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If Dah Noh Soh

Thursday, June 22, 2017, 15:11
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My God… The monster who murdered 16-year-old Emy Guerra has killed before. He murdered a student in 2005, stabbed him to death. He was convicted of manslaughter in 2008 and sentenced to 15 years. That same year the Court of Appeal overturned that conviction on a technicality and ordered a retrial. That was 2008. This is 2017 and still no retrial. If the system had worked, Steven Manzanero may have been behind bars and a sixteen-year-old child would have had the opportunity to have a life. This is frigging unacceptable. The system failed Emy Guerra and she is dead.   Mark… All of a sudden, out of the blue (or red as the case certainly is), Mark Espat has been resurrected in the Amandala. The fact that the nation’s largest newspaper contains a fluff piece on the man considered Judas by the PUP and Jesus by Dean Barrow isn’t just happenstance. The fact that the paper’s publisher goes out of his way to distance Mark from Michael (Ashcroft that is) is not coincidence. A couple weeks ago we reported that Mark and Dean were cavorting in the waters of Placencia, and that didn’t just happen. Mark is making a comeback, and you can take that to the bank. Patrick Faber has been telling close cronies that the UDP will break up before that ever happens. He gets agitated whenever the words Mark Espat are uttered in his presence. As he should…as he should.   Like Mike… Seven days from today, Dean Barrow will have to find about $200M to pay his buddy Mike, thanks to an agreement the duo made during a cozy tete a tete in Miami. Wake the hell up, people. DOB has said he won’t pay. All that means is that for every day that he doesn’t pay, Mike will collect 10% interest. What is DOB’s game? The secret agreement we’ll call BarrowCroft for simplicity will break this country while enriching Mike and DOB’s next attorney of choice, first wife Lois maybe? When will it ever end? We’re up shit’s creek without a paddle. But don’t feel bad. We should rejoice. We may not have a pot to piss in, but BTL belongs to us. Hurray.   Proud Dad… Eddie Castro must be a really proud dad right now, to know that his sons are following in his footsteps, the rotten apples didn’t fall far from the stunted tree and they’re chips off the blockhead. But what can I say…a few years ago Castro arranged for his sons Jafari and Wasani to get COCESNA scholarships to flight school in Salvador. I hear that it almost caused an international incident when the school sent them back. Seems these two delightful guys were only interested in flight school because they thought it meant they could get high all the time (get it?) LOL. And besides that, seems they started bringing known gang figures on campus and the school wasn’t having it so shipped their asses home. But hey…their dad went to Taiwan on official business and tried to teach a diplomatic chaperone about good touch/bad touch. Sheesh. #birthcontrol   My Lerd… I can’t. I just can’t. Please call the mental health people and tell them to get to Cayo quick, fast and hurry. Wait, not enough. Please call Miss Jenny and Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz and oh hell, better get Oprah and the Vatican for good measure. Somebody sure as hell has got to do an intervention on Rene Montero. The man had a breakdown recently and sent a letter to Cabinet telling them that he has decided to name the new bridge between the twin towns the Rene Montero Bridge. Yes, he did. He really did. There is something very wrong with this fellow, and something even more wrong with Cabinet because they are considering it. I can just imagine the write-up on the plaque. Maybe they’d consider letter me do it. Wait, I’m having an epiphany. Here goes…this bridge linking the twin towns is named for the pig thief turned cow thief turned bridge thief whose contributions to himself have been exemplary and are worthy of recognition. The End. #helphimJesus   Go figure…    I just can’t figure this out. Here’s this guy who says he passed law school. I mean, he has the cool robes and everything. But when you hear him talk you’re pretty certain he didn’t pass primary school. How can that be? It frustrates the hell out of me. Half the time I want to make him stand up facing a corner, and the other half I want to run over to Angelus and buy him some reading textbooks and tutor him. See there’s this thing in Belize I’ve noticed. There are people who just are not very bright. They’re just not. All the dots just don’t connect. And then they go to law school. And suddenly, those suckers are smart, intellectual giants even – at least in their own minds. I’m tired now. I’m going to bed.   Oh one more… Seriously I know I’m going to have nightmares writing about this just before bed, but why can’t the sweaty, sour former Senator and her former lady love just let bygones be bygones and move on. It’s hilarious, and very disturbing. One is saying that she never, ever…while the other is providing all the details to anybody who will listen, and I mean all the details. Wait…I can’t do this. It’s too much. The images. I’m done.  
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