons become mindless sycophants who have turned their backs on everything that is right, everything of principle or moral value, simply to stay within that inner circle of privilege and power. I’m not naïve…many of them, CEOs included, have become paid members of the circle of thieves. It’s real. There is serious money to be hustled when that upper echelon on the organizational structure is reached.   One bubby sucker in particular galls me greatly. Godwin Hulse was once perceived, by some, as a man of integrity. I suspect that it was all an act. He is now nothing more than a flatulent old windbag which Dean Oliver blows now and then. Hulse, as long as the UDP is in power, will continue to convince himself that he is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but he is a nobody…just another bubby-sucker. The truth is that he has failed in every single Ministry in which he has been placed, and never takes any blame for the messes under his watch. It is like he lives in this fantasy world where he is king. To hear him speak now makes me sick. All the bullshit that comes out of his mouth is truly overwhelming.   The woman who could not win an election despite all the resources in the world and who has now become the Minister of Natural Resources is another. What happened in that Ministry is no political fabrication, no made up, imaginary corruption! Gaspar Vega used his power to do all sorts of things which ensure that he and his family would be wealthy beyond their every expectation, and it came at a heavy cost to us. In fact, it will cost generations to come. But Carla Barnett was placed in the Ministry of Natural Resources, replacing Ms. Retreage who may have started becoming too curious, and since then there has been not one word coming out of the Ministry. The corruption there isn’t buried deep, and it is substantiated by documentation. So why is it that this self-proclaimed bastion of integrity is doing nothing?   Seriously, many bubby-suckers are just stupid jackasses and annoy the hell out of me. But some at the higher-levels are dangerous for the country. We cannot continue to accept bubby-sucking and political fanaticism – not where any party is concerned. It seems that the bubby releases mind-numbing toxins and inhibit rational thinking. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Bubby-suckers should go to hell. AMEN.
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