Saturday, July 22, 2017

Justice for little girls in Belize

Sunday, July 16, 2017, 18:55
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The death of 13year old Faye Lin Cannon, a young American girl living on Ambergris Caye with her American adoptive parents, has shocked the nation.  As relayed on various news outlets, the post mortem examination has revealed the young girl was physically and sexually abused and to such extent that she had a chest compression that broke her ribs whereby one punctured her heart. This is an extremely distressing, tragic situation with very troubling details emerging.  A community is outraged.  A nation is stunned. The country is demanding Justice for Faye.  The community of Ambergris Caye, particularly San Pedro town, has been vocal in their condemnation and their frustration with what they have observed as neglect and a questionable living environment for this young girl and for other young girls on the island.   They took to the island streets on Friday and Saturday of last week to protest and have their voices heard. The Department of Human Services in its official statement on this young girl’s death voiced “It is unfortunate that the abuse of our children continues to be an everyday occurrence. In 2016, the Ministry received and investigated 1,485 reports of child abuse and neglect and is aware that many more cases go unreported”. This number is staggering.  There was no statement made to how it compared to previous years or how it is trending for the current year. The Mayor of San Pedro Town on Ambergris Caye, Daniel Guerrero stated, “Well it’s definitely a very sad incident and it's an isolated incident also and yes the entire town got shocked. Everybody kind of hurt - it touches your heart and I am of the opinion that as the population grows we will be seeing things like this. It's not something we would want to see, but people need to be real”.  This statement too is staggering. Gender violence and child abuse, no matter the size of the population or the increase in growth, can never be accepted and efforts have to be put in place to prevent it from occurring and to aggressively arrest the situation when it does occur. Justice demands that a thorough investigation be had including from the time of arrival into the country to ensure that no process or procedure was circumvented at the immigration department with these adoptive parents ‘entry and residence’ in Belize.   Justice demands that a thorough assessment of the Human Services department be done to see where the system may have failed or has shortcomings.  Justice demands, not only for Faye Lin Cannon, but for all young girls who have been abused and murdered and left unsolved, that the authorities professionally and properly investigate this case.  Justice demands that citizens report cases of suspected abuse and neglect of our children. This was a horrific tragedy. The weight of the silence of various organizations and groups across the country has not gone unnoticed and has to be broken today and moving forward.  Be the change you want to see. Connect.
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