Friday, August 18, 2017

It’s Official: Bradley’s GONE…

Saturday, July 29, 2017, 19:25
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Darrell-on-BNTUThursday, 27 July 2017 Darrell Bradley has been playing hard to get in Belize City, ignoring deadlines to submit his name for the mayoral seat. Unfortunately for Bradley, and certainly for the UDP, his hard to get stance has made him hard to want. And after he embarrassed the Prime Minister last week by refusing to take his calls, Barrow seems to have had enough. In an interview Tuesday, Barrow made his position clear – “The date for applications to have come in is gone. Mr. Bradley did not put in his name. so as far as I’m concerned that’s it.” Two candidates in the UDP have submitted their names to fill the mayoral spot for the UDP. Sources inside the Party say that one – Dion Leslie, is a bit more palatable than the other, Phillip Willoughby, who has consistently demonstrated that he is not the brightest bulb in the shed. Amazingly, both Leslie and Willoughby have, after serving consecutive terms as Councillors, suddenly realized that the city is in an unholy mess. All of a sudden both are carrying out clean up campaigns, as if the city just now got dirty. All of a sudden they can see that our parks and programs are dilapidated and need help, that there are communities in the city which are covered in garbage. These two men in the UDP who have ignored the people for years are suddenly very visible, all because they want to be Mayor. It is not quite clear what is the position with Bradley. Sources close to his camp tell us that he knows he has lost any hope of returning to Caribbean Shores, so it is not believed he would do so. And now with the municipal option lost to him, what will he do? It doesn’t seem that the Prime Minister cares at all. In the interview on Tuesday when asked about any special accommodations which would be made for Bradley, he stated, “In terms of my personal position absolutely not. I want to be clear. I don’t have any indication that Mr. Bradley intends to ask for any sort of shifting of the dates to accommodate him. No. My knowledge is that he did not put in his name because he did not want to run again. And that’s that.” That does indeed seem to be that…for Darrell Bradley and for the United Democratic party’s hopes in the Belize City municipal race.
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