Saturday, July 22, 2017

OC Richard Rosado – Policeman or Politician?

Sunday, July 16, 2017, 18:50
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Dear Editor: It is amazing that a politician ended up being an Officer Commanding in the police department. Richard Anthony Rosado is the former campaign manager of disgraced Immigration minister Elvin Penner. Rosado is now the Officer in Charge in San Ignacio and it is his first time serving as OC. Under his watch, the formation is an absolute mess. From sexual assault allegations including those officers that are supposed to work with students to politically motivated directives. The Crime Investigation Branch office in San Ignacio is more like a bar. It no longer seems as if the officers are at least trying to solve a case. The office is filled with contraband beers. I ask myself what is Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie thinking? There are 4 unsolved murders in San Ignacio in less than two months. The community is concerned because of the escalation of crime. Police are not doing their jobs. A new blue vehicle donated by the US Embassy crashed into another police vehicle on the night of Akeem Guzman’s murder. The drivers were allegedly drunk and racing. The deputy in charge, Daniel Iche is always drunk and has to be restrained and taken home by his junior police officers. The main department was working with and supporting community oriented policing. The neighborhood watches were the link between the community and the Police till that gap was closed. These officers go on national television and ask for the public’s support yet they have not solved nor one case. The People’s Coalition of Cayo has but 1 member. The Cayo Neighborhood Watch Association is on the verge of dying a natural death and the Special Constables Committee is no longer functional. Apart from receiving directives from Ministers directly, we have been told that OC Rosado has ordered his junior officers to release criminals because of their political affiliation. Look at the case against Louis Wade. Judge Hamilton ruled that it was an abuse of executive power. The directives were given by OC Rosado. Rosado is also a proud UDP and a proud puppet at that since he publicly attends UDP executive meetings. Wasn’t it a rule that public servants were not allowed to engage in politics? Rosado brags among his colleagues that the Minister has his back. There is also a lot of inside fighting going on and no trust or teamwork in there either. Everybody is just doing what they're politically ordered to do and the leadership does not and cannot care about the safety of our community. The police that are there are fighting against each other and refuse to take information from that that have information to assist them in solving crimes and murders. We, the community cannot keep trying to work with Rosado. We demand that the department and the minister replace him with an officer that cares about the whole community and chooses to work with the community and will make and keep order in the department for all officers to happily give their all for the community they're serving. Word on the street is that there will soon be a massive demonstration just like the one that was done in 2012. Signed Concerned citizen  
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