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Why the MoD & BDF Coverup?

Sunday, July 16, 2017, 18:47
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4Thursday, 13 July 2017 The Financial Secretary Joseph Waight has frowned upon it as a serious breach of procedure but the public’s suspicion that the seriousness of the case is being downplayed has been justified. On Thursday July 6th, sometime around 5p.m., a Mexican national and two Belizeans were busted on a vessel near Indian Church, Orange Walk with questionable items. They were in possession of outboard motors, boat parts, plane parts, and outboard engine parts from the BDF as well as a BDF uniforms. While in detention, the men led Police to a house behind the old Mi Amor hotel in Orange Walk Town where they found more equipment and a stash of the current and older military fatigues used. Among the items was also one of the newest uniforms. Brigadier General David Jones claimed that the worn uniforms and written off equipment had undergone the proper procedure of disposal through the Ministry of Finance some three weeks before. However, the single new uniform invalidates that argument and there is the question as to how the items came to be in possession of the trio. Jones says the BDF is collaborating in the investigation apart from the fact that the bust was made by the military’s Belize Special Assignment Group working in tandem with Police. The men were not to be kept in police custody for long. They were released after the Police determined that there was no evidence that the items were stolen. Waight confirmed that Torres was part of a working group hired to dispose of the items and he believes that he might have “scavenged” some for himself. He asserted that the matter is being duly investigated. The Police Commissioner, Allen Whylie did say that the investigation has not been concluded and the men can still be charged if it is believed they committed an offense. But there is a fascinating twist in this story which seems to be making some people very uncomfortable. All those in authority who have spoken about the matter so far claim to know nothing about the revealing and incriminatory text messages from BDF Major Jermaine Burns to the Mexican while his phone was in the hands of the Police (it is believed Police themselves leaked videos of the incoming texts and multiple calls to the Mexican). The Major was informing the detainee that the military did not have any operation ongoing in a specific area and when it became clear that something had gone wrong, he was prompting the Mexican to call the Vehicle Care Unit of the Ministry of Finance to have ‘Berisford Codd’ clear up the matter with General Jones. The Defense Minister, Hon. John Saldivar has redirected questions to his CEO, Felix Enriquez who has informed that they are awaiting a report from the Commissioner of Police before taking any action in the case. He confirmed too that the items were indeed forwarded to the Ministry of Finance for disposal. The Mexican allegedly told Police that the items were sold to them by the high command of the BDF and the suspicion is that the men were headed to Mexico. Apart from the Commissioner’s comments on Wednesday July 11th, the Police has not issued any finer details of the case and the General has not returned requests for additional information since the video of the text messages was released. The Commissioner did express concern that the items might end up in the hands of a Mexican cartel.
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