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If Dah Noh Soh

Sunday, July 16, 2017, 18:43
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Faye Lin… I’m not gonna say too much about this, except to say that I hope whoever hurt that little girl and finally killed her will die in agonizing pain. I’m also a little pissed because the hands of investigators are tied somewhat by a lack of forensic capabilities. We need to do better than that. Because our Prime Minister is a waste of space…what is it that Trevor Noah called President Trump’s son? A two-legged brain foreclosure…we’re just frigging screwed.   Keystone Kop… Interviews are currently being done to fill the post of Commissioner of Police because it is now absolutely clear that position is vacant. I understand that one of the candidates is Babi the relationship specialist from Orange Walk. Then there’s this guy who’s always walking on Queen Street in a dress messing with people. Believe it or not, both men are considered vastly more suitable for the job than their predecessor. I mean, you couldn’t do much worse could you? Fun and joke aside, this man makes Keystone Kops look like Scotland Yard. The biggest case in the country happening right now, the top cop in a major press conference and he didn’t even know that the suspects in the murder were in custody. He didn’t know. Really. You know what…that’s all I’m gonna say about that.   Really! So check this out. The Police and the BDF find this Mexican dude in a BDF uniform. They pick him up and he leads them to a house where there are about a hundred uniforms and boat engine parts. They detain him and then inexplicably release him. Five days after, the Commissioner of Police tells the media that they are still trying to determine if anything criminal happened because they don’t know shit. But he says the Ministry of Defence is doing their own investigation. The Ministry of Defence says they aren’t doing shit because they have to wait on a report from the Police. Remember the Commissioner (five days after) still can’t even figure out if something criminal happened – check back in 2018 maybe? In the meantime, BDF Major Jermaine Burns is implicated in this whole mess, along with Berisford Codd from the Ministry of Finance. They were sending texts to this Mexican while he was in Police custody. But the Police haven’t questioned Burns, and a source in the BDF says that they haven’t questioned Burns either. So explain to me what’s happening here again? Me personally…I think this is bigger than we suspect. If it was a simple matter of uniforms which were supposed to be destroyed but slipped through a crack, the BDF would have had no problem saying that. So why the coverup?   Shenanigans… In Corozal it doesn’t get much better than that. Remember that young weird looking guy Blanco who was made CEO of the Corozal Free Zone for a second? Minister of State Campos’ concuño? Well he screwed up so bad in the second that he was CEO that he was sent packing by the CFZ Board – escorted out the building we hear. But hey, it’s not such a bad thing cause now the government is going to buy out this guy’s contract – we’re hearing for a couple hundred thousand – then they’re gonna replace him with Hilberto Campos who will resign as Mayor to take up that post. Campos will be replaced by Raul Rosado. We know that name is familiar. Rosado was the CEO of the Free Zone who was chased out because of corruption just the other day, right before Blanco. Let’s just say that he was caught using his connections in the Zone to further a certain enterprise of his own. And we’ll leave it at that. You see what’s happening here? What pisses me off most of all is that WE pay for all this. We pay!   Tying the knot… I am so pleased and proud to take this opportunity to congratulate the soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Dr. Minister Pablo & Danini Marin. Just got word that the couple will be tying the knot this weekend in Placencia. I feel kinda like a proud parent cause I’ve taken a particular liking to Pablo since he bought a luxury SUV and insisted that it have heated seats. I mean, it takes a “special” guy to do that in Belize right? I’m thinking my invitation got misplaced in the mail because I can’t imagine them tying the knot without me there to give my blessing. Awww…love. I wonder how Erwin feels when Pablo calls him suegro. That has to be a lil weird. But with that said, I raise a toast to the happy couple. May the bulb of your love always burn brightly – and if it doesn’t, well at least there’ll be an electrician nearby to change it.   Lmao… My personally bally JB was on a tour of Port Loyola this weekend with Gilroy Usher, going into all those areas Boots hasn’t seen in years, and some of those areas he’s afraid to go into. But that’s not the thing. Somebody who actually takes time to watch WAVE in the morning (one of the 7 persons) told me that they were showing this picture of JB walking on a sort of London Bridge in the division. According to these really retarded sorry specimens on the show, Gilroy built that London Bridge and put it there early the morning so that JB could take a picture on it to make the area look poor and neglected. My lerd. I honestly don’t even know what to say about that. I’ll pray for those guys.  
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