Saturday, July 22, 2017

Suspected Child Killers Remanded – Bail Denied!

Sunday, July 16, 2017, 18:40
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2Thursday, 13 July 2017 At 3:00 this afternoon, after a full week in Police custody Anke Doehm and her fourth husband David were finally charged in relation to the sexual abuse and brutal murder of Faye Lin Cannon, 13. Both appeared today before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith and were arraigned on one count of the rarely used Cruelty to a Child, an indictable offence which carries a maximum sentence of ten years. They were refused bail and remanded to the Belize Central Prison until their next Court appearance scheduled for August 24th. Director of Public Prosecutions, Senior Counsel Cheryl Lyn Vidal appeared personally to object strenuously to bail on the grounds that the crime for which the couple is accused is a heinous one and a charge for murder is still a distinct possibility when the investigation is concluded. She also pointed out that both Anke and David Doehm must be considered flight risks because their adopted children are in protective custody and any chance of reopening their business in San Pedro has likely been lost to them. Attorney for Anke Doehm Senior Counsel Ellis Arnold and attorney for David Doehm Dickie Bradley argued that there is no evidence linking the two to the murder, stating that if there were even one iota, the charge of murder would have been laid already. They also insisted that the couple has invested everything they own here in Belize and are unlikely to leave this jurisdiction. Furthermore, Arnold pointed out that Anke Doehm is critically ill and requires life-saving surgery and specialized treatment which she would not be able to receive in prison. After hearing the arguments, Chief Magistrate Smith upheld the objection by DPP Vidal and bail was denied. On Monday, July 3rd, Faye Lin Cannon, 13, was found dead in an apartment just outside San Pedro Town in which she lived with Anke and David Doehm and three siblings. When Police were called to the scene and enquired about bruises to the child’s body and a cut wound to her head, Anke Doehm told them she was mentally ill and would hit herself and bang herself against the wall during her ‘attacks.’ But a post-mortem examination showed that the child had been sexually and physically abused. She died when somebody pushed so hard on her chest that three of her ribs were broken and one of them pierced her heart. On Thursday David and Anke Doehm were detained and the three other children were placed in protective custody. The Belize Times has been reliably informed that investigators are certain that Faye Lin Cannon was killed in the apartment where her body was found, and certain that one of the persons in that apartment caused her death. But they have been unable to lay blame on any one person, as they would have to do to lay a charge of murder, because none of the other persons in the apartment are accepting blame or providing evidence to place blame on another.
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