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By: Norris Hall   Why is it that local television reporters like to shove their microphones into the face of Belize’s Minister of Foreign Affairs (MF)?   Is it that he shoots and spews so much crap that they find, somehow, his nonsense to be comic relief from the daily drudge of reporting on the constant flow of blood into the streets and on the depressing economy and commonplace corruption, that there is hardly anything else positive to report?   Or perhaps is it that the Minister is seeking some of his own form of relief and sees the microphones as phallic symbols and goes off on them in desperation to ease his pain from his broken bromance with his Guatemalan counterpart and the diplomatic mess he has created?   He is so, so often removed from reality and has made so many crazy pronouncements that are usually far removed from the political reality of the Guatemalan claim, that at times, hinges on treasonous remarks that sound like Guatemalan speak, or an Agent, and not representing the vital national security interest of Belize.   OUTRAGEOUS   Most of his outrageous utterances are made before he puts his brain into gear, or apparently, before he tastes his words and spit them out. More often than not, his statements made on the national and international stages are generally inconsistent with the case for Belize as an independent nation. He speaks but not in defense of Belize as an independent nation with its national boundaries defined in the supreme law of the land - the Constitution. In fact, he often challenges the territorial integrity of Belize.   Despite numerous legal opinions by international jurists in support of Belize’s independence that is supported by international law and treaties, he continues to ignore what is an overwhelmingly strong case for Belize’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and the overwhelming continuing support of the United Nations. He persistently flies in the face of the accomplishments of the People’s United Party on its attainment of independence and international recognition of Belize as a member of the family of nations.   Is it that he is so blinded by hate, and so determined to destroy that achievement that he has become a well-paid agent of Guatemala?   DUPED   Is it that the supporters of the ruling party have been so duped, died in the wool or have become so dependent on political hand-outs, that they continue to put party politics before their own survival as a people and nation?   We will not at this point review the number of treaties, in particular the 1859 treaty that establishes the boundaries of Belize. This is a country that over the years has evolved with its dynamic multi-ethnic population. It has become a small polyglot of people with its unique diverse customs and cultures.   The MF’s most recent outrageous pronouncement is yet another insult to the people of this country. He continues to rehash his “invisible borders” theory. He recently described the Belizean people as “squatters”: “It is just like you are on a piece of land all your life, but you are a squatter. You can’t do anything with that land,” he publicly declared as he spoke to the microphones.   JUDAS   Is this really Belize’s Foreign Minister, or is this man who now brazenly speaks for and on behalf of the Guatemalan government, a Judas?   The frightening and dangerous thing is that he seems to be getting away with it and perhaps even gets an endorsement by the leadership of his Party. Why is it, that as a people, we continue to entertain this madness and flagrant deception? The MF appears to be unstoppable. At a recent press conference with the visiting Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), he told the media that “Belize’s borders are not internationally recognized.” This is what the Belize Minister of Foreign Affairs, an elected politician in the parliament of this country declared even though he has sworn to defend the Constitution of Belize.   NO ABSTRACT   This is no abstract discussion. This is no tangential intellectual pontification. This is a harsh betrayal of everything that the people of this country struggled and fought for - baymen or not! The Foreign Minister of Belize also recently declared: “Our maritime borders have never been agreed upon. That has to be agreed upon. We don’t have any maritime borders agreed upon in the sea.” It is hard to believe that this dangerous MF, Belize’s Foreign Minister, who is supposed to represent this country’s national interest and who heads negotiations with Guatemala over that country’s claim to Belize, is not aware that Belize’s maritime borders have been established in accordance with international law. It is time for a national outcry against the stupidity of this man with his wild and idiotic assertions that haves become a threat to our national security and integrity - or probably it is a clever betrayal as we watch with our eyes wide shut.
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