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Anke Doehm Shunned in San Pedro

Saturday, July 29, 2017, 19:20
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ankeMonday, 24 July 2017 Suspected child-killer Anke Doehm was in San Pedro for a couple hours this weekend, but there was no warm welcome for the once popular fashion boutique owner believed to have murdered her adopted child, Faye Lin Cannon, 13. After learning that she had left for the island via ferry from Belize City at 10:30am on Sunday, a delegation of islanders waited for her. According to our colleagues from Ambergris Today, persons followed Anke Doehm and an unknown woman as they walked up the beach and made their way to the apartment at Grand Caribe which investigators say was the murder scene. There Doehm packed up several bags and left the island on the 4:00pm ferry. As she walked and even as she waited for the boat, several persons followed, taking pictures and videos, hurling verbal taunts and invectives at her, accusing her of murdering her own daughter. On Friday, both Anke and David Doehm were released on bail of $10,000 each after a hearing before Justice Denis Hanomansingh. They had been denied bail at the Magistrate Court level the previous week after being arraigned for Cruelty to a Child. The DPP’s Office objected to bail primarily on the grounds that the couple had no real ties to Belize and were real flight risks. Operating a business on the island at any point in the future seems unlikely, and the adoptive father of Faye Lin Cannon’s three siblings (not David Doehm) has applied for custody. Still, Justice Hanomansingh granted bail and ordered that they must hand over their travel documents to the US Embassy. While there is outrage at the couple being granted bail, there are also queries of why they were not charged for murder. When Police reported to the apartment and found the lifeless body of Faye Lin, both David and Anke were there. Investigators have claimed that the child was murdered in that apartment, by persons there. So why no murder charge? In an interview granted after the arraignment of the couple last week, DPP Cheryl Lyn Vidal explained that before taking anybody to Court, “we have to have evidence to show that an offence has been committed and that is the person who committed the offence. Of course here it is obvious that an offence has been committed. She did not die of natural causes. According to the Forensic Examiner she died from compression to her chest that was significant enough to produce her death. So providing that the offence has been committed is not the difficult part. The difficult part is saying beyond a reasonable doubt who caused the death, who committed the offence. And that is where we are now with this investigation, trying to gather the information that would enable us to say that a particular person or more than one particular person working together brought about the death of Faye Lin. But we need to have specific evidence in relation to any person that we take before the Court. We can’t say for instance that they were the adults there, they were in the home, it must be them so let us take them before the Court. That, as I’m sure you appreciate, is not how this works.”   David and Anke Doehm are said to have left the island for good and we are told they will be living in Belize City until their trial.
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